100m to 200m conversion

and then select the calculate button to obtain predicted times for the other 600). If you have any thoughts on a formula that works, we would love to see it in the comments section below.

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© 2020 Copyright Based on time for one of the following distances - 30m to 100m, 120m, 150m, 200m or 250m - it is possible to predict a time (not a Thanks. Coaching: Maximizing Impact with Communication. English distances for field events should always be expressed as feet dash inches. Calculations are based on Dick (1987)[1] table of controls for 100/200m/400m athletes. So if your best 100m freestyle time is 1min 20sec, your goal 200m time should be 2min 50sec. Your 200m potential is based on your 100m time, and your 100m time is based on your 60m time. Convert speed units. From these two entries you will have your results expressed in a number of forms. The 100m and 200m are electronic timings, the other times are hand timings. Athlete A – 40m Fly – 3.94, 300m – 34.7 distances. Platinum Sports Academy Roughly, your 200m time should be 2x your 100m time. You can now specify that blocks were used for any or all sprints. /* Link Bottom Left */ Used appropriately, it may also reduce the potential for injury, particularly at the masters level, allowing the athlete to avoid unnecessary work, especially when fatigued.

Sprinters are faster in the short distances, but as you extend the distance, their average m/s is actually slower than distance runners for the longer distances. Time permitting, I’ll add more error checking for out-of-range values and also a user manual. I’ll get at 65 second time for the 400 and then a 180 time for the 800m which seems off. Some prefer to start with an easy plyo hop for the first three steps, so that will extend them back a bit. 100m electronic time: 200m electronic time Copy & Paste: Frank Dick Chart Interface - Predict Performance Based On Sprint Times: This calculator is based on the Frank Dick Chart for sprint performance. This ensures your workout is focused on quality rather than quantity.

If you have questions, comments, or feedback, please post them in the comments section below. The algorithms are based on an athlete running the 100 metres in 10 to 15 Enter the length of the race and I have found that whatever time a swimmer can do for a 50m freestyle swim, they can normally add 1 to 1½ seconds for the first 50m and then add a …