110 conibear mink box
Position the open end of the box toward you. I'm going to move to using conis on land to catch coon and hopefully mink. The box is designed to be used with a small body grip trap such as the No. Dave P. Fisher is an internationally published and award-winning Western novelist and short-story writer. They're commonly used to make blind sets or trail sets when bait or lure is not used. They explore holes and enter any cave-like opening looking for a small mammal or bird. If you're interested in trapping mink, add some #1.5 coil spring traps and 110 conibears to your trap supply. 1/2 Dozen (6 PACK) Duke 1 1/2 Coil Spring Traps for Mink, Duke 110 Single Spring Body Trap for Mink and Muskrat, Getting Rid Of Japanese Beetles - The Best Organic Methods, Get Rid Of Ladybugs In Your Home - Asian Lady Beetles. Do not paint or apply waterproof sealer to the box as this will leave an unnatural smell to the box which will scare mink away from it. Drive drywall screws through the outside of the upright piece and into the edge of the flat piece, placing screws every three inches. Mink are lithe animals constantly on the move as they search for food. residing and trapping 2 -2.5 hours driving distance from Brooklyn for acquaintance and a master class on a field. Plus the traps are easy to carry when walking through the woods since they're more compact and they're heavier than the #1 longspring which helps to quickly drown the mink after it's caught. Position the opposite side of the trap so the screw sticking into the box is between the jaws. http://s4.images.proboards.com/star.gif Frequently Asked Questions, Executive Director Fundraising & Contributions, NY Wildlife Attack & Disease Reports and Information. Plus, as an extra bonus you can trap a lot of muskrats in your mink sets because they both travel along the same areas. Welcome Guest. I plan on making a box for mink with a 110 or 120 on each end and bait in the middle with an open bottom. When used with a brick that has a small clip attached to the top, it's a quick and easy set to construct and you can place them virtually anywhere. Plywood, CDX exterior grade, 3/8 inch thick.

Paw holding beaver trap modification.

If it is illegal to use game then feathers and meat from domestic chickens or ducks works as well. Measure the open top of the box from the outside edges, side-to-side and front- to-back. Very cool. Measure 3 1/2 inches down from the top of the right side of the box and draw a six-inch line from the open end toward the center of the box at the 3 1/2 inch level. Any direction would be appreciated . What size opening for mink boxes with a 110?

Boxes can be positioned prior to trapping season so they weather in and look natural to their surroundings. Nothing surprises me during an election year! Cut three pieces that measure six inches wide and 24 inches long from a sheet of 3/8 inch CDX plywood. Looking for Red/Gray Fox, Coon, Coyote Thanks! The screw should protrude into the interior of the box.

An avid outdoorsman, Fisher has more than 40 years of experience as a hunter, trapper, fisherman, taxidermist, professional fly-tyer, horsepacker and guide. To make the set simply burry the brick in the mud and you have a strong, sturdy set and the brick prevents the animal from dragging your trap away since the trap chain is secured to the brick. The mink box takes advantage of this habit by creating a small cave for them to enter.


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