12 gauge slug drop at 100 yards
of energy at 200 yards. Im probably going to set my zero at 100 yards. It has a decent range, well beyond what you can aim accurately, and is still lethal enough to penetrate ¾ plywood at 300 yards. The Reality: Sabot, jacketed bullets that take advantage of rifled barrels greatly enhance accuracy at ranges unobtainable by traditional slugs. Consider a modern full-rifled 12-gauge slug gun firing a high-tech 260-grain sabot slug that leaves the muzzle at about 1,900 fps velocity. So at 100 yards, a 12 gauge slug is traveling 5 times the speed needed to break a bone. Almost all standard 2 and 3/4 inch slugs wind up with somewhere between 800 to 900 foot pounds of stopping power at 100 yards, making that about the end-point of their effectiveness. Come join the discussion about collections, gear, DIY projects, hobbies, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more!

It will turn a shotgun into a crude rifle, as the shotgun launches a single slug over the projected distance. Just wanted to have an idea before I start shooting.

I'm shooting a Savage 20 gauge Slug gun. The absolute maximum it can travel is probably around 1200 yards. It also vastly increases penetration. Leupold FREEDOM Red Dot Sight (RDS) – Review, Vortex SPARC II Red Dot Sight Review: A Good Budget Friendly RDS.

The round will travel and is still lethal at over 300 yards though. at 100 yards, which is below the minimum recommended energy threshold for big game. Home Forums > Shooting Activities and Venues > Hunting > Drop on a 1 oz 12 gauge slug . The High Road.

At 200 yards it’s only dropped around 10 inches. So what exactly are the 12 gauge slug ballistics? What it shows is that the 12 gauge slug will travel pretty flat for up to 200 yards with perhaps 10 to 12 inches of drop at 200 yards. JavaScript is disabled. (Due to variances in barrel constrictions and lengths, load velocities can vary greatly among different guns.). Which is why I’d like to introduce you to this video.

Normally a shotgun shell has many pells, like birdshot, or a few pellets, like buckshot. I'm sure there are numerous variables, I'm just looking for a rough idea,like is it a couple inches or more like a foot and a half? And, because slugs are made of soft lead so they will expand to fit the bore upon firing, they flatten out and become horribly inaccurate at ranges greater than 50 yards. So the actual answer is zero. Slugs are pretty expensive. There is a breed of shotgun hunter, that this isn’t the preferred method cartridge, such as hunters, who may wish to shoot accurately but powerfully at range. Assuming a standard 1-ounce slug from a 18 or 20" barreled riot gun, roughly how many inches would this drop from point-of-aim ? I'm sure there are numerous variables, I'm just looking for a rough idea,like is it a couple inches or more like a foot and a half? The slugs used are 1oz slugs from Federal, birdshot, and 27 pellet buckshot. Finally, I found this useful little chart. Although there are many different slug rounds, as they are more for the distance they are generally tapered to some extent and made to have the aerodynamics of a bullet. As the above ballistics prove, a 12 gauge slug has a flat trajectory out to about 150 yards, so if you are a good shot with an iron sight, then you should be good to go. Get the American Hunter Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. Each cartridge can be thought of like rifle ammunition in that each round is fired individually, and unlike cut shells, will keep the cartridge intact after firing so it can be ejected normally. The Myth: Shotgun slugs for big game should be limited to 100 yards. The shotgun is thought of a short range weapon, but by firing a slug you can make a shotgun compete with a rifle for range. It’s well worth a watch.

There’s very little need to aim off. How Much Does A 12 Gauge Slug Drop At 100 Yards. Pellets are then dispersed over a wide area when fired. We know a 12 gauge slug can get to around 1200 yards if fired at the treetops but you have pretty much given up any hope of accuracy and it won’t have the power to break a paper plate. Published in 1964, the "Fact Book" states that a typical 12-gauge, 1-ounce slug traveling at 1560 fps loses 60 percent of its energy at 100 yards.

However, they really stood out in terms of trajectory.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It is used in a wide variety of sports, game hunting, and has very common usage in home defense. Advertise Here.

Joined: Aug 2, 2008 Messages: 59 Location: Central VA. Some new high-velocity sabot rounds can produce 1,000 ft.-lbs. What it means to hunters: If you and your slug gun can deliver it accurately, many new slug loads have the energy necessary for an ethical shot at 200 yards. Looking around the internet for some research there doesn’t appear to be too much information, but I did come across this ballistics chart comparing a few different types of rounds. If you are shooting at 150 yards or so, you have nothing to worry about as it has a lovely flat trajectory.

Often they are rifled, and in a rifled barrel, you can improve accuracy at range. The ballistics are flat for around 200 yards and at the 300-yard mark the slug has dropped 4 feet. The team tries slugs at 100 yards, 200 yards, 300 yards, and 400 yards to determine their range and lethality.

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