160th soar locations
Print. Commander: COL Scott D. Wilkinson Dubbed Operation Honey Badger, it was called off when the hostages were released on the morning of President Ronald Reagan's inauguration. Upon joining the 160th, all soldiers are assigned to "Green Platoon", in which they receive intensive training in "advanced methods of the five basic combat skills: first responder, land navigation, combatives, weapons and teamwork". 4th Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington The Army looked to the 101st Aviation Group, the air arm of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), which had the most diverse operating experience of the service's helicopter units, and selected elements of the 158th Aviation Battalion, 229th Aviation Battalion, and the 159th Aviation Battalion. Afghanistan 2001: On 19 October an MH-47E carrying ODA 595 landed at Dehi. This Blackhawk variant has game-changing weapon system capabilities. The OH-6 Cayuse, an aircraft that vanished from the Division's regular inventory after Vietnam, were hidden out by the ammunition holding area at spot still known as the "SHOC Pad", for "Special Helicopter Operations Company". 1st Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (U.S. Army [AC]) The unit was officially established on 16 October 1981, when it was designated as the 160th Aviation Battalion. Currently, the 160th remains actively engaged in the overseas contingency operations by conducting combat missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and the special operations community. ", "Six guns don't miss! Night Stalkers from 1st Battalion 160th SOAR were tasked with supporting Task Force 20 with its MH-60M Black Hawks, MH-60L DAPs, MH-6M transport and AH-6M Little Birds; they were based at Ar'Ar. Since that time, the unit has responded to numerous missions at the request of the president of the United States and the secretary of defense. On 19 September 2009 in Somalia, the Night Stalkers took part in Operation Celestial Balance, whose target was a senior terrorist leader connected to al-Qaeda affiliated organizations. Task Force 160 was officially recognized as a unit Oct. 16, 1981, when it was designated as the 160th Aviation Battalion. The 160th SOAR provides unparalleled precision rotary wing special operations, ISR, and expertise to all DoD Special Operations Forces. The following year they participated in Operation Mount Hope III, which included the most demanding environmental flight conditions imaginable, demonstrating the ability of man and machine to strike deep, accomplish the mission and return safely. After the 1980 Operation Eagle Claw attempt to rescue American hostages held in Tehran, Iran, failed, President Jimmy Carter ordered former Chief of Naval Operations Adm. James L. Holloway III to figure out how the U.S. military could best mount another attempt.

This initial entry course lasts five weeks for enlisted soldiers and between 20 to 28 weeks for officers. 3rd Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia The Army owes its modern night fighting aviation capabilities to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR), Special Pay for Special Duties and Skills. At 9 p.m. on 19 March 2003, the first strike of Operation Iraqi Freedom was carried out by members of the 160th SOAR, on Iraqi visual observation posts along the southern and western borders of Iraq. ", Some L models were upgraded to Direct Action Penetrator (DAP) variants, M variants can be equipped with the Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System (FRIES), 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) (160th SOAR(A)), Extended-Range Multi-Purpose Company E (MQ-1C), Extended-Range Multi-Purpose Company F (MQ-1C), Special Operations Aviation Training Company, Light Assault Helicopters Company (MH-6M), Medium Attack Helicopters Company (MH-60M DAP), Medium Assault Helicopters Company (MH-60M), Heavy Assault Helicopters Company (MH-47G), The 160th features prominently in the 2001 film, 2nd Battalion, 160th SOAR(ABN) is featured in the movie, This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 00:56. [citation needed]) The unit was officially established on 16 October 1981, when it was designated as the 160th Aviation Battalion. The Soldiers of the 160th pioneered night flight techniques, shared in the development of equipment, and proved that “Night Stalkers don’t quit,” a motto the regiment lives by. Our crews also provide support to U.S. Southern and Pacific commands. Luttrell fought valiantly beside his teammates until he was the only one left alive, blasted by an RPG into a place where his pursuers could not find him. Das Regiment besteht aus vier Heeresfliegerbataillonen, einer Stabskompanie und einer Ausbildungskompanie und wird gegenwärtig von Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Parreno geführt. It consists of three battalions, two white and one “black” (for classified missions). Two weeks later two Chinooks and 76 crew members and maintenance personnel arrived by C-5. The Soldiers of the 160th entered into an 18-hour firefight with an intensity not encountered since the war in Vietnam.

As the sites were eliminated the first heliborne SOF teams launched from H-5 airbase in Jordan, including vehicle-mounted patrols from the British and Australian special forces, who were transported by the MH-47Es of the 160th SOAR.


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