2020 monthly disaster meme
By Tuesday morning, Joe Biden had a 73 in 100 chance of winning the presidential election, according to FiveThirtyEight.com. Porter literally shined in a dazzling combination turquoise jacket and jumpsuit, which was topped off with a matching, wide-brimmed hat with a crystal strand privacy “curtain” that could be opened and closed via remote control. The sexual tension between my bank account and UberEats is insane. As the images began going viral, people began to speculate at just what Bernie was looking up at in the photo. at least we're almost halfway done with this year? The scene was already a reaction GIF, but it was subsequently reformatted to sum up hypocrisy about politics, racism, and sexism, or poke holes in an argument. In mid-June, in the midst of a global pandemic that the United States is not anywhere close to being in control of, President Donald Trump held a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in an attempt to breathe life into his reelection bid. This, very rationally, led people to wonder if other things have been cake this whole time, leading to some experiments of questionable to dubious nature, and for others, full-blown existential crises or nightmare conspiracy theories. In the film, the fictional mayor of Amity Island refused to cancel the town’s Annual Regatta—even after he was warned about the presence of the eponymous shark. In this instance, however, many of the variations were rooted in pop culture—such as roles played by Jason Bateman and Kyle MacLachlan, as well as other various popular TV and movie show characters from Mad Men, Sex and the City, and so on. When addressing heavy subjects such as racism, police brutality, gun violence, and basic human rights, brands are often put into a precarious dilemma, of sorts. The year is half over on Thursday. It was enough to make anyone check out. Others got a kick out of them being barefoot. The setup for “the poet/the poem” meme—which began trending early in the year—is fairly simple. Mentally, I am here pic.twitter.com/Gu9C5Mxuf0, mentally i’m here pic.twitter.com/8vdL98nDzH. For nothing!” she sang while dancing and twerking next to the cop. Later, while watching with his friend and stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), he excitedly points at the television when his scene is about to come on. Fans reacted with shock and disbelief that America’s favorite reality TV family would be leaving the airwaves, while others made assumptions about what Kris Jenner would be planning next for her famous family.

April 2020 Disaster Predictions, also known as "2020 Can't Get Any Worse," refers to a series of memes used to describe how the first three months of the year were filled with negative, disastrous events, including tension between the U.S. and Iran (WW3), the coronavirus outbreak, etc., and that the prediction for April will be something even worse.

So far there have been 45 earthquakes characterised over 6 magnitudes. What started on a 4chan board a couple of years prior exploded as a meme in 2020, as people used the meme to reveal “earth” to have been anything from mom’s sewing kit to Mountain Dew’s Baha Blast. And of course, Tatiana Maslany—who portrayed over a dozen characters on the BBC America series Orphan Black—got more than a few shoutouts. A subgenre of the memes focused on the number of movies that could be based on the video, causing “Ken and Karen” and “Mr. July 2 marks the midpoint of most calendar years, since there are generally 182 days behind it and 182 days after it. What can we say, the whole thing can be chalked up to toxic masculinity at its finest.

We’re keeping a running list of the best 2020 memes, which will be regularly updated throughout the year and listed in no particular order. Y’all cute with your “a photo of you in January 2020, blissfully unaware” pics.Me in January: pic.twitter.com/2SFbcfybLf. After tweeting his displeasure with the service at a popular chain restaurant, podcast host Jason S. Vicknair went viral as people ridiculed a photo of his sad-looking wife, who was distraught at not getting shredded cheese with her fajitas—and apparently no server would rectify this situation for her.

Others began dream-casting a film or limited series—at least one of which in already in a production starring Kate McKinnon as would-be assassination target Carole Baskin. Unfortunately, they ended up distracted by First Lady Melania Trump—and her choice of attire.

26 of the best "my plans versus 2020" memes, Twitter user @throughfilms shared two stills from, coronavirus pandemic is having a serious impact, donate to causes helping frontline workers. Goya Foods inadvertently found itself at the center of America’s ideological war after CEO Robert Unanue praised President Trump during an event at the White House Rose Garden.


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