325 wsm for elk

sharing such a wealth of knowledge, and giving us new hunters a fighting chance

Maybe a 4350 powder. My overflow safe has a gorgeous stainless Marlin 44 mag carbine... my turkey shotgun... a 1904 Winchester lever gun... my Sendero... my M700P in .223... a Springfield M1a... a Kimber 1911... a 7mm-08 Mountain Rifle... and probably a couple other things that escape me right now. First time elk hunter hunting Arizona unit 6A


Best of all, since the .325 WSM does generate a noticeable jolt (especially in the ultra-lightweight Montana), these rifles seldom see much use outside of zeroing and a few shots while hunting, so the barrels are likely to be in excellent shape. ", Elk Hunting Idaho Unit 8 8A 11, This is my first year seriously trying to track down some elk.

"...Any general advice about the unit would be appreciated!

This past Nov 2017.

Canada),"I think the gun you shoot Elk with should be one you shoot a lot with... ", .35 Remington, by Bill Smith "...my .35 Rem appears to have dropped a medium deer flawlessly, but I now have serious doubts as to its capability to take an elk.". If the bullet does not penetrate both buckets and go into the wood, use them on squirrels! I got several useful tips from you, and your site.

150 grain bullet.

I don’t quite get the “lack of bullet selection “ bit either. ...got to put the smack down on my first elk, a beautiful, Your website is a great help!

(Pilot Rock, Oregon).

Originally, Winchester released the Ultimate Shadow, Camo Ultimate Shadow, Classic Featherweight, Classic Laminated, Super Grade RMEF (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation) and Super Grade III in the 325 WSM while Browning chambered the 325 WSM in their A-Bolt, X-Bolt and BAR rifle lines. Longest shot I have taken is approximately 200 yard at a 5x4 I hit him on the joint of his front shoulder and the bullet went through his lungs killing him instantly never moved. thank you for the great tips on hunting elk. I built my house for the shot using the tree I was behind as one leg of my tripod and took the shot.

However, hunters need to man up and get comfortable with at least 35 ft.lbs of recoil energy or they may have no business hunting elk sized game beyond 300 yards.

Thanks again!

At the time my 7mm RM was what I used for deer& elk. ", Thomas (OR), "Reading your tips has helped me to formulate a hopefully

Thanks for the reply. I had some "deployment cash" from a tour in Iraq, and found a lightweight Kimber Montana in .325 WSM.

)Bolt actions are common and cheap but they're not the only suitable action for big game, and have the disadvantage of relatively slower follow-on shots. (Missouri, Ozarks). Additionally, to extract the full advantage that the .325 WSM offers over its brethren, as well take full advantage of its power, best bullets are those from weighing from 175 to 220 grains.

There's something poetic about owning a pair of Winchester mm's - a 7mm (7wsm) for deer and an 8mm (325wsm) for the bigger stuff. There is a guy at the gun club that shoots a a-bolt 325wsm with 180 NBT and H4350 dont think he has killed anything with it but paper... STA-is 3K a reasonable speed for the 180's in your short 8 mag mag?

(Az) The key to calling in a herd bull is to get into his bedding grounds and threaten his herd.

It's very pleasant to see your sincere spirit of service and customer care... You are doing way more than selling products to customers like me...we are getting tremendous value from all you do with your site and your business. 700 and kills an elk a year.Caliber is not nearly important as where the bullet goes.

A head shot does it if you don't want a Trophy mount. Knew nothing about the caliber but the price was a give away.

They used all sorts of barrels and mine has a bore diameter of .315 and no bullets of this diameter are available commercially.

I am all for 'using enough gun'; the question is "what IS enough gun?". Well,I guess I like the extra little margin of performance. I take standard .323 8mm bullets and run them through a swage and squish 'em down to .315.

Kept things interesting.

However, these later two cartridges have a distinct edge of being able to seat long heavy 220 gr (14 g) bullets without encroaching upon the powder space.

I have taken spike bulls, cows, 5x5 and even a big 6x6 and they have never taken more than 10 steps after the shot. ricknichols. Better choices are those that are designed for the 8mm Rem. I have no regrets.

The poor ones are usually in pieces in the second bucket. (Florida ).

Yes on the 180 NBT`s. One more thing:I don't advocate being gluttons for punishment.

(North Idaho).

by matt b (steamboat springs.CO) One heart/lung shot from a 325 wsm 200 grain accubond is a perfect elk stopper and then some,8mm magnum short action easy to carry power house that packs 3300 foot pounds at 100 yds and still has 1500 ft pounds at 500 yds it doesn`t get any better for the perfect elk rifle 7mm is marginal for elk?

I wanted more ft.lbs of energy and a flatter shooting caliber for shots at longer ranges(out to 500 yards). .308 win is a Marlin.

It's very pleasant to see your sincere spirit of service and customer care... You are doing way more than selling products to customers like me...we are getting tremendous value from all you do with your site and your business. Comment: "What do you guys think about the idea of hunting elk with a 270?

by Craig (Florida) "Here are some of the items I use on my DIY hunts in the CO backcountry...". All that is needed is a well placed shot.


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