350z cubby mod

The negative is cost. Having both occur can be both a good and a bad thing which, again, depends on what you want to do with the car (grip/drift/drag).

A great option for an intake upgrade is the Injen Air Intake for the 2003-06 Nissan 350Z and the Injen Air Intake for he 2007-08 Nissan 350Z because it not only has dyno-proven horsepower gains of +12hp and torque gains of +14 lb/ft, provides better MPG, gives your car a much deeper growl in the mid-range (somewhere between the 3.5k – 5k RPM range), but is gloriously legal within the state of California! In my honest opinion, having already owned a 350Z myself, I think the best wheel size choice would be 19 inch wheels, with a 9.5-11” wide, and an offset for both front/rear somewhere in the low 20s or high teens (depending on what kind of fitment you’re aiming for). 2003-2006 models came with a VQ35DE 3.5L V6, while 2007-2009 have the VQ35HR 3.5L V6, and both are the perfect base for future performance mods. Control arms connect the suspension of your 350z to the chassis.

Coilover suspension is a popular suspension upgrade among owners looking to improve the handling of their car. This exhaust system is a full cat-back exhaust as it replaces the exhaust pipes behind the catalytic converter. Choosing wheels for your Z really just depends on your personal preferences and the certain look you’re trying to go for. You have loads of options to buy test pipes for your Nissan 350z, check out the options from: Once your 350z is set up to handle well and brake hard, you’re probably looking for a bit better performance, right?

The good thing is, these engines were just about built for turbos and handle the extra power with ease. Some lowering springs to consider include: For more on this topic, check out our guide to 350z lowering springs. This product looks like the best solution to install an iPad Mini into the cubby of the 350z: http://www.soundmanc...ucts/sideslider - Check out the video on product page. The stock rear camber arms on the 350Z doesn’t quite give you as much play with setting a desire alignment after you [significantly] lower your car. Required fields are marked *.

Of course, we strongly recommend doing your research first before buying wheels to fit your fenders, as there are a lot of variables involved in getting a great fitting wheel. With all the new wheel brands and wheel styles there are out there these days, it’s very difficult to decide on which particular spoke design or wheel look or overall look you want. For normal daily driving, it’s been said to run a dampening of 16 or less because that would provide a more comfortable ride over regular streets (and we all know that some streets aren’t as smooth as others). Sway bars reduce the amount of body roll to the car (in conjunction with the upgraded springs/shocks) so that you get the most into-the-ground, neutral feel in a corner. Unless you hear this exhaust on a Z in person, then you really can’t understand how great sounding this exhaust truly is.

Most people that decide to add hp by NA often state it as being more dependable and predictable on a track. When the entire clutch assembly is clamped tightly, all three disks spin together in unison to deliver power to the wheels aka “power to the wheels”.

That said, some of the aftermarket units look amazing, so they may be worth it for the bling factor alone. It might not sound like a significant upgrade, and might pale in awesomeness compared to upgrading your Z with and exhaust or test pipes, but with better brakes you can rest assured that your 350Z will stop exactly when you want it and much more precisely as well.

If you’ve come this far, hopefully your 350z is breathing better with a great intake, plenum spacer and exhaust system.

We also offer installation for your performance parts. You can post now and register later. This size is generally the best combination of looks and handling. The key to a great Nissan 350z turbo conversion isn’t the bolt on kit though, your ECU tuner can make your car reliably high-powered, or a disappointing lemon. Clear editor.


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