aerovee engine tbo
This resulted in 233 ft/lbs at the nut.

No. The AeroConversions Aerovee Engine is a kit-built horizontally opposed piston engine for homebuilt aircraft based on the Volkswagen air-cooled engine, first run in 2002.The AeroVee engine is manufactured and marketed by AeroConversions, a part of Sonex Aircraft. Because the AeroVee is an Experimental aircraft engine, there is no requirement to publish or specify a TBO. We do not provide motor mounts or specific, flight tested AeroVee installation packages for aircraft other than our own line of Sonex Aircraft. Sensenich has generated a large database of recommended propellers for homebuilt aircraft, playing to the strength of the AeroVee, other direct-drive VW engine conversions, and direct-drive Jabiru 2200 engines. There are two ways to paint the case. The Aerovee TBO recommendation is 600-1200. Theme can be used to create a professional Q&A community.

As is the case in all aircraft fuel systems, however, you will want to be wary of potential problems with your aircraft's fuel system installation regarding increased risk of vapor lock and phase separation with these fuels (note that Experimental aircraft are not subject to STC regulations, and therefore, use of auto fuels with ethanol, or other alternative fuels in experimental aircraft is not prohibited). We do not advocate or support the use of reduction drives with the AeroVee Engine. The AeroVee 2.1 is a complete VW Conversion Engine Kit Package, by AeroConversions. We finally finished rebuilding our Aerovee 2.1 engine. All … The AeroVee is designed for direct-drive applications only. With the two companies we have been working with, Sensenich and Prince, they have been very close to an optimized prop with their first design. There is no magic hour at which any engine suddenly needs service, whether certified or not. No. How can I tell if the AeroVee is Suitable for My Airframe? 20 different propellers on our factory aircraft), but also using reports from flying customer-built Sonex Aircraft. As the AeroVee gains popularity, we are counting on the builder support communities for each airframe design to support one another with successful installation considerations.

If you do a good job following our instructions to assemble the engine, as long as you keep the temperatures in the green, change the oil at proper intervals, keep the valves adjusted, and provided you are flying often-enough (a big caveat with all aircraft engines), you will easily see 1000 hours out of your AeroVee. The photos below illustrate my partner Joe and I removing the engine from the airframe, put it on the back rack of my SUV, taking it home to my garage, and breaking down the engine, painting the new engine block, and re-assembling the new engine, then taking it back to the airport. The AeroVee comes as a complete kit for self-assembly in approximately 12 hours, with the aid of an AeroVee Assembly and Installation Manual and an instructional DVD. We give instructions to set-up a different compression ratio for AvGas (8.0:1) vs. Auto Fuel (7.0:1). Mount Bushings included with AeroVee Engine Kit. This is a documented issue with low-time (under 100 hrs.)

Click on a subject heading below to link to the FAQ topic on this page. We work most closely with Sensenich Propellers and have flown many different models and sizes of their fixed-pitch wood and wood-core composite coated propellers. Pluses 1) there is at least 1 701 with an aerovee engine on it acording to aero conversions. I'll be the first to admit to some concerns about the turbo model - I would be reluctant to personally pursue it at this time. This meant for a complete engine tear down to swap all parts to a new case. Oil Type: SAE Multigrade 20/50 Conventional or Semi-Synthetic: Spark Plugs: Autolite MP4163 or equivalent, Prop Bolt Pattern: Qty 6, 5/16" diameter @ 4" Center, Prop Drive Bushings: 9/16" diameter x 7/16" long. y0=today.getFullYear(); We have gone through a thorough and scientific testing process with a wide range of propellers for all Sonex Aircraft models. One is with engine block enamel which you can find at any auto parts store. This is perfect for running 100 LL avgas. Price of the AeroVee Turbo is $10,995, […] We have poured all of our energies into providing a complete engine kit package that is easy to build and empowers the builder to have a higher awareness of their aircraft engine, saving money be performing all of their own maintenance to an engine with outstanding performance and low initial cost.

Similar motor mounts, cooling baffles, and exhaust systems can then be used on these aircraft. 100LL maximizes the overhaul period for your engine and maximizes the available power output from your engine. AeroConversions and Sonex Aircraft, LLC -- All Rights Reserved. What is the TBO (Time Before Overhaul) of the AeroVee? Possibility of turbo housing rust particulates. Do you provide AeroVee Engine Mounts and FWF Installation Packages for my Aircraft? We don't publish a TBO, and we really don't approach overhaul with a TBO mentality. Designing and building a cooling duct system that will deliver sufficient cooling air where it's needed most- In the combustion area of the head. // end hiding ---> Sonex Aircraft, LLC has developed a very large database of prop performance over the past 10 years for all 3 of our standard engine options... not only from our own prop tests (approx. //-->. The engine ‘can’ run 92 octane auto gasoline, but not unless the compression ration is below 7.6:1 (7.0:1 is best). As long as you have good compression and the engine is not burning oil, the AeroVee is good-to-go. Does the AeroVee require AvGas or can I run Auto Fuel? We have put our trust in Sensenich Wood Propeller Co. and their design engineers, who are among the leading experts in their field, and we recommend that all AeroVee customers consult with and purchase from Sensenich directly for their prop needs.


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