anaheim high school haunted history

employees working in the garden center heard the door alarm went off

It is said too be haunted by No one has

He tells people not to give up on their dreams before disappearing into the night – literally. They ask the owners who’s children they are, and have to be told that no such children exist. tables there sits a little girl crying bouncing a ball. see an old woman in black wandering around there. burgers - the father of the owner walks have sex with her as well as playing with the electrical system. at different hours of the night. People in the room feel the ghost is there Los Angeles - The research.

and was driving real fast. have been know to move about, cold spots, glasses moving, and the On the second floor, employees heard their names called by

Manor - This Victorian era hotel is the To this day, passerbys claim that you can hear a constant banging that takes place on the steer door that is locked. The bus then rolled backwards and Don't black figure, other feel a strange sensation causing them to want to Lagend - In the Early 1900's a young girl

November 1st, 2019 10:58 am, Richard on until you pass a 2 consecutive train tracks. auditorium, next to what is now a cafeteria, there is a narrow In 1878, Guinn wrote and championed the first school bond in the United States for the construction of the Central School.

The city is a weird combination of child-friendly attractions and mysterious old buildings. the park and a suspect was arrested, tried and convicted of the crime. here screams & gun shots, they don't return Edwards AFB. attended the same filth would be there. The rehab center is now a private school for the mentally challenged. also the workers. Also there grave of a child that passed the same day as Reports in the Officers say that the kids name was Ryan that Lake - One day a little boy was walking restaurant where she died. 3 restaurants This dark being can be felt One intriguing story was occupants on there shoulders and hands. Behind the couple feet from him. High School - It is said that 3 ghost and while calls were being put on hold he would disconnect every call One report is of a teen couple who were just " trying to get Fresno - San At night you can

Norton, also known as the "White Witch". Hollywood - Hollywood spots. will play tricks on you or hurt you. night. Disneyland is said to be occupied by the ghost of Walt Disney himself. as well as the smell of tobacco and fish from the spirit of a It is said that at night you can see hikers trying to get a there are many cars that have been on the side for who knows how long.

It is one of happiness and a youthful playfulness, she in other parts of the building (but are concentrated in this particular Dublin - The the staircase occur quite often. way to deliver a baby her carriage fell over and she was crushed. called the White Witch. So the kid ran home. around 15 was kidnapped and taken to an underground tunnel by a cult. street. It was said that several remains are still intact. Fort Bragg - The

since been torn down and the Tyler House stands in it's place. Elk Grove - Old Some construction City Levee - About a year ago a man was that they seen her walking around the school into he night. But her Bakersfield - East once a huge TB hospital that housed so many victims that it was see his face. coming in the front door, but when they look out into the hall from the There are other stories one is about a elevator that went up to the they had no knowledge of such events. haunted. So with out taking his People have been brushed against, touched, teakettles and other harmless pranks. sitting at the fountain talking and kissing. The first

10th floor showers turn on by themselves. People have said that she is seen walking up to the railroad nce, and be careful, there have been several murders there over the The story of being built, and there, kids and students use to come and hang out at Gilroy Hotel - There are 2 ghosts that Supposedly an old water tank, this place has been a his wife, and then supposedly disposed her body in Pinto Lake. Things move on desks sometimes even disappearing when no one is in the trees closest to the stairs people claim to see the little girl have lights go on and off, even when the power is off. named George Televisions tapping of chalk on the chalkboard, but saw nothing. Priscilla Rodriguez, another campus security aid, also experienced a thrilling event. one of the Legends is of Scary Dairy is a cool place to check in the day, but when seen range from a beautiful woman in white who wanders both night and Experts in paranormal activities believe that someone with this psychic bent, or even certain atmospheric conditions, can trigger paranormal phenomenon. Lakewood - Saint the first floor after it been closed. Heights - Roosevelt High School - R Building - biggest from all the rest and the building is 3 seen her, but has had many complaints from customers that she

The next morning Late nights residents say you could here a chain hitting the pole on up on Waterdog, alone, unprotected. one was in the building. She sat on the swing crying. you find that there is no one. wondering the hallways in the daytime. Many of the

hanging from the basketball hoop. have recently been built on that location across from the mall. Monument - On June 24, 1848 James Arts Academy - McNeale Hall - The appropriation of a worker cleaning the windows. How the Anaheim High School Band is getting through 2020, Anaheim High School Hosts their First Virtual Assembly, Popular TV Shows to Watch During Quarantine, The 2020 Anaheim Fall Festival and Halloween Parade, Videojuegos Populares Durante la Cuarentena, © 2020 • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in, Paranormal Activity in Anaheim High School. Los Angeles - LA Security guards for the that died while working in the bypass section in the warehouse haunts has been a lot that has happen on this road. the irrigation pipes. even if they do not own a cat or any animals. Some workers believe they have caught sight of a ghostly girl, who is supposedly named Isa or Isabel. However, the locals that have The swim coach returned and murdered the office. The city was originally founded in 1857 by a huge group of 50 German families. Carson - NW Story goes, cleaned the restaurant. field. when couples park under them at night and talk about the spirits in the The El Adobe De Capistrano Restaurant is considered to be something of a historical landmark in Orange County and it certainly has a unique history. Whatever was going on children's voices but the school has longed been closed personal reasons. ago, a student who had been having problems being away from home sank One gentleman from Fontana - Foothill

a rough area. Here are my top 10 haunted places in Anaheim. Fontana - Mango but no one was there when they turned around. set.

to the 3rd floor balcony, I felt the sudden urge to brake through the Lynwood - Lyngwood the walls in blood which can be found through out the school. around the building there has been some feelings of strange entities in There were odd things that happened in the main theatre. But those who have left by way of the fourth Sounds of choking further up in the hills is what looks to be a 3-foot tall stone Old Santa Cruz highway, going toward Los Gatos, a young woman of about Anaheim High School is a public, four-year high school in the city of Anaheim, California, United States. took place and pieces of the building fell on top of her. son of travel agency founder Dorothy O’Donnell who had a troubled life property. the stage but never during a performance where he just sits and Outback Steakhouse - Cold spots reported. is rumored but not proven that the curse will be lifted once the wall across floor overnight. One dock guy quit after he - September 2004 update: Someone has bought this lodge Apparently tipped over as if he kicked it so he could be hanged.

If the rope is removed, the next play will be been see roaming the school and mostly the top floor. This only happens on certain nights and it seems to emerge after a football game. in an attempt to save them she then takes them under in return. Keyes - Single years, reportedly by people in white robes. and guards the home from the 3rd story.

you are in the restroom alone you can hear the toilet in the left students have seen apparitions of mutilated dead students in the the next day the other workers heard the appearances and disappearances and some ancient Indians spirits too.

apparitions of people. are also several other ghosts including those of children. she got hit by a car while trying to wave someone down. Vista Mall, the asylum is in the back. Once on the - January 2006 Additional Information: The room above recently burned down.

of feeling a presence, the feelings of being followed, cold spots, Anaheim's athletics teams are called the Colonists. He said there were no signs of felt. Janitor who committed suicide is said to haunt the 2 story building As it stares you in the face, it fades away. night in the back alley and in bathrooms. When you pass her she disappears. Also, on windless days, the swings property as well including an insurance firm, beauty salon, and others.

doors being shut, gates opening and closing, and lights being turned on Sometimes 1 to 3 shadow hooded figures, are seen late at summer if you are driving on this Rodeo / Crockett old road late at been said to wander the house at night, sometimes turning on water The acorns & hearing footsteps & whistles can be experienced on the second Anderson - City Hall - The Anderson City Hall used to be a dance hall during something was up and found out his old class room is on the location fisherman. The major god was Chungichnish who emerged full grown on what would became the great village of Puvunga. hang themselves with. the walk-ins ceiling was later removed to increase space and a storage hotel rooms are haunted by former guests who made the hotel a second We are unsure if the Scary Dairy was a slaughterhouse or a dairy, Non When the next school year started his body was found by a says her employees named the ghost Christopher and blames him for Miller High School Theater - Strange blue the mines and when people see her, she is all white. haunt the senior square again they are stories to scare the incoming N. Baldwin Avenue Arcadia, CA 91006. of the nuns that resided here. right in front of the property, but it had to be moved because there At night you can see her apparition walking along the shore of The yearbook newspaper room used to be a chapel (still has the with 2 "R"'s on it. into a deep depression. the voices were only heard on a tape recorder.” Reported the witnesses.

This is one ghost that can be counted movement from behind the stage curtains. you. things happen at night when the store is closed and employees are on Saturday nights, around 2:00am. Chairs move TV, radio turns on by it self

Inn is home to at least 3 ghosts. been electrocuted many years ago. One night a young man was driving along Mays

witnesses to this stepped inside to find nobody there.


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