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And while Korzyk is always looking to improve the website — a mobile app is another dream — he knows his limitations as a one-man operation. The dimes exceed nickels by 5. How much of the 23,456.78 dollars is invested i... A stamp collection consists of 3, 12, and 15 stamps. What is the number? A collection of nickels and quarters is worth 2.85. State all steps used to solve the equation: 6(4(2x - 1)) = 80 - 8. Pure acid is to be added to a 10% acid solution to obtain 90L of 48% solution.

Our math solver supports basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, calculus and more. One number is two less than a second number.

How much does the lot cost? Five years ago the sum of their ages was 44. What is the length of the shorter piece?

Write an equation of the vertical line through the point (3 , 0). Which is a better deal: A 16-inch diameter pizza for $12.99 or 8-inch diameter pizza for $6? The owner is 3 times older than his dog. If the truck is carrying... Three volume of the series of books are on a shelf with no space in between. A large pump could drain the same pool in 7 hours.

Find the cost per ounce of a sunscreen made from 150 oz of lotion that cost $3.48 per ounce and 90 oz of lotion that cost $14.52 per oz.

You take $35 from your account each week for four weeks. Meet Your Teacher.

Find the number. If he has 34 fewer dimes than nickels, how many coins (nickels and dimes) does he have altogether?

How far from the airport can ralph travel for $17.50? How many nickels does she have? Brad has a circular garden with a radius of 3 feet. How many tickets are still available for purchase after 21 days? By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. The cost of the book was $20 less than twice what she spent on a backpack.

Round your answer to the nearest tenth. 17 \\b.... Two lengths of stereo speaker wire total 32.5 ft. One length is 2.9 ft longer than the other.

How old am i now?

Julie sorted 52 sports cards. This past Sunday, the paid revenue was $10,706... Gabby's piggy bank contains nickels and dimes worth $2.90.

How many quarters are in the bank?

Find an equation of the line described and express it in general form with integer coefficients. Dakota's math test grade was 7 points less than his science test grade. Find the two numbers whose difference is 7 and whose product is -12.

A 35% salt solution is mixed with a 60% salt solution. Type title in Assignment Name:.

Go to : and sign in as a Student.

If he has a total of 240 cents, how many coins of each type are in his pocket? A bakery is 8 yd wide and 14 yd long. Hi there I have almost taken the decision to hire a math tutor , because I've been having a lot of problems with math homework lately . Taylor Swift leaves Philadelphia for a concert in Dallas.

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What is the length of the patio? A school playground is in the shape of a rectangle 500 feet long and 400 feet wide. Find an equation of the line through the points (-3 , 5) and (9 , 10) and write it in the standard form Ax + By = C, with A > 0. A total of 25 % of her salary is deducted for taxes and insurance. Find how long it takes the second hose alone to fill the pond. A 20-foot piece of string is cut into two pieces so that the longer piece is 5 feet longer than twice the shorter piece. Solve the following equations: 1) -9 + 4r = 4r - 3 - 6 2) 6x - 2x + 8 = x + 5 3) 4n + 5n + 15 = 5n + 7n. The number of red beads Sheila has is four times as many as the number of green beads she has.

What was the price of the blouse? 3x - 5 = c b.

“Struggling students, more than anyone, need that instant feedback.”. Solve for N/A. A garden store sells Kentucky bluegrass seed for $9 per pound and ryegrass seed for $3 per pound.

What is the number of lions? another older pump can drain the same pool in 6 hours. Emily is having 25 guests at her wedding. Susan has 5 more pennies than dimes, three times more nickels than dimes, and 4 fewer quarters than pennies. To buy a minivan you can pay $16,000 cash or put down $4750 and make 24 monthly payments of $551.50. (3x2 + 5) - (x2 - 4x + 5).

How many children and h... Anna purchased 32 strings for her autoharp. The number of 15 stamps is three less than the number of 12 stamps. If the number of girls is 106 more than the boys. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

Math Word Problems. How many females and how many males are there in the class? After 19 games she has made 38% of her 203 shots.

Which of the following are not possible for the percent concentration of the resulting solution?

How many ten dollar bills are in Perry's pocket? How many of each coin are there? Suppose you owe $40 to each of four friends, $10 to each of three friends, and $100 to your parents.

On Saturday, the theater sold 785 tickets for $3,280.

Wesley has 2 more books than Jessica. What are the three integers?

Line L passes through the points (4 , -5) and (3 , 7).

I explained this at length in my answer to Wilsonian definition of renormalizability . A coin purse has $7.55 in quarters, dimes and half dollars.

M is 5 years older than N. The product of their ages is 84.

What did Dakota get on his math test? How old are they now? 3 more than a number is 7.

\dfrac{5}{2x+6} = \dfrac{b}{4x+8} c. a = \dfrac{1}{x+1}. He sales price of a car is $12,590, which is 20% off the original price. $157,000 was collected for ticket sales. If he has 50 coins in all totaling Rs 11.25. If a positive number is decreased by 10, then it is equal to 75 times its reciprocal. How many ten's are in th... Earl is ordering supplies. Math homework help. The click on "confirm add".

The sum of three consecutive integers is 99. He would like to order 100 reams total, and has a budget of $470. At keller's bike rentals it costs $15 to rent a bike for 3 hours. Factorize the following expression. Student tickets cost $7 and other tickets cost $15.

A student bought a juice drink for $2 and a sandwich, the total was $6.50. How thick is one card? Find the number. What would be the balance remaining after payin... A 28-foot rope is cut into two sections with one section 3 times as long as the other section.

Use s and t as your parameters.) For a certain movie, 210 tickets were sold and $1,500 was collected. Write an equation for the sentence below. The repair bill on your car was $750. When his sister helps him, they can stuff 1,100 shrimps in 3 hours. Working alone, Matt takes 4 times as long as Craig.

What was the total cost of the bike including sales tax?

Type in the name of your period. Rusty and Josh sell cars for Russo's auto. Let x represent the number of copies of Math is Fun he sells. How many litres of a 10% silver iodide solution must be mixed with 9 litred of a 4% silver iodide solution to get a 6% solution? A caterer made an ice cream punch by combining fruit juice that costs $4.00 per gallon with ice cream that costs $7.00 per gallon.

How many red beads does sheila have? Ryan has a job transporting soft drinks by truck.

If Alkana earns $12,468 more per year than Hsu, then how much does each of them earn per year?

a) 445 boys.

What amounts of each should be used?

Find gustav's present age? In a pot worth $2.35, there are 6 quarters, 5 dimes, 5 pennies, and the rest of the coins are nickels. If their sum is 103, find both numbers. One grade of tea, worth $3.40 per pound, is to be mixed with another grade worth $2 per pound to make 20 pounds that will sell for $2.63 per pound.


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