australian bernedoodle texas

Reputable breeders will screen their dogs to avoid passing issues on to puppies. These dogs may also wear out faster in the heat than less fluffy dog breeds. Everyone commented on how sweet, beautiful and well-mannered she was. Momo is a hot mess who fakes limping for attention, and melts as soon as you pick her up. She is full of energy and zest.

She prefers to stay out of the rain so her paws stay clean, would rather be outside if it's cooler than 75 degrees, and thinks she's a lap dog. Any mixed-breed dog can inherit health conditions common to one, both, or neither of the parent breeds. In addition to coat care, you will also need to care for your Australian Mountain Doodle’s nails, ears, and teeth. Todd is our in-house carpenter, handyman, and comedian. Prim is a phantom poodle who carries parti. They love the outdoors but also love to snuggle up on the couch for a movie. The only downsides we find with purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs are the shedding, which can cause problems for people with allergies, and the short lifespan, which can be heartbreaking. Australian Bernedoodle Any generation that has been bred with an Australian Labradoodle is considered an Australian Bernedoodle.This can be a F1 or 1st Generation which is 50% Bernese/50% Australian Labradoodle, 2nd Generation which is an F1 Australian Bernedoodle bred to a Poodle or Multi gen which has Australian Bernedoodle in the line which is also known as a Teddy Bear Bernedoodle. Yes, of course! She is so spoiled and loves to spoil her humans right back- especially her new baby brother! Depending on the parents, an Australian Mountain Doodle can have a curly, straight, or wavy coat.

We got her from another breeder and we hit the jackpot! Poodles are smart and protective, but not aggressive. Yes, of course! Denali lives in one of our amazing guardian homes. Please contact me if you are interested in adopting a Bernedoodle. Monica in particular is OBSESSED with her dogs. To see all the new Australian Bernedoodle puppies please visit our new website: She rolls over every time you walk by hoping for a belly rub, and she befriends every dog and human she meets in seconds. Our goal was to create the perfect family dog that not only had a longer lifespan, but also had an energy level that would be ideal for the average household. We got our first Bernedoodle when I (Savannah) was in college and we all fell in love instantly! Rye is a Golden Mountain Doodle who is fearless and playful, taking life without a second thought. If you are looking for puppies for sale, look no further. Here at Echt K9, we breed Bernedoodles, Aussiedoodles along with quality purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles. She is also the BEST with puppies. She's so much fun and is such a good girl. We started with some outstanding champion bloodlines from both the U.S. and abroad. We also foster dogs of various breeds.

Although they may take on any combination of traits from their parents, an Australian Mountain Doodle tends to be a friendly dog with a sweet disposition and a working dog nature. They can have a high prey drive, so they will likely need some extra socialization with other smaller pets in the household. We wanted the smarts, willingness to please, athletic Australian Shepherd heritage to round out and compliment the easy going, gentle nature and lovable Bernese Mountain Dog that everyone adores. The breed is well-known for being loyal, great with kids, having an excellent temperament, and getting along well with other dogs. They tend to do well in cooler climates. Monica and Todd are the heart and soul behind Lonestar Bernedoodles. Our Australian Mountain Doodles tend to shed very little if any at all. The health and smarts of the Australian Shepherd, the sweet and gentle nature of the Bernese, plus the allergy friendly properties and longevity of the Standard Poodle!

She lives in one of our amazing guardian homes. But, you may need to trim them more often if their nails grow quickly or aren’t wearing down as much naturally between trims.


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