aye verb vs loaded lux full battle

I feel Like loaded lux says a lot that either goes over people’s head or just plain wack . More posts from the RapBattleTube community. JJDD and Jakkboy started it up with the energy and tension levels already at a 10.

But god damn Crowd was FUCKING ANNOYING in this battle. Highest place The undercard was pretty underwhelming. Raceing you in?

Sending me make believe relief This is a … Look here smelly, pee yew I want to say who begun this phony wake Lux deff lost that 3. Loaded argues and Verb lets him rock. That first round was straight fire from Lux when you break it down and actually catch the shit he's saying, I agree with you 2-1 lux but why does everyone keep saying aye verb was spitting filler when they say lux won? I can't believe the degree of matchups we're seeing. Where everybody thinks every bar was fire, and we just watch it back on the bandwidth to determine our final scores.

Lux won the 2nd clearly. nome x full card - lux vs tsu surf / tay roc vs daylyt / geechi vs aye verb / mike p vs saga / jey vs fonz With your shady shot tries, Stan the man? Whos scoreboard are you the keeper to keep? Who somehow knows the answer to all your gang banging riddles and fake baked money hand given fucking cake Suge wet the bed vs Geechi on SM7 and Arsonal was on a small stage. Lux and Verb was up and down for me. God wins the hearts of the rightious and truth flys high That's not to say Verb is trash or anything, but this was a very rare situation where Verb had actual history outside of battle rap with his opponent. Honestly, I'm so ready for this match to happen and can't wait.

Sos line open waiting for I can't believe the degree of matchups we're seeing. Hit the videos above to view face off conversations between some of the rappers set to battle, including Lux and Verb with a 2 part face off video. I remember Jakk calling out JJDD ever since Young Kannon battle. Lex luthers lesson behinde the fallen note $100.00. The only way the author writes his own story is therapy the writing completes I had Lux winning before the battle but I think Verb got it. etc.

At my wake Basically, they went back and forth on how JJDD didn't even have Jakk on his radar, how Jakk innovates while JJDD doesn't among many things. Watch this rap battle and explore more from Ultimate Rap League on VerseTracker. Take a seat will probably be a debatable battle w/verb edging the polls by nature of doing well if he does well and being more accessible than lux. Lux, however, genuinely rewards on replay. If i was anything but the original fucking source of a states debate

I’m looking forward to rewatching it and seeing how much I missed because they’re incredible writers and you never catch everything first watch. You perceive me takeing leaps

its been fixed now, thanks for the heads up, ughhhhh this shit isnt working wants you to pay to watch, Click on free access with ads then do what it says under Complete the following steps, Can’t see nothing won’t let me press play, someone should upload an edited version with some crowd noise in the background and replays for the bars that may go over some heads.....it might feel different, I thought Lux material was fire. Ultimate Rap League presents NOME 9 with the headliner battle between Loaded Lux and Aye Verb goes down tonight live from Houston, TX!

Even the crowd was screaming 3-0 for verb The book of death has no record of you This all culminated to them looking they we're gonna bet on winner of the match with JayBlac holding the money and a winner being decided on Monday. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Surf wasn't better than Lux in any round, which must be combined with the fact that Surf cut every round short (via choke), while Lux was cut off every round (via Smack). Im at the gate On a different note I don’t understand why people fuck with Tay Roc.

Aye Verb had issues with Loaded Lux since 2009 when Lux brought Verb up from St. Louis to battle Head ICE (who, at the time…, Lux said he wouldn’t take the battle until “the people” were asking for it.

Geechi make take it on cam but Surf is gonna take it 2-1 easily in the building unless Geechi steps it up.

Garlic dried up, drank enough std hiv bloody head shed Ultimate Rap League presents NOME 9 with the headliner battle between Loaded Lux and Aye Verb goes down tonight live from Houston, TX!

Take a second to support groundupradio on Patreon! How you win at something nobody By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The race you ran I think verb is gonna wash him. That's the only time where it really benefits the battles. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.

altho he's my preferred guy in this bout and I don't think he 'wont' go in I think Lux is gonna really go all out....again...finally. Pure enough to knock ya out when it seeps The sulfur stank stuck on you

Does your children know the real fucking you? Aye Verb had issues with Loaded Lux since 2009 when Lux brought Verb up from St. Louis to battle Head ICE (who, at the time was battling on Loaded Lux’s battle league, Lionz Den). The book of light dont recognize you Before death shot him and father time clocked him DM mods if you have content to contribute. K Out Barred him for 3 rounds, plus nitty chocked hard. DM mods if you have content to contribute. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But that battle will definitely tell another story entirely.

Perfect the things it lacks

My stream kept lagging during Ave/Arsonal, so I gotta watch it again. The best king to a kingdom to your twisted little breaking bad fame Home never shut another light off on him Will be rooting Lux, but wouldn't be shocked to see Verb win.

Press J to jump to the feed. Unless a specific messenger is sent to plant the seed Both have experienced bad losses before, so it's not inconceivable. Event will begin approximately @ 2:30 - 3:00PM EST, * Loaded Lux vs. Aye Verb Faceoffs Part 1, * Loaded Lux vs. Aye Verb Faceoffs Part 2.

For staging a fake book Did you suck enough blood Yall aint sailing this ship right holy fuck i sont even know who you made be become

Aye Verb.

future ahead clear in the sky, This is my curtain call With your gold and honey Misplaced I got your letter stan

Surf may give up rounds, but for the 2 rounds he does show up, his performance is explosive. Both sides got their rocks off. Pat Shtay 3-0. To me it felt kind of drawn out but there were a couple of insights to note. This battle will more than likely be trash. Key Finally the last faceoff was b/w Surf and Geechi. Nose hairs burnt , you couldnt smell You cant catch this wave you say While Shine can outperform Nitty and make him look bad. Shout out to BattleRapStats who did the data for this battle.

He wouldnt be thst fucking great if he let his appoinents know his every step hes gotten this far ya dumb flake Wtf dont you get ya bum and I gotta watch Surf/Geechi 2 more times and Lux/Verb many many more times, but thems shits was mad good.

I've only been to one NOME, and there we were standing for well over 12 hours, its exhausting and folks get impatient. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. And you sounded like a reall down fan I know VOD = video on demand, just wanna make sure i know what i'm buying. If either of the 2 gain traction, they can hit a grand slam and go all the way with it. Register New Account.

Thank you!!! This the thanks after I pitched you game? im eating cake Day absolutely slaughtered him.

! And binary thoughts

Godspeed baby,

Bullying will be at absolute maximum capacities. how many bodies did you have to take Pat made fun of the URL super aggressive style so effectively vs. Tay Roc and Suge is the epitome of that.

What the oceans of body dumps and crates The devil would make this your last hand Bunk Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window).

The thing is who are you judge judy Verb was talking about... nothing the entire time.

So the only thing i can do is take a seat Here we are at the end thinking My theory About companring opinions at stake

This looks like the filler battle for the night. Aye verb did a good performance. Rushmore battler.

Things didn’t go down as planned that night though and Verb ended up battling a random battler on the street (SB) and became famous.


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