balinese kittens for sale georgia
They love to sleep in your bed, play fetch or make up other games. Fall in love with Excellence again. Own a vacuum cleaner that uses a Hepa filter. On occasion long haired kittens appeared in short haired litters over the years, but breeders usually dismissed them as undesirable anomalies. They will follow you about or wait patiently outside a door for you to return  home so they can once again resume interacting with you. HARD TO FIND, REGISTERED. By the time it arrives at your home after 2-3 days in the mail, the allergen levels are considerably lower, and a fur sample test may not provide you with an accurate reading on whether you're allergic to a Balinese cat. Concerning those who are allergic to cats, a common misconception is that allergen levels are caused by the length of the cat hair, which is why a lot of people do not believe a long hair breed, such as the Balinese cat, can be hypo-allergenic. The Balinese tends to be, on average, slightly larger in size than the Short Haired Siamese. The color is much like the Blue Point Siamese but with pleasant, no-hassle hair. One endearing characteristic that is related to high feline intelligence is that Balinese will often sense when their humans are sick or unhappy and will lay close and try to comfort them. All of our kittens come with a thorough vet examination age appropriate vaccinations dewormings and written health guarantee. HARD TO FIND, REGISTERED. Specializing in High End Traditional Siamese and Balinese.

This is an older Seal Point Balinese kitten to show they get less “puffy” as they get older. Why buy a Balinese kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? For this reason, it is their unique silky angora fur structure which gives the Balinese cat  the advantage over their counterparts.

The Balinese is a natural spontaneous mutation of the Siamese gene. Unlike the Short-haired, the Balinese cat is a more laid back cat and can often adjust well to a variety of animals. Unfortunately, as soon as the fur is removed away from the cat, due to the frequency of a cat’s grooming habit, the allergen levels begin to wear off. When a cat grooms itself, the Fel-D1 protein, which is present in the the saliva and dries on the surface of the coat, causes dander. We are simply here for reference, it’s up to you to complete due diligence prior to engaging in any business activities with any service listed on our website. The patience and calm nature of the Balinese therefore makes them suitable as pets for families of any size. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; The Himalayan, Persian, Birman, Ragdolls and other long-haired varieties shed a great deal of fur and their coats easily molt, requiring daily grooming. This is a Lilac Point Balinese. Very wonderful Balinese mixture needing a loving home. Consequently, the Balinese is often the desired choice for allergy and Asthma suffers. Kittens leave home tested for FeLV/FIV, vaccinated, parasite treated and come with a Health Contract. They were not recognized as a breed until 1955, however, when a woman named Marion Dorsey of California began breeding and showing the longer-haired variety. These are people who specialize in the breed and really understand their personality traits and how to care for them. Sister Sites:, Flame Point Female SOLD New litters due in July, Seal point male SOLD New litters due in July, Persian Kittens- traditional doll faces due in July 2020, CFA - traditional doll faces due in July 2020, Expecting New litter in July- tortoisehells blue-creams and blacks blues and reds traditional doll faces, scottish fold and scottish straight kittens, FOREVERSPHYNX CHLOE DARK BLUE EYES FEMALE A VERY TINY KITTEN, FOREVERSPHYNX CHLOE DARK BLUE EYES FEMALE, FOREVERSPHYNX HAS CINDER BLACK/GREY STRIPED KITTEN AVAILABLE. Breeds: Balinese, Siamese, Snowshoe Ships: Please Inquire. We are TICA and CFF registered, Our goal is to provide potential buyers with healthy, happy, and sweet loving kittens.

Your Traditional Siamese kitten specialist . Many would-be buyers contact me wanting to purchase a kitten but are unsure if they are allergic to cats in general. The Balinese cat is therefore often a good choice for allergy sufferers. Their voices are far softer and they speak only when they have something they think is important to say. Their life span is equal to the Short Haired, ranging from 18-22 years for a healthy cat. The good news is that, if you are open to having an active cat, you will happily give them the attention and love needed because they are incredibly lovable!


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