battle of edington facts

The chronicle was compiled during the reign of Alfred the Great and is thus a contemporary record. Skip ahead to 27:00 in the first video. In the 9th century, the Danes had been steadily invading England, pushing and prodding the Anglo-Saxon residents. By the end of the 9th century all of the Anglo-Danish rulers were minting coins too.

These articles have not yet undergone the rigorous in-house editing or fact-checking and styling process to which most Britannica articles are customarily subjected. [6] By 870, the northmen had conquered the kingdoms of Deira and East Anglia, and in 871 they attacked Wessex. Alfred could have tortured and killed them, and slaughtered them to a man, for he had them in his power... but he wished to make a lasting peace with these men, to share the land with them rather than drive them off. Once a sufficient force of levies had been raised, they marched to Edington, where Alfred engaged Guthrum's warriors in one final, definitive battle. By 878, after a decade of war between the pagan Great Heathen Army of Vikings and the Christian Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England, Wessex was the only remaining Anglo-Saxon kingdom in Britannia.

Questions or concerns? The short term result of the victory at Edington was the withdrawal of Guthrun and his Danish forces to the area we now call The Danelaw. Alfred’s Wessex controlled the south and west, Viking Danelaw the north and east.

Further Danish forces had settled on the land before Guthrum attacked Wessex: in East Anglia, and in Mercia between the treaty at Exeter and the attack on Chippenham; many others were lost in a storm off Swanage in 876-7, with 120 ships wrecked[16] Internal disunity was threatening to tear the Danes apart, and they needed time to reorganize. He then defeated the Vikings (or Danes) under Guthrum, fighting behind a protective wall of shields, reminiscent of tactics used by the Roman legions. . The victory at Edington forced Guthrum to abandon Wessex, and Alfred resumed control of the entire kingdom, ensuring that the last Anglo-Saxon kingdom survived the Viking onslaught. This system did much to stabilize the political situation and bring a measure of peace to the ravaged islands. Before its destruction this version had been transcribed and annotated; it is this transcription on which modern translations are based. There is one postscript to the battle in that recent archaeological evidence suggests that Alfred may not have stood alone at Edington. The primary sources locate the battle at "Ethandun" or "Ethandune", and until a scholarly consensus identified its location with the present-day Edington in Wiltshire it was known as the Battle of Ethandun, a name which continues to be used. Alfred stood godfather to him and raised him from the font. They captured Chippenham and forced Alfred to retreat "with a small force" into the wilderness. He overthrew the Pagans with great slaughter, and smiting the fugitives, he pursued them as far as the fortress ."[15]. Facts are sorted by community importance and you can build your personalized lexicon The Battle of Edington. The Battle of Edington (May 878) was a battle which took place near Edington in the county of Wiltshire in the south-west of England.. Connect with us on Facebook. Battle of Edington, (6–12 May 878). [21], The location of the battle generally accepted by most present-day historians of the period is at Edington, near Westbury in Wiltshire. More about Anglo-Saxon England. Fought on 14 October at what is now Battle (Sussex), where William the Conqueror ordered the construct…, Battle of Northampton A temporary defeat at Ashdown had interrupted, but not stopped, the Danish advances. Previously, the Vikings had come to raid and settle around the coast; this force came to conquer. [25] He left a manor called Eðandune to his wife in his Will. A ferocious battle ensued as the two shield walls crashed against one another, fighting all day. Fortunately for Wessex they did not use the time available effectively. Shields were placed side by side, creating a solid wall. Edington parish church. The Viking king of East Anglia, Guthrum, had launched invasions of Wessex in 875 (taking Wareham) and 876-877 (targeting Exeter), but he was twice bribed to retreat by King Alfred in order to buy time. By 878, despite their defeat at the Battle of Ashdown, the Vikings controlled the east and north east of England. From the year 875, Guthrum, ruler of the Danelaw, made several attacks on Wessex, in his last attack he almost succeeded in capturing the Saxon King Alfred the Great in his winter fortress at Chippenham. After the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of East Anglia, Mercia, and Northumbria had been conquered by the Danish army, Wessex in southern England held out against the invaders.


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