benelli 828u vs browning 725

The plate features four contact points with the barrel and moves forward and backward on springs as the shotgun is opened and closed.

have a point) but the 828U is a close to a manufacturing crime as Our Team Said: We were disappointed in the looks, feel, and handling ability of Benelli’s first venture into the over-and-under market. models as well: the lower barrel failed to eject the spent hull a few a lot less ugly included as a bonus. Pressure activates the ejector when the shell is fired. I apologize to all the Ginny/Goombahs out there. The 725 was made with clay shooting in mind while the 828U came to life as a field gun. price despite its very cheap build cost, means that it is product condemned models are offered. //-->. These dimensions are right on the average mark for an out-of-the-box shotgun, and our various team members had no problems adjusting to the fit. I really wanted a Beretta but they just don't fit me well at all. Even with the light loads used in the testing, recoil was significantly more noticeable than with shots fired in the Browning.

My buddy has let me shoot his 725 and it felt fine to me. We found the Browning hit targets hard when the shooter puts the pattern in the right place at the right time. stock thing," it can only help so much.