browning dura touch
I even sent the Maxus back one time to have it refinished and it is sticky again. Glad I didn't have to make the call. I talked to Browning Service Department and they gave me this link to generate your own pre paid shipping label to return your firearm. I talked to Browning this morning and they were helpful and asked me to send it in. Deer Harvest Data

December 2013 They informed me that the wait time is now up to 8months. State Records

It has been over a year. Hornady That's right Browning, $ 50 and probably would be much less if done in quantity by some entity like YOU !

I took the stock off of the gun and used brake cleaner and rags to get the dura-touch off. June 2013

They sit on guns until they get a bunch of them and then ship them too a 3rd party for the hydrographic dipping process. Not true at all. I am now in the process of contacting browning regarding this common issue. Bye Bye Browning! Left-handed Stuff


Hi I have just completely stripped the Duratouch from my Browning A Bolt synthetic stock using bleach and a scouring pad great job happy days no thanks to Browning, I have two browning short trac rifles and the finish has become very sticky and peeling off. I have tried several petroleum based liquids trying to remove the gummy Dura Touch mess. Gear

1 package of 4x4 gauze, 1 bottle of alcohol and several beers later I was able to scrub off the sticky mess. They are closing shop. Going to contact Browning tomorrow to see it there is anything they will do for it. World Record, @font-face { Redear Sunfish Instead it's become about how cheap we can make it and increase our profits, along with who will write the biggest check. Keeping fingers crossed. The link is;

The last was Gander Mountain. document.write( I plan to call Browning tomorrow to see if I can drop it off for a replacement. i just received my new forearm and buttstock from browning,it took about a week to send and receive.i can tell by the feel of the forearm stock that in the future i will have the same is the number to the browning service center 800-322-4626. they will ask you to remove the stocks and send them to them along with the serial # of the firearm.. Ronnie, i recently discovered that one of them that i haven't had out in quite a while felt quite sticky. It arrived 5 days later. They can't tell you anything without gun in hand. Has anyone had to send their dura-touch Browning back in for a re-do? They gave me the choice of simply sending me a new stock (no questions asked, except the serial number) or send the rifle in for a replacement AND bedding. March 2011, All Browning needs to do a full recall on these guns and fix this problem.

I called Browning and they are out of the camo DuraTouch...offered me black or walnut. Have a Browning Gold Auto 3" with Shadow Grass DuraTouch camo. Turkeys My thoughts exactly on wheres the class action lawsuit?? Guns My experience with them was great..........Thanks Browning. "You saved me a lot of trouble. Browning service said they needed the gun complete sent to them. I can only attribute this to the coating not holding up against the powder solvents that are used to clean the inside of the barrel. great job!

They are mearly seeking profits from big box store and don't care about the consumer. who knows what it will feel like in time, but cheap and simple for now.

I called the 800 number listed earlier in the thread and just got off phone with them. It's a Browning--I just don't feel like a Browning should have to be "fixed" with clearcoat Rustoleum. My Browning BPS with Dura-Touch was like many so sticky I did not want to handle it, and it was even staining my clothing.

This may be of interest to the folks bringing the lawsuit as it may bring into play many more products and a much larger group of sticky fingered unhappy plaintiffs.

The finish has become tacky and not comfortable to hold. Buck

August 2014 I have Win model 70 325 wsm with same stock i use for bear hunting here in PA. was fine last year got out of gun safe a few weeks ago to make sure still sighted in and stock was very sticky took to gun shop where i purchased it they called Browning and new stock arrived in 5 days in black no more camo they may have discontinued the camo. It DOES NOT harm the Real Tree finish one bit. I know Browning has had at least 5 hydrographic companies take on these "redips" and they couldn't keep up with the demand, so they would tell Browning they're out.. . } else { seemed to work ... almost seemed to "restore" the original feel. Had the gun for 12 years or so. I did the same thing with mine...problem solved and probably made the finish alot more durable. i sent the forearm and buttstock back to browning and they sent me new ones which took about a week.

The textured paint goes on thick and I thought I had messed it up, but it dries nicely.

sent 3 abolt stocks in 1 took 1 year different stock altogether 2 took 9 months 1 stock not stock i sent in i marked it 1 stock finish so hideous am selling gun majority of people i talked to have no buisness talking to customers no have super x 3 8 to 9 months maybe to get back clear finish looking like best option their customer service sucks, Problems are supposed to be fixed through a class action lawsuit.


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