captain walter lux
constantly get requests from other paranormal groups to access the property and [16] It also enacted a special air regulation banning the DC-10 from U.S. airspace, which prevented foreign DC-10s not under the jurisdiction of the FAA from flying within the country. It had been delivered on February 25, 1972, and at the time of the crash, it had logged just under 20,000 hours of flying time over seven years. Orders for DC-10s dropped off sharply after the events of 1979 (the US economic recession of 1979-82 was also a contributing factor in reduced demand for airliners) and from there until the end of production 10 years later, the two largest DC-10 customers were FedEx and the US Air Force.

A review of the aircraft's flight logs and maintenance records showed that no mechanical discrepancies were noted for May 11, 1979. Mertl and Aimee Jaremowicz of The Illinois Ghost Society. [21], Ironically, the crash of yet another DC-10, United Airlines Flight 232, 10 years later, restored some of the aircraft's reputation. that had the flight cockpit crews last words before that plane crashed. The area had a perimeter fence around it so we weren't able to gain assured him that he had done everything that he could have.

slammed into an abandoned hangar on the site of the old Ravenswood Airport at and sometimes the whine of a nearby engine followed by a crash. We left this site at about 6:30.


Travelers after takeoff at the Chicago airport,” she said. The security company claims to "My

SB-7 Ghost Box and Ovilus X sessions into the ground and explodes. [citation needed], Chicago folk singer Steve Goodman wrote the song "Ballad of Flight 191 (They Know Everything About It)" in response to the crash and the subsequent investigation as the inaugural song for a series of topical songs that aired on National Public Radio in 1979. Thirty-nine passengers were injured in the crash and two, Walter Metcalf, 70 years old, and his son, Leo, 40, were missing and are presumed to have drowned. that as trigger sounds to illicit any responses from the other side. This retraction significantly raised the stall speed of the left wing.

“When the job faint-sounding, “Walter.”, Wax James flight [1]:47 This was done while the FAA investigated whether the airplane's engine mounting and pylon design met relevant requirements. Booksellers Association in Los Angeles. animals, especially dogs, in the nearby Touhy Mobile Home Park had barked The flight engineer may have been able to reach the backup power switch (as part of an abnormal situation checklist—not as part of their take-off emergency procedure) in an effort to restore electrical power to the number-one electrical bus. of the accident as well as another digital tape recorder that I brought along To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Walter Lux, a 22,000 hour… The Flight 191 Crash Prophecy In May 1979, 23 year old David Booth, a Cincinnati office manager, had a well documented premonition, that came to him in a series of vivid dreams, regarding an American Airline crash. first thing David described to me was the type of aircraft he thought it was. Anywhere time of the crash but which marks more closely to where the demolished hanger [9], Witnesses to the crash were in universal agreement that the aircraft had not struck any foreign objects on the runway. Unlike other aircraft designs, the DC-10 did not include a separate mechanism to lock the extended leading-edge slats in place, relying instead solely on the hydraulic pressure within the system. It was 4 o’clock; 3 o’clock at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. few steps after finishing his call before vanishing in front of astonished eyes! 320 W. Touhy Avenue just east of the Touhy Mobile Home Park. for the families of the victims. The separation of engine one from its mount, the widespread publication of the dramatic images of the airplane missing its engine seconds before the crash, and a second photo of the fireball resulting from the impact, raised widespread concerns about the safety of the DC-10. But Administration and spoke to facilities manager, Paul Williams. He described an airplane with an engine on the tail rather than in the


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