cessna 340 vs 414
I'm sure it's not an enormous difference but I can't imagine that a 421 and 340 cost 'the same' to own and operate. Still, with the length of the fuselage, passengers rarely feel cramped. The cruise performance suffered equally as much as the climb, again due to superheated air entering the engine. You have made a substantial investment in the purchase of your Cessna 340 or 414.

While Beechcraft just barely beat out Cessna for bragging rights about having the first pressurized light twin with the Duke, Cessna’s 340 would quickly outsell the Duke and become the world’s most popular aircraft in this category.

The plane lands itself. Our ULTRAcooling System was specifically designed for the Cessna 340/414 engine with the help of the latest computer aided design technology.

Despite a short 12-year production run, the Cessna 340 still remains one of the most popular and identifiable light twin-engine aircraft in general aviation. Once in the civilian world, John made the leap to helicopters, going all the way through CFI-I in the unforgiving flight training environment presented by the mountains around Lake Tahoe. I have a 74 Cessna 414, my missions have changed and I don't need a cabin class aircraft.

“I am averaging 200 FPM increased rate of climb from sea level to 18,000 feet.

The primary reason is it's significantly quieter than the 340/414.

Will consider trading for a SR22 with TKS. cessna 340 vs 414, 414 S/N 414-0251 thru 4140965 . Thus began our involvement with the powerplant in the Cessna 340 and 414 airframes. Serial numbers above 200 have a compliance time of 15,000 hours. In short, it’s the ultimate application of turbo-intercooling technology. You have made a substantial investment in the purchase of your Cessna 340 or 414. The System consists of three major assemblies: (1) A custom designed, high efficiency aluminum alloy heat exchanger that cools the heated compressed induction air using the colder outside air. Learn how your comment data is processed. With the pilot of the American Aviation turbo-intercooling 310 HP 340 holding 31.5″ and 2450 RPM, I flew on his wing in the RAM 325 HP 340 holding 34″ and 2500 RPM.

When you're used to making a step up on to the wing and then a dive into passenger and front seats, the airstair door on a cabin-class 340 can feel like quite a luxury.

The landing gear is the same as the 414, but the horizontal and vertical stabilizer, elevator and rudder are the same as the 310; minor changes in the 310 tail make it interchangeable with the 340. ULTRAcooling dramatically improves hotter than standard day operation, high than sea level takeoffs, single engine operation, engine temperatures, and fuel efficiency. Cessna 310/340 Welcome to Airline Pilot Forums - Connect and get the inside scoop on Airline Companies If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ . On takeoff, we used 33 inches and 2,700 rpm; both engines have a double set of safety stops to prevent over boosting the turbochargers.


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