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When Susan emailed him because of the note Greg sent her, it had Mr. Jefferson's first name on it. He died as a suicide bomber in the 3rd “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book. In The Last Straw, it is revealed that each Snella child has a half birthday party at which the adults perform funny stunts, to attempt to make the babies laugh. His spelling abilities are also poor, and he devotes a lot of time to tormenting Greg. Rodrick Heffley is Greg's lazy and aggressive older brother. Rodrick is not an exception to Frank's notorious distrust of all teenagers. She constantly tries to get the family together which never works out. However, Greg does not see him as a close friend because he is "not a school-year friend". In the Dog Days film, he is portrayed by Tom Stevens and is seen working as a lifeguard at the community pool the Heffleys go to. Sweetie undergoes drastic weight gain at Gramma's house because he is fed many table scraps. When Greg admits to drinking soda, Dr. Kagan is infuriated, and shows Greg a jar of liquid with a badly eroded tooth in it, telling him that it is a real tooth that was left in a jar of soda for 24 hours. The motivation given for her hatred of Greg is his recital of an offensive playground chant poking fun at her that sent her bursting into tears in elementary school. Rowley is forced to eat the cheese, but Greg avoids it by saying he's lactose intolerant.

When someone in the family is about 12 or 13 years old she gives them The Talk, which is about how kids should not be hurrying to grow up. He moved away. The relationship she shares with Greg and Rowley is emphasized and exaggerated in the film portrayals, to the extent it can be assumed that the feelings Greg has for her may be mutual. Greg feels guilty when he sees that they are taking the plant pot with them, but he resolves to try to find a way to sneak deviled eggs into Fregley's house. Gammie is the mother of Grandpa, Arthur, Reba, and Loretta Heffley. By the end of the film adaptation of Rodrick Rules, he is much closer to Greg, and his actions to him become much less aggressive. Tyson Sanders is a friend of Greg who appears in "The Ugly Truth". He appeared in the film adaptation of Rodrick Rules, with only a few lines. Their belongings were there.

At the end of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel, Rowley begins dating Abigail Brown, a girl who was originally Greg's date for the Valentine's Day dance. Perdue Dips Below 50% Against Ossoff, Putting Control Of Senate Up In The Air. She only appears in The Ugly Truth, as a minor character. Charlie is Nana's brother and Greg's great uncle.

Greg is presented with a rather luxurious blanket as a Christmas gift, only to be repelled by it upon learning that it had formerly belonged to Great Uncle Bruce before his death. 'Megamind' was not as successful as 'Despicable Me,' but the Will Ferrell/Brad Pitt/Tina Fey superhero toon was far more prescient in terms of superhero domination and toxic fan cultures. This is also shown in the film adaptation of Dog Days when Rodrick thanks Greg for getting him a gig at Heather Hills' Sweet 16, also this was not seen in the book. Then, in Dog Days, when Greg attempts to impress Holly by jumping off the high diving board, he becomes nervous, due to it being very high above the water. In the books, Mr. Warren is Frank's boss.

Greg often calls her to his home as a way to avoid his dad's scoldings, since his father will not do this when she is around. Whereas her personality is hardly explored in the books, Holly's role was increased in film adaptions, debuting in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules as a newcomer to Greg's school with whom he is instantly besotted. Dr. Kagan, Frank's dentist, makes his debut in The Ugly Truth. Although he and Greg are well-acquainted and generally amiable to one another, Greg started the "Invisible Chirag" prank in Rodrick Rules. Gramma is known to drive a car like the Heffleys'. I keep getting confused by these memes. Their business is available in four countries globally and will be launching in Bali soon. He only speaks in grunts or makes random sounds. Greg later loses his headgear, and discovers that Manny took it. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. Reba was the sister of Grandpa, Loretta, and Arthur Heffley. He also mentions that Joe's dog, Killer ate most of his birthday cake. The former officers had requested to face trial separately citing “antagonistic defenses,” which could include passing blame for Floyd’s death. He is a character who is mentioned in Cabin Fever and The Third Wheel. She has become something of a minor recurring character whose appearances are rare. One running gag is that despite not having opposable thumbs, the pig opens objects such as soda cans. She is the youngest daughter of Mr. Hills and Mrs. Hills. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, 30 Under 30 - Asia - Retail & Ecommerce 2019, Trump’s Pennsylvania Lead Narrows To 111,000 As Mail-In Ballots Favor Biden, ‘B Positive’ Review: Typical Chuck Lorre Humor Packaged In An Unusual Premise, An Underrated Will Ferrell, Tina Fey And Brad Pitt Superhero Comedy Predicted Toxic Fandom, Missouri Election Official Worked Polls On Election Day While Knowingly Covid-Positive, And Then Died, 2nd Georgia Senate Race Headed For Runoff? Although his family is vaguely referenced in the books, the Warren's are what got Frank thinking of making Greg more manly. Greg has been forced to hang around with Fregley on several occasions, to his chagrin or aggravation. However, the play has to be shut down after Patty's glasses are broken, as Patty is short-sighted. However, he also demonstrates a degree of kindness in some of his actions. They are out-of-control kids. I know, right? Rodrick idolizes him and his lifestyle. Sweetie wreaks havoc in the Heffley household and is given to Gramma at the end of the book. This startled him, leading to him dropping the phone into the toilet. Heather Hills is the attractive elder sister of Holly Hills, with whom Rodrick is infatuated. Meemaw appears in the film adaption of The Long Haul played by Mimi Gould. Chris is a friend of Rodrick and the bassist of Löded Diper. What are you talking about? Mr. Snella then sends the videos to America's Funniest Families, a spoof and parody of America's Funniest Home Videos, and has never won anything (though after Greg is filmed wearing Wonder Woman underwear hanging off a tree with his trousers below his ankles at the end of The Last Straw, the footage is sent, and it is never explained if Mr. Snella won with it). He is portrayed by Jakob Davies. Mr. Gupta was seen when Susan made Greg go over to Chirag's house and apologize for the cruel joke he played on his son. As a result, Greg is forced to borrow a girl's swimsuit that reads Holly on it until he goes to the fence to retrieve his own swimsuit, and as he does so, he gets taunted by Patty. Gammie is briefly mentioned by Greg in Cabin Fever when he says she gave a miniature carousel that held spoons from all over the world to Greg's family five or six years before. Charlie is a bachelor and spends his spare money well. She also seems to have a passion for bingo and knitting.

Meemaw and Peepaw are the parents of Gramma and her two sisters and are the maternal grandparents of Susan. It is implied she is a hardworking but sanctimonious and domineering student. Gammie is Greg's great-grandmother and the unofficial head of the Heffley family. There is also an eponymous series of film adaptations, for which Kinney was an executive producer, based on the original graphic novels. She reappears in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days. In the fourth film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, Rodrick is played by Charlie Wright. But after Greg breaks Rowley's big toe, he has to fill in for Rowley. [7] In Wrecking Ball, it was revealed that she died in her sleep, and Greg's family attended someone else's funeral instead of hers by mistake.

Holly seems to enjoy the boys' companionship and shows gratitude for Rodrick Heffley's unintentional blunders that wind up destroying the undeserving Heather's birthday party. Loretta is Greg's great-aunt and the sister of Grandpa, Arthur, and Reba. Frank takes Greg to Dr. Kagan instead of his usual dentist, a pretty woman named Rachel on whom Greg has a crush. After performing the song Exploded Diper, Rodrick retaliates and kicks him out. The smell was deviled eggs, which Greg hates and threw into one of their plant pots when he was having dinner at their house.


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