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Website links are a sign of new beginnings for the popular social media platform. I feel like I’m out of luck with this, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt reaching out for help. Making it look yours is a matter of a few clicks - your brand colour, fonts and logo can be added anywhere to any template. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a tool called Linktree.

However, the new feature is a sign that TikTok is maturing. Your links can be added in 2 ways: as text in custom style clickable fields or as clickable images.

According to an article posted on, you can create a catchy and clickable link that contains all your social media platform links and embedded videos. For maximum engagement, create fun content to attract a large following. Some people might think that the penetration of companies will dilute the quality of the videos on the platform. It is the non-clickable link, so it will just display with your post. Neither of these have resulted in the ability to add a clickable link in my bio. Content creators do not stay long in the app to put work and grow their fan base. You’ll just need to upgrade to a pro account — which is totally free, by the way. You can increase the engagement on your website through this application. The more time you spend on TikTok, the more you start to notice that a lot of the most successful users have several things in common.

I have recently created a TikTok account to promote my twitch channel, and it has really taken off. Here’s how to add a Linktree to your TikTok bio. However, the new feature is a sign that TikTok is maturing.

TikTok creators are now testing a clickable link in bios and videos feature. Create as many LinkLists as you'd like. Playstation 5 vs Xbox Series X: Which Console Should You Buy. If you plan to hit the open road for a long-awaited road trip via RV with your friends and family but have also hit a snag with financing problems in … [Read More...], Project management is crucial in nearly every industry. I have recently created a TikTok account to promote my twitch channel, and it has really taken off. This means that you can freely type out or paste your YouTube video link to your TikTok post, but it will only appear as text.

Yes, I have signed up for the TikTok testers. Then, just go through the prompts to add whatever links you want to direct people to, paste your Linktree link in your TikTok bio, and you’re all set! You can sign up for a free account, which lets you add unlimited links, or select the paid account which offers more features and costs $6/month. In order to be profitable, you usually want to be able to direct your audience elsewhere (ideally, to a place where you can make money from their engagement). I feel like I’ve tried everything! Without a link to your website, it is hard for content creators to prove that their content is impacting on people’s behavior. You’re basically a marketing genius.

The next step is setting up your Linktree. Let’s address the elephant in the room first. They might not necessarily participate in the same trends or use the same filters, but there are definitely some ways you can distinguish between a TikTok pro and a TikTok novice.

The link will be places under the follow message bar and just above your TikTok grid, so it isn’t going to impact on the flow of your page. This makes it hard to grow your followers over time. The website URL is black, bold, and clickable from TikTok. Recently, TikTok released a new feature that allows people to add a custom clickable link to their bio. For most people, adding a website to their TikTok bio has an insignificant impact. Maybe TikTok will rectify this problem and add this as a feature.

If you don’t see it, don’t worry! Previously, the social media platform only allowed external links to YouTube and Instagram. Remember, you can only get the website link if you have 1,000 plus users. With the website link feature, TikTok can be used as an affiliate marketing platform where people click through the link and engage with your website. One of the pro TikTok moves is including a link in your bio. There is always a demand for a leader willing to steer their team for success.

Dr. Phil's Latest Teen Guest Wants to Be a TikTok Star, Because Why Not? We reported last month that TikTok was working on one feature in particular, the feature that allowed its users to add a link to their profile. Does anyone happen to have a workaround for this? Links in your TikTok bio aren’t clickable at this time, but they’re still a great promotional tool for your other channels and your MagicLinks + ObsessedWith.It. For most people, adding a website to their TikTok bio has an insignificant impact. ... Youtube or Instagram link to TikTok. Just like when people include links in their Instagram or Twitter bios, providing a link in your TikTok bio allows you to direct traffic from your TikTok page to elsewhere on the internet, such as to your other social media profiles, or even to a product you’re selling. To utilize the new link feature, people are creating a static website and adding all their links on it, and use the website’s URL on their bio. It's hard to pick just one, when there's a template gallery with 130+ options. Earn money on TikTok: Join MagicLinks! However, I can’t add a clickable link in my bio on TikTok. So, first thing’s first: You’re gonna want to check whether you have the ability to add a clickable link in your TikTok bio. 1. In the past, this was an obstacle because it made it difficult to convince brands and celebrities to promote TikTok content. It saves them a step of having to look anything up, and when it comes to building your brand, saving steps is of the utmost importance. Here’s how to do it. Open The App Firstly, you will want to open the TikTok app, from here you will go to your profile and you may see the … If you post content on TikTok....Upgrade your account to a Pro Account!This allows you to see analytics, including:✅ Prime time to upload✅ Follower demographic ✅ What content has demandOh did I mention...It’s completely FREE to upgrade aswell!. However, I can’t add a clickable link in my bio on TikTok. Therefore, continue publishing creative content to maintain your followers. On TikTok, the link shows up between the follow button and the grid of your videos. Is that different from a creator account?? Sadly, the links on TikTok posts aren’t actually clickable. I have also chosen the Pro Creator account. Now that companies have a good reason to invest in the app, more brands will start creating TikToks and publish viral content. You’ll now have the ability to add links to your bio.


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