coast to coast am bumper music instrumental

I ve never gotten a straight answer.

2Pac Dr. Dre DJ Quik Luniz Snoop Dogg The D.O.C. You may also want to consider taking advantage of our Coast Insider membership service or XM Satellite Radio.

A: For details about online advertising opportunities on, please contact It is automatically set to print in black text on a white background. Follow Playlist. To get links to guests' websites and/or books, click the date of the appropriate show, and this will take you to the "Show Page" which contains information associated with a particular program.

I add to this playlist as new songs air on ctc am. look up the coast to coast site and they list all music they some cases between the news break the radio station plays extra music to fill in until the network comes back on and introduces the show. Here's the music on YouTube: Somebody please? And pleas don't forget to subscribe. Shows older than that are listed in our archive for informational purposes, as well as sometimes featuring shorter Show Highlights. The best way I can describe one of the cool songs is; it starts off with an acoustic guitar riff in A minor with bells, then an electric guitar wah-wah riff with a mellotron/flute riff and a little bit of synth and lead guitar with volume pedal. You can get to these by clicking on the Past Shows option on the upper navigation bar. What is the unidentified bumper music on Coast to Coast AM 09-15-10? Followers. In the wake of the murder of the sect's leader, Joseph Smith, Strang unveiled a letter purportedly from the prophet naming him as successor, and persuaded hundreds of converts to follow him to Beaver Island in Lake Michigan, where he declared himself a … I ve never gotten a straight answer. You can also select "reader view" in your web browser to view black text on a white background. (Conversely some stations might play 6 hours of the show, repeating 2 hours of the previous night). I ve been trying to find out who does the instrumental music that Coast to Coast am plays during the breaks for years. Art Bell / Coast to Coast AM Bumper Music By Jeff Sandquist. Links to radio stations' web sites are provided in our Stations section. A: To find out what songs are played on Coast to Coast AM, just check the nightly Bumper Music list. However, Coast Insiders can download mp3 files of the last seven years of shows which can be burned onto CD discs, and played on various devices. If the show you are listening to is more than a day old, the link may have moved off the homepage. A: You may find articles mentioned by the host posted in the "In the News" section, on the bottom left of the homepage.

These clips remain a permanent part of the Coast Insider archive, and are available for some programs from 2004 through 2011. Also check your spam or junk mail folders to see if the newsletter might be going there.

Everyone I ask, including George Snoory, always gives me the same answer, "see the list of bumper music", yet the instrumentals that I am seeking, are not listed... a n y w h e r e. You may also drop a note to for assistance. on 26 Jun, 2012. A: Coast Insiders can find various options in the Members Area (Person Icon-- upper right corner), such as making changes to your account. To find the low bandwidth choice (Windows Media Player - 8k) for the full archived programs, use the same instructions in the above paragraph. Where can I get this information? A drop down menu allows you to choose shows by date, year, host, and category.


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