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KindVonDerRitter |

Pencil NeckSally WilliamsEyeless JackMaskyHoodieLaughing Jack (defected)Ticci TobeyNatalie ClockworkHappy AppyThe Plague DoctorUntold numbers of Proxies scattered throughout the Under Realm and Human World Dancing Pig | Each of the Proxies are their own varying degrees of evil; ranging from Laughing Jack who is easily the most evil member of the squad, Jeff being the second most evil, Ms. P, Clockwork, and Hoodie who are very much evil but aren't devoid of redeeming qualities, Smile Dog, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Ticci Tobey and BEN who are more grey than others but aren't above doing evil things, and Sally Williams who isn't evil at all. BOB | In somewhat rare cases, fans will report Slender Man possessing a proxy completely, taking full control of the individual to the point they become nothing more than a vessel for Slender Man's own mind. Proxies A Proxy is a person/creature taking demands from a person/creature of a higher rank. This category: Proxies are about the people who are loyal to their Operator's/Operators' orders, and will always follow him/her/it. Cult of X | Since then, all comments regarding worshiping Toby or trying to imply he is real have been either heavily edited or deleted entirely. Three Drowned | Pastamonsters It will not try to kill you unless you open your eyes. Even though he is classed as a Proxy, it is known that he has the ability to manipulate time and space, one of the main abilities of Slender Man. Masky is the weakest of the lot in a combat situation, and often tries to talk his way out before fighting, but they are both astonishing at confusing the enemy long enough for the rest of the team to ruin their day. Example types have not been confirmed, but there are a few close to how certain types of proxies behave.

The journal is currently in the possession of Karl Maxwell, Noah's grandfather. Despite popular belief, proxies are essentially little more than slaves., Laughing Jack, killer clown and scheming traitor.

Proxies most likely got their start from early Slenderman works' usage of mental influence of Slenderman. When amongst the each other, the Proxies act like a dysfunctional, rowdy, and loyal family. Satan (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light), Lucifer Magne (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light), Current Owner, The Lord of Chaos and Madness,, Countless others spread across Earth and the Under Realm.

While other sources traditionally only had one or two proxies, the blogosphere went through a period where runners would be hunted by large packs of proxies. The other Collective members' identities were revealed to be: Mary Asher, Milo's mother, Milo Asher himself, Karl Maxwell, and Sebastian Kraus. In the short-length Internet film PROXY: A Slender Man Story. Goals Smile Dog |

Slendrina | Some stories report proxies who have either failed or who outlive their usefulness later being destroyed to prevent them from becoming a problem.

This is seen when the player collects a letter entitled "Charlie Matheson Junior is missing". Stiltwalker | Angry Man | KVDR also operates a blog and an channel based on his own name, to combat and send cryptic messages to the main protagonists of the series, Chris and Alex. Full Name In the ARG series, DarkHarvest00, the villain known as "KindVonDerRitter/KVDR/Son of The Knight" is seen to be a man who worships Slender Man as a Higher being/God in order to become a Proxy. EVIL ORGANIZATION King of Serepentis Though, she just lost interest in everyone and became anti-social after the tragedy. Crimes The team have been with each other for over 8 years, with their chain of friends continuing to grow, yet they still stick together and often hang out with each other frequently, as well as protect each other. Proxies This alternate personality can range from sadistic to completely emotionless.

The Mole

It is implied that a lot of Slenderman's minions are people who defected from Zalgo either out of disgust of Zalgo's goals. REPIN IF YOU WOULD TOO!!! Olen Grant |

Herobrine | Some episodes imply that there are thousands of Proxies (including Jefrera, Will Grossman, and Happy Appy) but they never appear on-screen. Eyeless Jack, the loyal punching bag and cook of the team.

When amongst the each other, the Proxies act like a dysfunctiona… 1AmTheHelp3r | They can sometimes be linked with being an assassin but, they usually take orders from a singular being not an organization. Child Murderer | As years went by, she ran away from home after they threaten her to take her to a mental asylum due to the fact she use to cut herself for fun; or so they thought. Black-Eyed People | TribeTwelve contains the largest organization of Proxies called the Collective. Uncle Johnny, Movie & Series Creepypasta Villains Which eventually ends in Slenderman's anger. Very few proxies retain any of their personality while in forced servitude, as most adopt a separate personality altogether, sometimes nearly opposite of their real personality. This made their minds susceptible to mind control, allowing the Slender Man to influence their thoughts, feelings, and actions through telepathy. Alex Kralie | These examples are from the following Slender Man-based blog Encyclopedia Slenderia: The list of known Proxies within the Slenderverse (those whose Proxy rank may have been confirmed): One well known Proxy named "The Observer", is one of the main antagonist of the ARG series, TribeTwelve. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Obey the orders and will of the Slender Man. It's unknown what each mark means; Whether they have an actual paranormal or physical use, or simply a symbol of Slender Man's repeating presence. The Observer |

FATHER | CollectorMany proxies and other people under the Slender Man's control, Vast supernatural powersFirearms and other weaponsMind-breaking abilitiesTime-traveling skills, StalkingMass murderBlackmailTheftKidnappingBrainwashingMongering.

So damn bored. Full Name David | Sally Williams | The Oracle of Lies | Browse through and read or take creepypasta slenderman proxies stories, quizzes, and other creations Sunny The Tragic Clown | Unknown of how these people fall under it's control and how it's even possible or what happens to the person. Frowning Jack |. Dr. Applecheek | See more ideas about Slenderman, Creepypasta, Slenderman proxy. The Midnight Man | Various different abilities and powersVast supernatural powersFirearms and other weaponsMind-breaking abilitiesTime-traveling skills Slender Man | Jeff the Killer | Z̤͂â̢ḷ͊g̹̓ȯ̘ Officer Gutierrez | Jimmy | Aton | Ask - Question #75, in this post in tumblr asklecreepypastamonsters.tumbl…i love this!!!

Slenderman's main team of Proxies are based inside Proxy Mansion, a large mansion located near the Dark Forest.

Mr. Widemouth | President Bush | Sisters of Tobit | Read Become slenderman's proxy from the story Creepypasta Summonings by angeliqueslabbert (¤Angel☆) with 6,541 reads.

She is currently living deep in the woods as Slender Man's loyal Proxy alongside with other the proxies. Brainwashed Pawns


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