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The Fourth Doctor begins to explain that the universe is being devoured before the projection begins to break down. The Flood was the last regular Eighth Doctor comic strip to be published in Doctor Who Magazine. As Alice runs to the test chamber, the Eleventh Doctor is already there. As the Time Lord duo comments on the impossibility of inter-dimensional travel, the Ogron Confederation of Planets arrives. The Doctor greets one of them, Horlak, who recognises the Doctor. English @MangaToonEN. The Flood were a viral species which became trapped inside a glacier on their planet of Mars.

The station shakes, as the Cyber-ships starting ramming into it. Though Jenny tried to save them, the white hole ultimately consumed them both, Jenny flying in after them in her bowship. But, the helix's sudden mutation means something else is going on here.

This leads to Rassilon mistaking Alice to be the Doctor's wife. According to the Tenth Doctor, the two TARDISes were merging, so his TARDIS had used an emergency temporal displacement to escape.

It has reached the planet, Sultath, where Jack Harkness and Tara Mishra are.

The resulting nuclear detonation destroyed Bowie Base One, the surviving crew, the infected personnel and the Flood. At that moment, Gabby gets a text from Cindy, about the missing probes docking with the station.

After an encounter with possessed Vikings and a Haemovore, the Doctor realised that Fenric was in the Vikings treasure, still trapped in the Shadow Dimensions and that the Vikings were the ancestors of the people he met when he fought Fenric in his seventh incarnation. Toys, Clothing, Posters, Autographs & much, much more!

Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Rassilon asks the Doctor how he was missed by the census. The Doctor will use the station's power beam to push the probes through the corridor, allowing them to safely arrive at Ultima Tarsus. As realisation strikes him, the Doctor and Romana scamper back to the TARDIS, using Romana's parasol to bluff their way past the Krotons. View basket for details.

River spots a pot in the center of the room, which she assumes is the Dacha, when a voice rejects this, and confirms that they are the Dacha.

Very shortly after leaving Messaline, Jenny's ship runs out of power, but she is eventually able to reconfigure her ship's shields into a wormhole generator. As the Twelfth and Tenth Doctors try to find their console rooms, the latter runs into the Eighth Doctor and Josie Day coming out of another rift forcing everyone out of the TARDIS. No sooner have they deduced that the white energy is, essentially, a digestive acid that a massive white hole opens in the sky above them. DOCTOR WHO ADVENTURES STRIPS. Starring: Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. As the Doctor instructs Vastra to flee the island, Rose calls out to him, pointing out that some of the Silurians have been infected by the white energy before even Vastra and Flint fall victim to it.

Instagram. The Doctor tells Jessop that he and his crew need to evacuate now.

The eruption destroyed the Flood strain on Earth while the surviving Vikings, Haemovores, the Doctor and Bill fled. Jack has established a psychic projection through Horlak, so he can communicate with the Doctor and Rose. River Song and Willdar are on a mysterious planetoid. pikahyper

Hosts could also run extremely fast, even going as far as to keep up with a rocket-powered robot and outrun other running people.

The Tenth Doctor suggested that this might mean they were closer to human than those with the faded blue eyes. Then it hits him. As the Doctors face the rift above the university, the Twelfth Doctor suggests that he, the Ninth and Tenth Doctors use their TARDISes to create a gravity shell and move Earth ever so slightly to take it out of range of the rift. In the altered timeline, the Tenth Doctor visited Bowie Base One at the same time that the Flood infected Andy Stone thanks to a broken filter. TWELFTH DOCTOR COMIC STRIPS .

The Flood, from Doctor Who Magazine #346-353 The final collection of eighth Doctor strips.

The Doctor theorizes that all three parties originate from worlds where the Daleks do not exist given that the Daleks would have targeted such powerful entities long ago.

While Gabby does this, the Doctor overhears Jessop talking to another officer. The Silurian asks for help, in exchange for sparing Willdar, but River denies, claiming that she's not a 'saves everyone' type. But, it's too late, as a Cyberman grabs Akiyama, infecting her. At that moment, the docking hatch opens, and Cybermen start swarming into the station, overpowering the security officers, while Akiyama and Cindy run.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. In his TARDIS, the Tenth Doctor stares at a projection of the Third Doctor being attacked by the white energy, while Cindy is wondering just how old the Doctor really is. Doctor Who Graphic Novel When she gets there, she finds a floating hypercube inside. The Doctor brings Rose forward. Meanwhile, River Song is examining the Dacha. After the incident with Addison Delamar, Rose's mind was left fractured. The Flood needed a physical form to take on and could infect all biological life containing water.

Jack is trying to get the two of them off the planet, but interference from the hole prevents the vortex manipulator from working.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. The Doctor orders Gabby to go get Cindy and to take her back to the TARDIS, without removing Cindy's suit.

Rassilon breaks the news to her. - Doctor Who: The Flood: The Complete Eighth Doctor Comic Strips Vol.4 by Scott Gray, Gareth Roberts (Paperback, 2007). Rassilon tells him to abort the flight, but it's too late, as the TARDIS vanishes after entering the Time Vortex. River climbs up to a vantage point, only to find various portraits of the Third Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, and Twelfth Doctor, along with two TARDISes. Rassilon isn't fooled. Also, the infection would cause a lot of electrical activity in the host's brain. As Gabby and Cindy explain regeneration to Bill, the two Doctors deduce that the white energy infecting the world is the energy of anti-time, which was brought here by Jenny's bowship. Inside the white void, the Eleventh Doctor confirms that there's nothing outside the TARDIS. One of the scientists has determined that there was an extra dimensional bubble hidden in the capsule, likely left over from the first attempt to insert internal dimensions inside the plasmic shell. Looking at a nearby screen, the Doctor and Gabby see the distortions are being caused by the white energy they saw attack the Third Doctor.

Socks & Leggings; Bath Robes & Pyjamas ; Adult Slippers; Hats & Scarves; … Ultimately, the Ice Warriors found that the only way to stop the spread was to encase it in a glacier in the Gusev Crater. It saw the reappearance of the Cybermen in the strip, as well as several other people from the strip's history.

It includes extended endings for Sins of the Father and The Flood which were not in the original versions.

Deciding to analyse the bowship directly, the Doctors and Jenny evacuate the TARDIS in an improvised escape pod, the jettisoned art gallery, but are confronted by a mass of possessed students before those students are knocked out by the Ninth Doctor.

The Doctor recognises them, and as everyone flees Tony distracts them. Back at the university, the four have moved to the Doctor's chambers and are enjoying some tea.

Willdar is incredibly nervous. Suddenly, the trio find themselves in an earlier version of the TARDIS, and the Third Doctor is on the floor, being consumed by some white energy. The resulting nuclear blast destroyed Bowie Base One, the infected crewmembers and the Flood. Following Adelaide's suicide on Earth to correct the timeline, Mia and Yuri spread the story of the Flood infection of Bowie Base One and Adelaide's heroic actions to stop them. Once again, she offers to help the displaced Silurians but can do only one thing. Eighth Doctor comic stories are two ranges of comic series that featured the adventures of the eighth incarnation of The Doctor, the protagonist of the hit sc-fi series, Doctor Who.. Two separate series of original comic strips featuring the Eighth Doctor (and thus the likeness of actor Paul McGann) were published during the character's original tenure.


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