dominica flag day
Your Home Office Looking Like the Game Jumanji. Log In “It’s a time when students, especially school children, can be made more aware of the significance of the flag and the meaning and significance of the different colours of the flag and the significance of the design of the flag and the make-up of the flag,” Mr Lawrence explained. The yellow stripe represents the sunshine of our land, our main agricultural products: citrus and bananas and also a symbol of the Carib people, the first inhabitants of the Island. Learn how your comment data is processed. Subscribe to receive inspiration, news, and information in your inbox.

The ten lime green stars – the traditional symbol of hope – represent the ten parishes of the country, each with equal status, thus the equality of our people.

The Flag of the Commonwealth of Dominica consists of a circular emblem of red bearing a Sisserou Parrot (Amazona imperials) standing on a twig encircled by ten lime green stars. Happy Flag Day Dominica. It is one of Dominica’s symbols of nationhood and national identity. Balloons on the feast of the national day.

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The white stripe represents the clarity of our rivers and waterfalls and the purity of aspirations of our people. According to Local historian Lennox Honychurch, Dominica’s flag was originally designed by artist and playwright Alwin Bully in early 1978 in preparation for the gaining of independence from Britain later that year however cabinet made certain small alterations to the original design throughout the years being as late as 1988. In an effort to help promote, create greater awareness and appreciation for one of Dominica’s national emblems, today, November 1 is being celebrated as Flag Day. Independence Day. Flirtation – Dominica’s Traditional Dance, Polka – Heel and Toe – Dominica’s Traditional Dance, Schottische – Dominica’s Traditional Dance, Contresdanse – Dominica’s Traditional Dance, Soursop – Medicinal Benefits of Soursop – Graviola, Struggles of the Mind – how to pull down strongholds. Whereas most flags have a maximum of four colors, Dominica’s national flag has eight which makes it more complex and expensive to produce.

The flag, in more ways than one, depicts the various aspects of the island which make it unique and the Dominican public is called upon every independence to celebrate the island’s flag. Dominica’s flag was legally established by Act No. The ten stars are outlined by yellow. Flag of Micronesia on air balloon. Required fields are marked *. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2020 #DominicanVRParade THE NATIONAL DOMINICAN DAY PARADE The Dominican Day Parade is a joyful celebration of all things Dominican. The general background of dark green symbolizes our rich verdant forests and the general lushness of the island. 18 of 1978, The National Emblems of Dominica Act, signed by the Governor, Sir Louis Cools-Lartigue on 31 October 1978, Gazetted 1 November 1978 and effective 3 November 1978. Today is being observed as Flag Day  in Dominica. Flag Day was instituted by the Cultural Division as part of Independence Celebrations as a way for the population to display and give recognition to the flag. According to Historian Dr Lennox Honychurch, Dominican artist and playwright Alwin Bully designed the flag in early 1978 in preparation for the gaining of independence from Britain later that year.


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