doordash software engineer interview questions

What are the most difficult decisions you have had to make?

The reason they told me for rejection is that although the feedback is positive, but I am not good enough for the seniority of the role. Being prepared and knowledgeable is a key to every

After all, the interviewer is really looking for what you took away from the situation and doesn’t need to know the full backstory of what happened. What personal and professional qualities do they value? Research the company you are applying to and try to find out what their standards of customer relationship or service are, as well as try to find out some real cases where the customers complained about the company, and what the company did to mitigate the situations (a possible source might be Yelp! Pick an example relevant to the position you are aiming for.

Try to be concise and stay within 1-2 minutes.

Be audacious and don’t limit yourself. This will also let them know that one of your basic strengths is the optimization and formulation of your work. When we agreed that my approach is correct then I started to code.

Try this exercise, draw a line on a piece of paper where on the left side sits a complete beginner, and on the right side - the best professional in the world the company may try to invite for the role. List a few “road” options that you would be enthusiastic about going down.

What project(s) have you worked on that demonstrate your skills? How would you suggest implementing the change on a larger scale? How can the company benefit from these traits and skills of yours already today, in the current role you are applying for? What's important is to find a weakness that you have overcome or something that is not related to the position for which you are applying.

Emphasize that you always initiate communication by setting the tone of the conversation in a format of frankness on both sides.

Write down a list of your top 3-5 professional accomplishments that you are most proud of. Stage 3: Take home design exercise

Getting along well with your manager shows your desire to work together and highlights your creative problem-solving abilities.

This list does not include technical or factual questions.

Make sure that you select a difficult work situation where you were not the cause.

Make sure that your approaches meet the standards of the company you are applying to. Besides giving the factual answer that the interviewer is asking for, such an answer will also show you to be someone who takes the initiative, who goes the extra mile, and someone with data-driven and analytical mindset. Using the STAR method will help you to make your story concise and logical. So an intrepid engineer has decided to roll their own implementation. We help small businesses grow, we give underemployed people meaningful work, and we offer affordable convenience to consumers. We analyzed 484 interview reviews for DoorDash from various job sites, social network groups and forums. This question seems factual, but it gauges how well you value yourself and how well you know your industry. I understand that the final decision is up to my boss, and I have to help him find the best option. Stage 3: Assignment review with Director of Product Sort an array of integers, given the max value will be N. Design a database for a simplified Twitter. Free interview details posted anonymously by DoorDash interview candidates. What are the core deliverables for your role. The company doesn't actually evaluate your problem solving skills. helpful to your stage from office location for those trying to figure out if a company has a presence in Now, whether you should be giving a range, or a single target number is a matter of debate. But he listened to my opinion and we came up with a solution that we both liked.”. This answer can also display other great skills such as negotiating, selling an idea and inspiring others.

The interview process for a product manager can take 6-8 weeks You can practice answering this question, as well as over 160 other common job interview questions from DoorDash by engaging in a mock interview with Mr. Simon. Highlight this option and focus on it.

Try to give some numbers to support your statement.

DoorDash strives to perfect the art of delivery – one order at a time.

The interviewer here was very smart, but did not speak a lot of English. What are some operational challenges you might encounter and how would you mitigate their risk? They wont understand it.Usually these algorithms are easy to implement if you think logically. So, try to imagine where your qualifications will bring you, on that scale, in about a year into the new job. The interview left a sour taste and I stopped using door dash. Ultimately, our vision is to build the local, on-demand Fedex.

AThey want to know why you think the accomplishment you chose is your greatest, to give them an idea of what you think is important, BThey want to hear a specific example of your work to see if your problem solving skills fit in with the issues and problems their company might be experiencing, CThey want to know if you are a great multitasker who can get 10 different things done by the end of the day, no matter how long you have to stay at work to complete it all.

Search for online reviews and any other useful resources. Are you sure you want to replace it? I applied through a recruiter.

Would you like us to review something?

These questions are collected after consulting with top industry experts in the field of Manual and Automation testing. While it is good to be honest and open, it will not help you to put yourself down. It was a standard interview process for a software engineer role. Define yourself professionally in one statement. roles. The interview process for a software engineer can take 4 weeks Stage 1: Phone screen with recruiter Stage 2: Take-home exercise for a REST web app. The process took 3 weeks. Then I flew out to their office. There are certain interview questions that employers ask candidates in every industry. So just memorize the standard version.I got rejected even after implementing selection sort and bucket sort and passing the test cases, all within 45-50 min.

Web Designer, Product Manager, and Technical Product Manager and other tech, data, and product related

Employers ask this question because they want to see that when you face a difficult decision or situation you’re able to handle it.

Have you had such experiences in the past where you helped a frustrated customer?

It’s your chance to show that in tough times you turn to your inner strength and possess skills to find the right solutions. What problems and obstacles can you expect to face with this position?


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