doterra founder drowned baby

to pick apart such a post in a most critical way in such a time as this

do your homework. [4] In 2014, the company was selling over 150 products such as supplements, personal care items, and essential oils. !” and so, combined with their spirituality, it’s just taken it to the next level of craziness…. what medical school did you go to for your “education?”. dilution is the key when needed for those oils that do contain heat, like oregano. All this doTerra shit has the same structure. They did everything you are not supposed to do with someone who has burns. No, I wouldn’t. Want to notified when we publish a new blog post? The pictures are unsettling, and I cannot believe that in the middle of all these “updates” they have a picture of the damn oils! They aren’t a disease. Now, they immediately rushed him to the ER without using the oils first. And it’s incredibly annoying to everyone , usually the Dr. hates it because he went to many years of school to learn about that shit and some non medical family shows up thinks they know everything.

I think maybe they are talking shit to promote their product. Gary Young “Allegedly” Responsible For Drowning Baby.

“This is the path medicine is taking.”. I don’t want the kids taken away. It was plenty self serving though, with all the advertisements for their miracle oils while their son is fighting to stay alive. ( Log Out /  And nature doesn’t provide medicine? Either the representative was not being truthful to me or the story is based at least partly on lies. You’re a piss-poor nurse if you believe this shit. they are pure antiseptics and astringents (and more!!) The Goddards provided most of it for free, and all profits they make are donated to a charity. When my daughter fell down the stairs and lost consciousness for less than a second, I called 911. You’re so special!

However, they did not decrease the microflora or improve re-epithelialisation, scar strength, scar depth or cosmetic appearance of the scar and cannot be recommended for the first aid treatment of partial thickness burns. Many, many

I believe God is the great healer, not the Goddards or doTerra. I think everyone needs to do their homework before they just comment without knowledge. The Deseret News has picked up the “sanitized” version of the story. The coroner determined … “There’s no reason why she should not have lived.”. We were feeling like Max needed more and wasn’t getting enough for the level of healing that he was ready for.

you people are sick and have no compassion..and i hope this never to any of your loved ones, because then you mite have to be the ones making the choices. My dad’s trained as a firefighter, both in the civilian and Army worlds. are they annoying. Gary was arrested on medical charges related to his newborn baby’s death the following year. And so, I truly believe that, in the heat of the action (no pun intended), the parents probably did the first thing that came to mind and popped the essential oils on. I read through all the posts and kind of find it hard to believe that when the life flight crew wanted to wash max so chemicals wouldn’t be transported into the burn center, they took the father’s word that max had already been bathed at home. But it’s also been a great venue for marketing his company’s products. Mostly they didn’t hurt, because the burn knocks out the nerves (and because I grew used to it) but the skin at the edges would be less burned, and more sensitive. *someone* didn’t click on “see more” and see the rest of Aimee’s comment, did they! [13], In 2015, the number of "Wellness Advocates" joining the company grew by more than 120 percent. An abortionist in South Korea has been convicted of drowning a 34-week-old baby who survived a botched abortion. Party at Rachel Sea’s! thank goodness for smart people!! [14] By year-end 2015, the company claimed that it had generated more than $1 billion in sales. I could never ever work in a burn unit because of how exact everything is in the treatment, and secondly, the pain and complications. For every study that you can find that shows some evidence of help, there is another study showing no difference between essential oils and placebo. When you spread misinformation and disguise it as medicine, you’re playing with people’s lives. Lavender might not, but coconut oil sure does, and in the unedited post, they doused him in that first (possibly as a carrier oil, but who knows with those people). I’ve never even seen an adult manage to be both of those.

and then have an asshole adding more stress to your lives.

on the internet . I roll my eyes on the regular, it’s just SO ANNOYING!!! Your cause would be furthered if you stopped sarong “get educated” and used your “education” to show us using reputable sources how these are sterile what research had indicated they are helpful etc. Alright, I have no doubt that they can help burns. Five weeks ago, she announced her baby’s death in a post on Instagram, The Age reported. you are whats wrong with our country and should go to school and learn…. Oh, I don’t know, maybe take the kid to the fucking hospital immediately or call 911 immediately so he could get medical help. The original “The accident” post was a horrifying story of delayed medical care and improper use of oils all while touting “thank God for the miracle of doTerra oils!.” It was nauseating. Because God created the plants that provide essential oils. Minor burns. Then why you would use a medical emergency to attempt to make more money is also pretty confusing. I don’t doubt essential oils are helpful in certain situations. But the doctors sure as shit aren’t going to tell people to start dumping unsterile oil on raw flesh! I mean, my father was a combat medic. To become a Presidential Diamond of doTERRA , the salesperson must have recruited six people who have reached the Platinum level. This family did what they have been doing for years, which is use their home remedies first and they obviously realized they need more help and decided to seek out modern medicine. That’s why, when my son got an non life threatening but very uncomfortable allergic reaction to penicillin, I didn’t sit around and twiddle my thumbs. Even water is made from chemicals. When you have a bunch of uneducated people on the subject of essential oils bashing a set of beautiful parents like the Goddard’s and their situation and how they were able to save their son! Give me a scientific study that has nothing to do with doTerra that proves your claims. They obviously couldn’t comment on any particular patient, but assured me that they only use evidence-based medicine – medicine that has been through clinical trials and proven to be useful – and would not allow outside interventions to endanger a child. And I demand proof because God tells us to be aware of false prophets. They did everything you are not supposed to do, and likely made any injuries he has way worse. As a daily oil user, I am blessed to have healed myself from 5 very serious ailments and am 100% pharma free after years of dealing with auto-immune disorders and medicine. But I’m not a brain-washed simpleton. For one, I can provide proof that vaccines work, and I don’t need to tell someone to do their own research. So the question is – why the fabrications? I don’t need to be educated in essential oils, because essential oils aren’t medicine. The products have become so engrained into their lives that they will use those products for just about anything. The picture is suspect that it is even a modern vent set up.

If what they say is true then it’s a clear case of neglect. Testimonials are used *in order to sell product*. Usually it was just a minor singe (I had no hair on my arms), but because of the two nuts locking the wicking in place, I occasionally seared myself on red hot metal. A newly-adopted dog out for a walk, suddenly bolted, pulling his owner for a half mile down the street arriving at a baby on the ground who wasn't breathing. they were doing the best they could at the time. I am a fan of oils and a lot of treatments considered to be alternative.

The tools I used were cubes of folded kevlar wicking pierced with eye bolts, secured with two washers, two nuts and a lock washer, hung from chains. One might accuse you of using the plight of others to drive clicks through your blog and this make money! Watch it here. Seriously I can read those without flinching or being grossed out in fact often eating while reading but cutting skill off your son just horribly burned instead of taking to to a hospital or paramedics. They disgust me. But my god, when a child’s in flames, you don’t stop for a nice bath, a run-down with oils, and cutting off dangling flesh, the wait for the chills to set in before deciding to go in! Yes, because not being able to provide proof that this was okayed by a doctor, despite your claims, makes you extremely trustworthy. Then I would apply the same term to essential oils. I guarantee you Cedar Sinai isn’t buying non-sterile oils and dumping that on burn-victims. A few speculations. To what end? Maybe if you tried it sometime you wouldn’t speak ignorance. And I assume you’ve never taken a first aid course, so: It does not trap heat! is. Clearly. I’ve reported abuse before, but I’ve never spoken with a worker so flabbergasted that he checked, with me on the phone, to see what other reports have been made about a family (he found none to date until I called, and he was surprised). Also, Natalie and Andy have tried to follow God’s will for them throughout their whole lives. If the story is fabricated in order to sell the oils (and at this point, I believe that at least part of it is fabrication), people need to know that, so they don’t put their own children at risk. Can’t see getting some oils out, camt see not calling 911 and asking what to do. Thank you!! That is one of the most basic definitions of neglect. terpene hydrocarbons (monoterpene hydrocarbons and sequiterpenes), oxygenated compounds such as phenols, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, esters, lactone, coumarins, ethers, and oxides. do your homework before speaking. I’m surprised the local news media aren’t all over it. Well duh. Because they could have killed their son using a product that isn’t sterile or medical grade, then used their sons medical emergency to make more money. I don’t know where to start, since your post is so full of misinformation, but the idea that because a substance is natural it can’t be dangerous is ignorant and dangerous. at least before they run their suck! You do understand that everything is chemicals right? Interesting.

They acted quickly to cool the burn. The Goddards are some of the most loving, serving, wise, careful, intelligent people that there are in the world. I’m not sure this does. Hmm… I can see your point about shilling these products… But it seems to me that for this man and his wife (who already seem highly religious), their MLM has become like a religion to them too. that they could not be an effective component of treatment in this ETA: I’m not suggesting that the get didn’t get burned, I’m not sure how much of the use of oils is true. I work in the medical field. Homeopathy is not intended to be used in place of western medicine when someone is actively at risk of death. As parents, we make executive decisions daily on what we need for our children. Call 911. PS and for the record Cedar Sinai is starting to use/diffuse the oils in their hospital… I would say they are quite reputable. Do you know what they call homeopathic medicine that actually works? By the way, I’m the one who called CPS, unless more than one person did. CPS needs to be at their door.

Create a free website or blog at Better than any I know. I contacted the burn unit, to see if they would allow essential oils to be irrigated into the skin of a patient. It is probable that they had no idea how to deal with a burn – most people don’t. It is so horrifying. Someone explains what frankincense and myrrh are for!”.

[4][5][4][6][7] The assertion that aromatherapy can have curative properties beyond relaxation is not supported by scientific research.


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