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Repeat the procedure for the other actuator. The homogenizer is found downstream from the heating section, upstream from the holding tubes and is equipped with a bypass line. After the cut-in temperature has been determined and while the liquid egg or water is above the cut-in temperature, allow the liquid egg or water to cool slowly at a rate not exceeding 0.5°. Should the reading be below the minimum pasteurization temperature, the cut-in and cut-out mechanism and/or the differential temperature mechanism should be adjusted to obtain proper cut-in and cut-out temperatures by repeated tests. On certain models, the reference arc is used to align these two pens. In product-to-heat transfer medium-to-product type regeneration, the heat transfer medium pump is considered as the booster pump. The thermometer shall be fit for purpose and its accuracy shall be checked against a thermometer, which has been tested by the National Bureau of Standards. In order to navigate out of this carousel, please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. The storage costs are thus reduced and the health guarantees are more reliable than the ones of the egg in brine. If the cut-in or cut-out point occurs at a flow rate equal to or greater than the value at which holding time was measured, adjust the Flow Alarm to a lower set point and repeat the test. Manual verification of the holding time is performed when any of these three conditions is present: Please refer to Test 8 and Test 9 (Appendix II) for holding time verification. Compare the results to the Scheduled Process to verify that the time meets that specified by the Process Authority. If recording thermometer reads higher than indicating thermometer, the pen should be adjusted by the license holder. Pasteurization indicating thermometer. The adjustment mechanism for this set-point is inaccessible to the operator once the unit has been sealed.

Holding tube is equipped with removable elbows across the length of the holding tube to allow for adequate inspection of the interior of the elbows and tubes.

Holding time (min.) Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. The STLR is electrically operated and the unit is housed in a case that is moisture-proof under normal operating conditions (See Figure 11 and 12, Appendix 1). Sweep hand (if applicable), one complete turn every 60 seconds or less. This valve should have two seats with a leakage chamber (vent or leak port) between them.

Indicating thermometer moves through a 7°C (12°F) range in no more than four (4) seconds. An automated mechanism is one way to achieve the correct pressure relationship in the cooling section during forward flow, divert and shutdown conditions so that the pressure on the pasteurized product side is greater than the cooling media side. A time delay relay is required for the Inspect mode control switch. With the latter option the external CIP connection meets the hydraulic diameter criteria as outlined above.

Suitable tools for disassembly of Flow Diversion Device and sanitary piping. To all dual stem flow diversion devices in which product may be pocketed between the two valve seats while the valve is in diverted flow position (applicable to HTST only). Determine that the Flow Diversion Device does not assume a manually induced forward flow position while Flow Control Device is running or any flow promoting device located between the constant level tank and the backpressure valve is active. As these records are the only historical record of exact happenings of the pasteurization of each product, it is very important that they adequately and accurately reflect the heating process. Clean up pasteurizer system in a normal manner. Hand-held; high accuracy digital thermometer; and battery or AC line powered. Minimum immersion point shall be marked on the probe. Record the result and adjust the time delay relay if necessary (and seal the time delay relay or its enclosure). Wire the test lamp in series with the signal from the thermal limit controller to the flow-diversion device.

The pressure sensor location for each section meets any necessary foregoing criteria. Note: This test may be completed using a pneumatic testing device capable of producing differential pressures on the probes. The holding time is to be evaluated and re-sealed (if necessary) upon installation and annually thereafter, and in addition, under any one of the following conditions: If the license holder's records indicate that the belts on the timing pump were in new condition when the original holding time was evaluated, then it would not be necessary to re-evaluate the holding time when the belts are being replaced as part of regular maintenance.


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