egypt and atlantis
We know very little about prehistoric or Stone Age man in Egypt, and there is nothing to indicate the sudden rise into a civilization higher than any other in antiquity. There was the fragmentary account of Manetho, the Ptolemaic historian, obtained his material from pillars on which portions of the Book of Thoth were inscribed); the Turin manuscript compiled during the reign of Ramses II; and The Pyramid Texts, the earliest known Egyptian writings inscribed on the walls of the Vth and VIth dynastic tombs. Egyptology, the study of the culture and artifacts of the ancient Egyptian civilization, is a major branch of Atlantology. If this hypothesis was true then the archaeological record should show evidence of a great movement from an unknown land. The Official, Authorized Website of Egerton Sykes & Atlantology, Home | Perhaps the most important Egyptian legend is that of the Shipwrecked Traveler and the Serpent King, which tells how the Traveler left Egypt in a ship two-hundred-and-twenty-five feet long and sixty feet wide, and was wrecked on an island where he found a huge serpent, the king of all the serpents. Theme: Bushwick by James Dinsdale. If Atlantians taught Egyptians how to build the pyramids there would have to be evidence of them as well. Atlantology Links, Sitemap | Atlantis | Menes ascended the throne in 3188 BC in Upper Egypt. An early Arabic manuscript named the Pyramids in descending order of magnitude as the Eastern, the Western, and the Colored. In September 1977 in New World Antiquity, Sykes published L.M. The Medinet Habu in Egypt near Karnac, contains paintings on the wall of the temple erected by Ramses III to commemorate his 1195 BC victory over the attacking Sea-People (these inscriptions name the attacking tribes as the Phrest, the Saskar, and the Denen. © 2009 Dr. Judie Gerber, © 2009 Seachild, © 1979 Literary Estate of Egerton Sykes; 2007, All Rights Reserved. Herodotus referred to vaults underneath the Great Pyramid.

Did the link occur in the post-diluvial period when a few refugees managed to reach Egypt? The date of Thoth must have been sometime before the First Dynasty, no later than 3000 BC, but the date is uncertain. Another legend tells how Ra ordered Hathor and Sekhmet to destroy mankind, which they did with fire, and afterwards when they were wading in human blood, he told them to stop. Egypt, Maya, and Atlantis. There is also the fact that the study of the Classical Arab literature on the subject no longer attracts the best brains in the Anglo Saxon academic world, and has practically ceased to be of interest to the Al Ahazar University as it has neither religious nor political connotations...". The Giza pyramid complex is probably the finest known piece of early architectural planning, with the possible exception of the city of Babylon.

To test the hypothesis of whether or not pyramid building was introduced to the Egyptians by aliens or by the citizens of Atlantis I would need to do archaeological research myself, or study the research already done.

This implied the existence of an elaborate and extensive literature in the early dynasties. It is probable that the last person to have actually seen the Books Of Thoth was Nicolas of Damascus, although Arab historians of the 10th century AD in Spain and Syria had access to fragments from the Library at Alexandria. If an advance species presented itself and its knowledge to the Egyptians I doubt I would go without record.

| What is Atlantology? Again they would have to prove weather Atlantis even existed! Muck suggested the Atlanteans). It was probably built about the same time as the two Great Pyramids, adapted as a tomb for Mycerinus, and reconstructed by Rhodopis, the Queen of Amasis, in BC 620. I think there would be a more written records if anything. Herodotus also referred to inscriptions on the outside face of the Great Pyramid; however, since the outer casing has long since disappeared, it is impossible to know if this statement of the historian is correct. This also can be used in the analysis of weather Atlantis was the main source of diffusion to the Mayans and Egyptians. In November 1968 in Atlantis, Sykes published Egypt and Atlantis in which he stated, "The proto Egyptians, after the fall of Atlantis, sought refuge in North Africa, at that time a fertile land with the Meropic sea stretching inland into what is now the Sahara Desert. Or the record should indicate creation stories that do not stem from Egypt or Mexico. Then there would also have to be evidence of Atlantis really existing. The oldest known written mention of Atlantis is found in two of Plato’s dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, dating from the fifth century B.C. In 1952, in Atlantis, Paul Hoffman stated about the Giza pyramid complex in Egypt, "I am perfectly convinced that the solution of a good deal of our problems concerning the Egyptian-Atlantean connection lie buried there.”, Egerton Sykes studied ancient Egypt; 1945. Egyptian myth and legend had already solidified before the 1st Dynasty came into power (3500 BC) after uniting the two kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt. To test the hypothesis of whether or not pyramid building was introduced to the Egyptians by aliens or by the citizens of Atlantis I would need to do archaeological research myself, or study the research already done. Contact Us | In 650 BC, when Solon visited the Priestly College at Sais, he was shown copies of these records by Psonchis, the High Priest (Plato referred to this fact in 350 BC).

They would not do so, so Ra flooded the world with beer. The Eastern or Great Pyramid contained astronomical data, models, and copies of ancient books; the Western Pyramid had numerous treasure chambers filled with jewels, bronze weapons, glass, and drugs; and the Colored Pyramid was used for the burial of priests (no trace of the color exists now).


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