elemental magic in harry potter

When Hagrid is absent, his lessons are taken over by Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank, a witch and an acquaintance of Dumbledore's. Knitting needles creating a scarf with the use of a Knitting Charm, Magic is a supernatural force that changes aspects of the world at fundamental levels. Divination is described by Professor McGonagall as "one of the most imprecise branches of magic". There are four basic elemental magic spells. The Vow is not literally "unbreakable" as the person taking it is still able to go back on his or her word, but doing so will cause instant death. A wizard or witch is only at their best when using their own wand. Typically casting requires an incantation, most often in a modified form of Latin (see Dog Latin), and gesturing with a wand. Known student homework activities include learning the names of stars, constellations and planets, and their location, movements, and environments. "[12] The only way that a werewolf can retain his sanity, intelligence and memory while transformed is using the Wolfsbane Potion. Not to be confused with History of Magic, a Hogwarts class. They appear in wizard newspapers and other print media, as well as on Chocolate Frog cards. A second later a sphere of golden light began to glow around Harry and started growing larger and larger until the entire house and a few of the neighbouring houses were covered in the light. [78], Harry Potter's mind being invaded by Snape during their Occlumency lessons, Legilimency, a branch of magic not normally taught at Hogwarts (at least, not at Ordinary Wizarding Level) is the ability to extract emotions, thoughts, and memories from another person's mind. Severus Snape, who voluntarily joined the Death Eaters on leaving Hogwarts, turns spy for the Order of the Phoenix when he realised that the woman he loves was being threatened by Voldemort. The Patronus charm, for example, requires the caster to concentrate on a happy memory.

Furthermore, she imagines that Harry Potter occasionally comes to the class to give lectures on the subject.[23]. In the seventh book, Gryffindor’s sword, Basilisk fang and Fiendfyre are the substances used to destroy them. "What have you done? [29] This may depend on the witch or wizard. Many in the wizarding world consider this branch of magic to be imprecise at best. If, however, the body of a horcrux owner is killed, that portion of his soul which had remained in his body will not pass on to the next world, but will rather exist in a non-corporeal form capable of being resurrected by another wizard.

It should be noted that, whilst the ability to perform magic usually reveals itself by age seven,[59] there are exceptions when individuals remain mundane until quite late in life when — in extremely desperate circumstances — they suddenly reveal their magical capacity. [28] While most magic requires the caster to use their voice, some do not such as Levicorpus are apparently designed to be used non-verbally. Practitioners of Dark Arts are referred to as Dark witches or wizards. Being magical can contribute to one's longevity, as there are several characters in the series who are unusually long-lived (such as Griselda Marchbanks, who was an invigilator during Albus Dumbledore's O.W.L examinations). The position had also been coveted by Snape, but he was denied the position as well. At the end of their second year, students are required to add at least two optional subjects to their syllabus for the start of the third year. Herbology is also the only subject Neville excels in. [4] For example, Harry Potter once made his hair grow back after a bad haircut, set a boa constrictor on his cousin Dudley at the London Zoo, and made Aunt Marge inflate to an enormous size. "[10] Sirius falls through this veil in Order of the Phoenix after he is hit with a curse from Bellatrix. When cast by figures such as Voldemort, who desire to inflict pain for its own sake, it causes intense agony that can last as long as the Dark witch or wizard desires. As the class is only mentioned as being taken by Hermione, and for just one year, little is known about its curriculum. However, Rowling herself has stated once in an interview that money is something wizards cannot simply materialise out of thin air,[8] or the economic system of the wizarding world would then be gravely flawed and disrupted. Due to the antagonism between the two, and Harry's secret desire to know Voldemort's thoughts, he makes poor progress, and only once manages to overcome Snape and enter his mind. In humans, the ability to perform magic, or lack thereof, is an inborn attribute. [75] Albus Dumbledore was the Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts before her for at least 40 years. The Unbreakable Vow was first introduced in Half-Blood Prince, in which Snape made a promise to Narcissa Malfoy to protect Draco, with Bellatrix as the "Bonder", as her son attempted to fulfil the Dark Lord's task, and for Snape to fulfil the task if Draco fails.

Types of wizards with special magical abilities include Animagi (wizards who can turn into animals), Arithmancer, a Legilimens (one who can penetrate another's mind),[61] an Occlumens (one who can protect their mind from external penetration),[61] Metamorphmagi (wizards who can change their physical appearance),[62] a Parselmouth (one who can converse with snakes),[63] and a Seer (one who can predict the future). Learning to Apparate is difficult, and students run the risk of splinching—being physically split between the origin and destination—which requires the assistance of the Ministry's Accidental Magic Reversal Squad to undo properly, although essence of dittany can also mend certain wounds.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard was written in this time period. In Britain, wizarding families begin to cluster around small towns up and down the country, where they find relative safety and anonymity in numbers. According to Harry, apparition is also accompanied by a very unpleasant squeezing sensation, as though being sent through a tight rubber tube.[HP6]. In J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, magic is depicted as a supernatural force that can be used to override the usual laws of nature.

The concept is first introduced in the sixth novel, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, although horcruxes are present in earlier novels without being described or expanded upon. [HP5], Love (in its broadest meaning) is depicted as a particularly powerful form of magic. [OotP Ch.18] Many of the exposition sequences in the books are set in Charms classes, which are on the second floor of Hogwarts. Some well-known Legilimens are Albus Dumbledore, Lord Voldemort and Severus Snape. [28] In magical dueling, there are any number of spells that may be used to attack, immobilise, or disarm an opponent without causing pain or lasting harm; however, spells such as the Cruciatus Curse or Sectumsempra, judged to be Dark by reliable authorities, wound or seriously distress a victim in some way.


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