empty mineral tubs
Stupid autocorrect!

I’m really excited now. My biggest and best score was when the restaurant in our bldg closed…i got their planter boxes, wooden crates, a big basket i store my garden tools in and two small tables – all for FREE!

So within 2 years you have 24 of the things lying around. They had a cart with some flowers that weren’t watered, and looked about dead, I asked if I could just have it, so she asked and no but I could buy it for 50 cents.

Loved finding your blog post about free gardening containers at Home Depot. All Rights Reserved.

document.write(theYear); If you have empty pots you can leave them in the alley. You can also try WD40. Paul, MN, and the large supermarket grocery stores there also give away throw-away vegetables to pet owners. “Finding the right mineral can take a small time investment, but one that’s worth it.” You can also control mineral consumption through management. I like cheap stuff and love free stuff even more. I love the bulb plants from the spring plants, and I’ve gotten bulges as cheep as $0.50, with a nice pot. The last few times I moved my home and work/office, I got all the boxes I needed there. She dumped her coffee grounds into her flower beds everyday, and she had beautiful flowers. Well I am glad that this worked out for you. They’re always happy to get rid of their boxes, and the smaller sizes make them easier to carry while moving. November 2013

I scored a number of large Tidy Cat Cat litter buckets from a friend who recycles everything and five tires from a local tire store. July 2016

You can find plants and seeds on craigslist also. Have you scored any awesome freebies lately? Our moto is community helping community. It will remove the glue without damaging the plastic. The boxes that Starbucks coffee comes in are on the smallish size, so they’re perfect for packing books, and don’t get too heavy.

Yes. Even though there is a lot of space, typically 2 or 3 cows will dominate the feeder and push the others away.

Some counties even have free mulch or compost from the yard waste they pick up. Lowes also recycles pots. | scrub old coffee grounds through out the container let sit then fill with water and sit over night. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=421028274654330&set=a.401721439918347.94479.386514208105737&type=1&theater. We live near each other.

September 2012 July 2014 My husband asked if he could have them for a planter he was building for me. We’ve grown green beans with great success in them, also tomatoes, and flowers, too. That’s right and it’s for a good reason.

, I simply placed an add in my local free classified paper. Free is my favorite price also! Other pots I pick up off the streets, use all kinds of items for pots in my container garden. One of the requirements for raising Longhorn Cattle is to make sure they get plenty of minerals. They’ll have a lot of 50-gallon containers that their feed supplements come in. I asked if i could have it, and was told no, it had to be put into the dumpster that stayed locked! When you take it out, pickle smell will be gone.

IMO, Goo Gone’s benefits were way under proportion to the knockdown, brain-killing fumes. Behind the mall is where they keep their dumpsters/trash, and it’s a box wonderland. March 2015 April 2014 I kept my open for sales on strapping and packing tape — hated it when I had to pay full price — most drugstores had the tape on sale fairly regularly and I stocked up when it was on sale.

Let it stay for about a week. I usually get my plastic pots on the side of the road and some had the wire hanger too! August 2019 We used to have a “dump” store at our local dump where people could put usable stuff and others could take it.

I live in a 100-year old house with a double-lot yard in East Oakland, California, where the whole block was once an orchard. Now they keep them inside the gate and when I went in and asked they let me pick up what I could find out there , but at the tune of $2.50 and $3.00 bucks a piece. Wilco. That was an awesome find. As a child in the 80s, I grew up enjoying the smells at the gas station. Then I started looking around. Speaking of free gardening stuff, some Starbucks locations give away free bags of used coffee grinds you can use in your compost piles. They are on a cart near the back in our store. Also, there is a strip mall near my house where several big retailers have outlet stores. A cereal box! cut the bottoms out of the pots so the roots will go into the soil from under the pot, To the people asking about removing the labels on buckets. AGAIN TIMING IS THE KEY.

They don’t ‘recycle’ gardening containers or allow the customers to take them home. Lucky you to get that catch! For free. yes the San Juan Island are awesome. theYear=theYear+1900; ..stop by the floral dept an asked their floral mgr when their getting rid of their seeds.

That is not cool.

Stop and think am I going to need something like this later. Most often, I’ve been given the pot for free, (this has happened half a dozen times). Mr. Master Baker {who has seen me before} simply pointed to the back of the bakery and said “Take whatever you want.”  And so I did. I just turned the pails around so I don’t have to look at them.

That should do it. If cattle are overconsuming, move mineral sources further away from these areas. (sigh) One of the few things I miss about the States. Not that he would want to necessarily put a used {dirty} container in his sports car or anything, but still, knowledge is power. I used some in my rose garden 10 years ago and it is still working. I thought I must have heard wrong so I went to take a look. Not to be a downer on that idea, but federal penalties aren’t fun.

The boxes were just the right size for me to be able to move on my own.

I was about to buy another metal feeder when I realized I could make feeders with the used mineral tubs.


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