epq titles and grades

A good title will lead into a process of development work. The answer can be found quite easily through research. Religious Studies AQA 9-1 Exam Questions - Christian Beliefs & Practices / Islamic Beliefs & Practic, GCSE Religious Studies WJEC EDUQAS (9-1) Theme 2– Issues of life & death Revision Booklet, WJEC EDUQAS GCSE (9-1) Theme 1: Issues of relationships Revision Booklet. the Scoville Test), this question will yield a testable hypothesis and is thus suitable as an investigation title. Without further consideration of performance issues, such as which performance techniques and skills will be used, what form of presentation will be most effective given the audience, and how the work can be crafted and refined through a process of rehearsal, with consideration of design alternatives, the title will constrain the student’s capacity to access the full range of marks. For performance or artefact projects, make sure that there are alternative possible developmental routes. Awarding organisations issue certificates at various points throughout the year. The extended project must be a single-unit, internally assessed qualification. At the moment, the theme of the work is clear but these other design considerations remain to be determined.

The question as it stands is quite broad in scope and it would be better if it could be narrowed down. !!

If you have chosen a good title, it will be fairly obvious where you need to begin researching. If the level of material and ideas you are working with is lower than A level standard, it will be difficult to access the full range of available marks. ( v û! A project in which most of the work went into selecting text and images, and which neglected key design considerations, would be less successful. It is not yet clear what exactly is going to be done during the process, though. This QIP refers to Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). If you pick a question which you can answer in a much shorter space of time, or if you pick a brief which can easily be met without much work, then you have probably not picked a suitable title. To really get to grips with this question, it will be necessary to look at scientific research papers, where carefully constructed trials have been carried out. 3. A performance presentation to show how his compositions and letters inspire my piano playing. So there will be nothing to argue about. As the name suggests, the ‘Extended Project’ is all about stretching yourself. These skills are summarised in the four learning outcomes: Examples of acceptable titles for Extended Projects can be found on awarding body websites. EPQs are widely valued by universities and colleges making points-based offers. Students undertake their Extended Project in the context of a project topic they have selected, in agreement with the centre. Once you have decided on a potential title, think about the specific objectives for your project. It is more like an objective which could be realized during the course of a project, the aims of which are not yet determined. You should pick an open question: one that can be answered in different ways. Are there alternative ways of dealing with the problem, and do they work better?) Normally there will be a few objectives. I don't know whether last year's cohort was the first year to take the EPQ at my school but as you could probably guess, I know my EPQ grade will most likely be seriously moderated down. So, for example, the project title could be: ‘Use aerial performance work to communicate a narrative effectively to an audience’.

But on its own, this research will not really enable you to answer the question. "This title lacks either a question or a commission to give focus and direction to the process of creating the performance. The title can take different forms, depending on which unit you are entering for: For a dissertation, you … A more specific question, for example, would be: ‘How much difference has the discovery of exo-planets made to the probability of there being life on other planets?’ “Caring for my horse” As it stands, this is not a suitable title for a research dissertation. EPQ Titles. “What qualifications do I need to be an occupational therapist?” This is a closed question. > ? It is quite broad in scope and so it is not clear what aspects of ‘Eastern culture’ will be portrayed (nor what counts as ‘Eastern’).

It would be better to identify some specific elements of equine management which could be evaluated, perhaps by means of a contrast of the merits of two different programmes. "Can dance communicate what it is like to live in an eastern culture? Who is the target audience? Provided that there was access to suitable data, it should be possible to explore this issue in an investigation, but some initial research would be needed to help refine this title into a specific question. An EPQ note is, in the opinion of PMG graders, completely original. However, the answer to this question is known.

Example P301 Dissertation Titles “How do rockets work?” This is in the form of a question, and it would lead to research.

Previous EPQ titles and grades obtained: A snap shot of some of our successes to date All candidates that entered have consistently obtained grade C or above, with our grades being ratified by the external moderator and not changed. "Beethoven and his life. “Are some adverts unethical?” This question would naturally lead to research and analysis, so it is a promising starting point. Information Profile list. "Create a skit to be performed to a community audience that advocates the role of education as a long term economic driver and tool for change. This could be done as an Extended Project (and this question could well be turned into an investigation/field study, if there was some primary research) but it is important to be aware of the complexity of the issue. “How does illegal downloading of music affect the record industry?” This question needs to be made sharper. “How has marina development affected local marshland biodiversity?” This is an interesting and quite well-focused title. “Design and create a DVD of a free-running challenge” This title gives an overall indication of the aim of the project.

You need to have a sharp focus for your project. If you have chosen a suitable title, there should be different ways of designing or creating your project outcome. An Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a qualification taken by some students in England and Wales, where it is equivalent to half an A level. – At the end of the day, you probably want to pass the EPQ with a grade you’re happy with, and your chosen topic and title inevitably affects this. The terms ‘emotion’ and ‘image’ are broad in scope.

Think of them as the stages on the journey to the completion of your project. Example P303 Performance Titles "Can I perform a story through aerial work and communicate the narrative effectively to an audience? In a project like this, you could use your knowledge of a particular historic event, such as World War One, as a case study which helps to give focus to an exploration of the deeper question of historical causation. Due to extenuating circumstances, last year's EPQ cohort got a straight sweep of U's at my school. For example, your title must allow you to write an objective, academic essay using references, so it must have potential for a counterargument and some sort of debate. The Extended Project provides a great opportunity for cross-curricular study. These are listed in the Tariff qualifications list on the Adviser Tariff page. This is where you evaluate the extent to which you have achieved your objectives.

4. With performances and artefacts, a question may help to give focus to the project, but don’t use a question which will simply confuse things.

Select and use a range of communication skills and media to convey and present outcomes and conclusions. The project could be focussed by, for example, looking at the ability of children to recognize expressions of emotion in people’s faces. (The client could be real or imaginary). When you are choosing the title for your EPQ, bear in mind the following points: 1. “At what age can children interpret emotions from images?” This title needs to be a little clearer if it is to serve as the basis for an investigation with a testable hypothesis. To develop this project, it would be necessary to look at the NHS guidelines on treatment, and to look at some of the academic arguments for and against basing treatment decisions on behavioural conditions. For a successful artefact, design and construction issues should be to the fore, so it would be important here that there is some application of suitable technical skill in the working of designing and creating the brochure. “Do violent video games encourage violent behaviour?” This is a question which can be researched and there are different possible answers which can be argued about. Ø Ş Ş Ş Ş Ş Ş Ş Ş ù" ù" Š Š D Î Ş Š Š Î What makes a successful EPQ Title? "This is a clear and well-formed performance title. Around 30,000 students take an EPQ each year. "This question has the potential to lead to a successful project but it is slightly forced. There needs to be a research question which is linked to a testable hypothesis. Although not mentioned, it would be easy to infer that this was work which had been commissioned by a client. When you are choosing the title for your EPQ, bear in mind the following points: 1. It is not in the form of a question, and there is no clearly defined issue to be researched and analyzed, (Nor is there much here to be argued about). The answer to these questions depends on the interests and needs of the client, so it would help here if this was described some more during the opening phase of project work, perhaps as part of a written design brief. As it stands, it is still a little broad and some narrowing down would be needed as the project gets underway. “Design a prom dress” This is a suitable title, insofar as it specifies a particular item for a particular purpose. A good project title will involve extending yourself beyond your other areas of study. They are part of level three of the National Qualifications Framework. It is worth bearing this in mind when choosing the initial question, brief, commission or hypothesis. It is also not suitable because it can be answered quite easily; it will not take around 80 hours of work to establish the answer. If a predicted grade is not supplied, we would encourage teachers to use the reference and/or school specific URL to provide information about the EPQ and any policy for predicting grades, to help inform admissions decision making. A good title will lead you into research. Mark grids are provided for each unit to demonstrate student performance at three levels for each assessment outcome, and how marks may be allocated. ! This will mean looking at arguments and counter-arguments, or, in the case of an investigation/ field study, different interpretations of the data.


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