fake storytime youtubers

Obviously I hate them, but this is to freshen up my list. She's my number one; Aspyn is pretty much the queen of all things Tumblr.

You're such a cool dude aren't ya), TheMysteriousMrEnter (I'm not breaking new ground by saying that he's really obnoxious and treats his opinion like law, but I'm saying it for sure. None of the obvious ones like Onision and Jay Station and the cringe storytime YouTubers are gonna be listed because let's face it, everyone hates them.

Just like Mei, I'm omitting the popular targets for hate (Onision, JayStation, etc. 18 Times Storytime YouTubers Became The Best Last Meme Of 2016. ), even though their channels are both equally awful, and any Elsagate channels. ), ACTUALLY HAPPENED and similar bot-run channels, that chinese guy that keeps making cringe clickbait pvz videos. I'm trying to not list the ones I don't like just because they disagree with my opinion (such as Just Stop). Tana Mongeua has been making fake storytime videos on a well-known website called YouTube.

Enter (Cannot stand toilet/crude humor.

At least Marshall credits and links every post in his descriptions, and makes skits out of them with, ProsafiaGaming (Shamelessly puts spoilers in his thumbnails.

Gacha life youtubers TheYouInYouTube.

I can't believe this man made my favorite video on the site when I was a 4th grader), PewDiePie (Said the N word in a video, and fucking, Nathaniel Bandy (His main series is a goddamn triggered joke. The educational channels, like Xian stated.

Not everything's gonna be immune to that, y'know.

Aspyn Ovard.

Morgz 5 Minute Crafts Troom Troom ACTUALLY HAPPENED, Share My Story, My Story Animated, and other crappy animated story channels Madi. Random-ness Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.

ACTUALLY HAPPENED, Share My Story, My Story Animated, and other crappy animated story channels, Toy review channels (if Chadtronic counts he is an exception. ), Quackity (Damn bro, you go on kids games just to make actual children uncomfortable?

https://random-ness.fandom.com/wiki/Your_Least_Favorite_YouTubers?oldid=517040, Onision (My least favorite Youtuber. Fake storytime channels, like ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Not to mention, her and her husband, (Yes, husband. He also made a transphobic joke about Mario in a dress, and called the Inklings, who are MINORS, hot. He's also just really fucking annoying in general. 5 Storytime Youtubers You Need to Watch By Melissa Marie • York U Contributor • Entertainment March 22, 2018 at 12:00pm Over the past 3 years I’ve watched way too many stories and I’ve found many channels that put out (or used to put out) highly entertaining storytime videos. Fake storytime channels, like ACTUALLY HAPPENED. ), Filthy Frank (He just gives me bad vibes ya know? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tana Mongeau has been making "Storytime Videos" on YouTube for over a year now. Here is a list of Youtubers that you need in your life: 1. ), Mr. Opposite of Your Favorite Youtubers. She has been recently exposed by another Youtuber by the name of iDubbzTV with a subscriber count of 3,700,000 and also many more Youtubers who have said she has been a manipulative hypocrite making videos to defend herself with lies. This section is owned by A Bacon Boy. I'm gonna avoid obvious picks like Onision, ACTUALLY HAPPENED and Gachatubers.

), Every Reddittuber aside from Marshall Does Stuff (They all just steal Reddit content and read them back with a shitty TTS. This page is primarily about the opinions of one or more users. Do not edit without his permission or else you will be L spammed. ), Wumbotize (I mean he's a good Tetris player and all but he mains Schezo in PPT so he can go fuck himself /hj). Every popular educational channel (Examples: Ninja (and every other Fortnite Youtuber). SuperMarioLogan Toy review channels (if Chadtronic counts he is an exception.)

She also slays platinum blonde hair, and she can braid it in 73 different ways. Target : Youtubers, content creators, podcasters, game developpers, etc.. Self review: I'm not hiding my inspiration for this track, it's definitely a tribute to Pink Floyd, and I'm quite happy about the overall sound and feel of the track. Her DIY's look like they're from "Good Housekeeping."


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