fallout 76 inaccessible door
On the green work cabinet wall shelf or counter, near the yellow alarm clock, in the small room with the armor workbench and giant wall fan, adjacent to the ruined generator basement room. In the northwest corner of the cafeteria, on the wooden dining table with the black-and-orange place settings. A flight of stairs leads up to a small office area that contains some file cabinets, a locked safe (Picklock 2), a couch and a newsstand. While a lot of this quest is pretty straightforward, you’ll either need a lockpicking skill of 1, or Strength at 4 to complete it in the same way we did. Between the two sleeping bags near the radio, in the cavern with the cooking station, green trunk, and audio tour #8. On the metal desk with the bottlecap sunglasses and teal rounded vase, in the northwest upper office with the red trailer protruding through the outer wall, in the office building (interior). On the north side of the second level, overlooking the main entrance lobby, inside the office with the red sofa and two large mushroom lamps, on the desk by the door. Either way, head upstairs via the staircase behind him and either use the card reader or pick the skill 1 lock. In the completely open-air and mostly demolished schoolhouse at the top of the tendril tower, by the steel support, one of the only bits of the schoolhouse still standing, on the teacher's desk. Vertical, between the consoles and the machinery, inside the maintenance room in the center of cooling tower #1. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Sur l'étagère du pupitre, dans les restes de la chapelle, dans la cour de la prison. In the auditorium, on the balcony to the south with the stool and stage lights, on the small gray speaker. The office has a red door with "Happy Halloween" bunting above it (interior). The balcony contains an ice cooler, ammo box, steamer trunk, and a set of binoculars among other things. The inaccessible door at this level is unlocked either by passing a 12+ Perception check or by renting a room for 5 caps and sleeping for 60 seconds. On or below the low coffee table by the staircase, across from the reception desk and the comment terminal, in the locked (2) foyer area of the house. Fallout 76 – Strength in Numbers Assaultron Showroom door key code This gives you access to some Handy bodies for Polly but she won’t be best pleased if you send her one. Vertical, half-hidden behind the white mainframe computer bank (right edge), inside the security corridor, near the ladder to the roof (interior). Sur la table en métal aux extrémités pliables, près des caisses en bois et de l'échelle, sur le mur sud-ouest de la salle du générateur inondée au sous-sol. On the metal table below the raider corpse, in the bunk bed cabin with half a red front door, northwest cabin in the group of three, next to the rusty yellow pickup (interior). and Catch the Commie. L'utilisation d'un magazine d'aptitude le rend indisponible dans l'inventaire du personnage joueur. In the basement laundry room, left of the chained double doors, on the washing machine and sink. Inside the first small room where the Curse of the Wendigo - Part 2 holotape is also found (Audio Tour Station 4). On or below the desk fan, on or near the reception desk by the comment terminal, in the locked (2) foyer area of the house. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Fallout 76: Wasted on Nukashine. On the table, on the top-most gantry platform in the reactor room. On the small green card table to the right of the green trunk, inside the storage attic of the visitor center, accessed via the rooftop garden (near the small greenhouse, southeast corner). Near a possible caps stash, on the muddy deathclaw burrow hole, in the middle of the island. The bedroom also has an ensuite which contains a bathtub and a broken toilet. For more information, go here. On the front-left (northeast) school desk in the classroom. In the operations center, on a desk in a small room with three fabricator pods, just off the main room. On a TV stand in one of the parts of the crashed plane. poster, on the north wall, ground level inside the main military building. In the clubhouse, on the lower level, on the cardboard boxes in the Employees Only closet containing a robot pod, near the shoe-shine counter. Among the pile of bloody human bones, southeast alcove in one of the main junction caverns with the rock column.

Southwest corner of the curve-roofed warehouse, on the middle metal shelf, left of the orange tool box, left of the Nuka-Cola machine. Inside the northeast shack with the bear trap on the table, in the northwest corner of the shack, under a dark red sofa. At the top of the stairs on the top floor is a large sitting area containing couches, a television, and several board games such as the Unstoppables! On the low coffee table, inside the cabin, near the chair, sofa, and TV (interior). In an open locker in the catwalk areas of the lower areas, near a terminal. Behind or around the small stacked wood crates, blue barrel, and pallet, on the green tin roof deck, on the east side of the lodge exterior. By the headless skeleton with the first aid kit and Rad-X, in the small southeast cave alcove with the orange tool box and wicker basket nearby, off the narrow east-west tunnel with the Bone Chimes. In the right display case, under the "Uncanny Caverns" poster, northwest wall behind the curved reception and transaction desk of the main entrance structure (across the bridge). Fallout 76 Wastelanders Gauley Mine Code. On the lowest shelf of the metal shelves near the overturned cart in the basement locker room (interior). On the coffee table with the two cafeteria trays, by the blue couch under the brahmin wall mount heads, inside the yellow door and curtained cabin (interior). On or around the metal counter on the balcony (southeast corner), on the upper part of the tractor barn. To the north of the sitting area is a bedroom with a broken double bed and some dressers.

Propped up against the radio, by the teddy bears' picnic scene, on the northwestern edge of the main plant roof’s highest level, behind the smokestacks. 3 comments. In the basement, near the tinker's workbench, on the washing machine. In the main glass cabinet, in the middle of the storefront on the south side of the road. #4 Trapped in the Dimension of the Pterror-dactyls! Sur le vieux bureau, entre les deux commodes décorées, au rez-de-chaussée de la ferme blanche sans toit. To get started with the Strength in Numbers leg of the story, speak to Duchess at The Wayward. On top of the mainframe computer terminal attached to the central pillar, facing southwest (if looking at the middle pillar), northeast side of the interior concrete hut, with the metal shelving to the left of the mainframe. It will be sitting on a cabinet next to three sealed glass jars. On the coffee table in the living room with the board games, green carpet, and dark red furniture. In the greenhouse, on the L-shaped counter next to the cash register. At the northwest gate, on the top of the watch tower, next to a skeleton. Head down to the bottom of this room and through another narrow passageway at its base to advance. On the square lab table along the window shutter wall of the kitchen, north side of the base. On the bed of the rusting pickup truck, northwest of the main concrete and metal maintenance pump building, on the road ramp. By the toilet in the middle stall, in the women's restroom, inside the tavern (interior). Behind a wall heater on the second floor, near the door which leads out to the balcony. In the ransacked bank, on a table in the vault. The Strange Encounter in Flatwoods, Vous récupérez plus de viande sur les animaux tués, La fabrication d'armes consomme moins de matériaux, +50 % de chance d'avoir des récoltes de plantes plus fructueuses, Augmente de 50 % les soins obtenus en mangeant de la nourriture cuite, 50 % de chance en moins de tomber malade en raison de l'eau ou de la nourriture, La nourriture et les boissons vous rassasient 30 % mieux, Les réparations de votre camps ou atelier coûtent 50 % de matériel en moins, Les tourelles de votre camp ou atelier infligent 50 % de dégâts supplémentaires, +5 % de chance d'annuler totalement les dégâts infligés par une attaque ennemie.


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