fuji xf10 street photography
I decided on the XF10-24mm f/4 R OIS as the best overall lens for my current needs. X-T2 GS with XF10-24mm @ 10mm. The XF10 captures RAW images in Fuji’s native RAF format.

Still, they shot well and the bright lenses afforded a much larger envelope than one would expect for something effectively limited to ISO 400.

I see the attraction – the converging lines, the huge foreground etc., but stuff doesn’t really look like that does it? I’ve been on an ongoing odyssey-like quest to find a superb high-quality almost-pocketable compact ever since my late (and still lamented) Lumix LX7 (Panasonic’s version of the D-Lux 6 – or is it the other way around?).

There’s a lot to like about this camera, but I think the real strong points are the high quality of the still images it produces, even at high ISO settings, and it’s compact size (it’s even smaller and lighter than it’s bigger compact brothers, such as Fuji’s X100F and X-E3.).

Is it Worth Getting a Nikon D610 in 2019?

It is always an interesting exercise to wander around and hunt out interesting photographs in the midst of all the clutter, chaos, and the ever changing ebb and flow of … This post focuses on using the Fuji X10 for street photography.

I’ll have to check it out. It is accurate and consistent. But still, the quality of images from a smartphone can sometimes be quite impressing.

1/220th sec f/6.4 @ ISO 800. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. And I’ve no complaints about the Canon, although it obviously wouldn’t do quite the stuff the D850/Otus combo can.

Set the snap shot to 2m.

Nobody even knows you’re taking pictures. The XF10‘s lens is fixed (non-zoom) at a focal length of 18.5mm, which on a full-frame camera is equivalent to 28mm. ), Large ’nuff ?

Thanks for the inspiration; I definitely need it!

amzn_assoc_linkid = "9b4990406011a28eb77478f6d3bd8d1a";

I got mine for about half of retail price through Amazon Warehouse as an open-box item. Neither was as good as a normal Bayer sensor. I would be seriously tempted if not for the slightly-larger-but-almost-pocketable compact I bought a few years ago – one you briefly owned yourself but didn’t pass muster with you – Canon’s G1x Mark III.

For comparison, the Sony A7III RAW files are an average of about 25 mb each when utilizing the in-camera compression. And pretty cheap! The XF10 delivers solid performance across the board, and shoots in a fast, intuitive way – other than the lens cap and face detection metering issue – both relatively minor – I can’t find anything to criticise within my expectations of what a pocket camera should be, and be able to do.

No problem!

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Looks to be more “pocketable” than by D5600 that seems to collect dust as of late. The XF10 shares the same Bayer (non X-Trans) sensor with the FujiFilm X-T100 and offers the same image and video format options. Currently reviewing for Fujifilm, Leica, Canon and Ricoh-Pentax. To set the record straight, the XF10 is even smaller than the X70 with both sporting an APSC-sized sensor but the XF10’s a Bayer sensor vs X70’s X-Trans II sensor. On the other hand, for what it is, and what I use if for, it’s been easy, convenient, robust, reliable, and takes very good photos. Mars 2019 This is probably the most difficult way of shooting with an ultra-wide lens for street photography. LX10/15 may soon have a successor.). Disregarding the user interface, which is quite different of course. Some camera purchases begin with much research, planning and deliberation; not to mention angst and hand-wringing. I thought I would give it a try, even if it meant missing a few great street photo opportunities.

Highlight tonality and rolloff even without Fuji’s trick dynamic range recovery modes is amongst, if not the best I’ve seen in an APS-C sensor. Pop along and join, we’d like your expertise and to see some of your pictures! amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "Phantom Drone";

Festival I just ordered one. Overall, the XF10 delivers solid image quality in a very compact, yet robust, package.

From the B&H website, the XF10 has been discontinued.

The G5 x II does have “my” specs with an EVF. Dave. I’ve been on the verge of returning it but something is stoping me. The new firmware is version 1.11 and is available for download from FujiFilm directly.

So does the whole camera. I have a similar relationship with a 1″ sensor Canon PowerShot, with a largely incomprehensible & inaccessible online manual that is barely possible to download and print in legible form, and a menu system calculated to drive you nuts. amzn_assoc_default_category = "All";

So, I’ll pull the trigger. Hmmm… no hot shoe.

I’ve been starting faith in mine due to the auto focus just missing most of the time. Of course this one doesn’t price into FF territory since it has a fixed lens…, […] series was shot with a Nikon Z7, 24-70 Z and my custom JPEG picture controls, and a Fuji XF10 and Workflow […], […] series was shot with a Nikon Z7 and my custom JPEG picture controls, and a Fuji XF10 and Photoshop Workflow […], […] series was shot with a Fuji XF10 and processed with Photoshop Workflow […], […] series was shot with a Nikon Z7 (with my custom SOOC JPEG picture controls) and a Fuji XF10 (processed with Workflow […], Cut your editing time: custom SOOC JPEG Picture Controls and ACR preset pack for the Nikon Z7 and D850 available here. The light rail turned out to be more photogenic than I would have thought. The lens is wide enough to shoot vlogging style videos (10-14mm), while still having a standard wide focal length for regular videos and street photos (18-24mm).

I am about to buy one. Do you do soon with this camera? I would not hesitate to use ISO 6400, which yields pixel-level noise that’s actually similar to the Z7. I could agree with cats… The XF10 color images are my Classic Chrome recipe for that camera, while the X100F are a mix, including Kodachrome II, Velvia and an experiment with the Pop Color advanced filter.

Now, it’s just that I’d *prefer* also my pocket camera to be good enough for almost out to the borders (borders, not corners) fairly crisp snow & ice photos at the middle and the long end of the lens – which admittedly is quite a lot to ask for with a long compact zoom (especially when diffraction makes a difference before 5.6).

One camera that I definitely fell in love with is the Fujifilm XF10.

Try using the articulating screen to compose down low, and then shoot quietly. Olympus e-pl9 with panasonic 14mm or 20 mm lens may be better alternative to gr iv – very fast, good lens (especially panasonic 20mm f1.7), stabilisation, tilting screen, but IQ of xf10 little better in good hands. Your email address will not be published. Shot on XF10.

Enter the G5 x II, with such a fast long zoom (5x) in such a thin 1″ sensor package, something *may* have to give. I got around it by mapping one of the buttons (trash button I believe) to turning face detect on and off. And as all regular readers here know, I’m no big fan of Fuji.

“GR belt holster”?

There are more than enough control points for full manual control, though I tend to prefer it in program auto with exposure compensation on the rear dial.

Do you find the screen adequate for daylight outdoor shooting? It’s good enough for birthday parties.

The next problem was choosing the right lens. If you’re looking for something – might I suggest a search?

Having just been subjected to some fiery prose about GAS and high end gear, and heretical comments from mature professionals suggesting – as an ultimate act of blasphemy! But for my ways of shooting – and seeing the world – the G1xMk3 has given me a relatively simple set of shooting parameters (did I mention the logical and simple Canon menus?) Thank you for the interesting review. First of all, you have to get really close to your subject, something that many of us still struggle with. you’d need a 50MP Bayer sensor to resolve the same as a Foveon sensor with a 30MP output size (but probably has somewhere between 60 and 90M photosites depending on how it’s configured).

The XF10 offers three capture options: JPEG, JPEG + RAW, and RAW. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For both 1080 and 720 resolutions, the framerate choices are: 59.94, 50, 24, and 23.98.

The sensor really is top-notch in the APS-C realm. there is some). Urban landscape photography is something that I’ve done off and on for two decades. I do shoot with a D850 using the Otus 55mm, so I know what a good image looks like. It’s viewed sort of like the Ricoh GR IIIs uglier and less smart distant cousin or as a failed attempt to reverse the consumer trend of using smartphones for day to day snaps.

And the previous X70 didn’t really make my radar because I was happy with the GR. If only Fuji would quit the weird X-Trans stuff, their cameras would be a very tempting option. The XF10 offers three capture options: JPEG, JPEG + RAW, and RAW.

It’s a niche camera. While the XF10 provides touch-to-focus capability, I also like that they included same focus point joystick found on the X-E3, X-T2, and other newer Fuji cameras. Gear

RAW files are approximately 40 mb each, which is on the beefier side compared to other 24 megapixel cameras. The G1X III was just too slow in operation for me – focus hesitated, there was the cap to deal with, lens to extend etc. And perhaps my favourite feature: a joystick instead of a D-pad, whose default function is AF point selection.

amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";

They are well known for releasing upgrades and fixes this way. Just picked up one fo these on your recommendation, Ming.

( ..even if one should be immune to GAS.). Other reviews complained about it being slow.

Bottom line: this camera really delivers.

I think we still have one of these somewhere actually…, Ming, as usual with your gear articles, very few comments on your photos…


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