gray colors that go with red brick
I see in this post that you noted Soot is a “black that is really more of a navy.” My husband and I discovered that blueness by accident last month. Earthy colors and materials go really well with red brick. And, for that reason alone, maybe it’s better if it does blend into the background as it does.ReplyCancel, I certainly wouldn’t paint that brick (so I’m not going off-topic!)

It’s fun being part of the community you’ve created here Laurel!ReplyCancel. I’m absolutely thrilled with it and with the helpful and gracious comments of fellow readers! I like Gray Mist because it leans more towards beige, with a splash or mist or gray in it.

A white-toned paint adds freshness and bright contrast against both exterior and interior brick. I love a deep green, almost black, with brick, as well. One of our most popular blog posts is “The Best Exterior Paint Colors for Red Brick Homes (and what not to do)“. I am trying to pick the right color for My brick home. Here’s a question we just received from a woman looking to remodel her new home.

Siding: Gauntlet Gray SW 7019 in SW Duration® Flat. I don’t know if they were part of the renovation and it’s not a big deal if they stay.

But, this one is pretty common for an older home.

A very light grey paint adds freshness and bright contrast against the interior brick. No matter what, don’t forget to test your paint colors.

Maybe in a future Color Collection edition, you could include mention of Soot’s blue-ness. We have a wood and glass storm door, so we often keep the front door open for the natural light, so it needed to look nice from the inside, too! Finish the room with items that are light gray, various yellows and greens, beige, or rich brown. The fact that greige is the mixing between grey and beige makes this color looks matching with the red brick quite excellently.

I hope it’s not offensive to offer a small customer feedback. We love your comments!

I think they should try and achieve that look – not sure how but I can just see something like that with all that beautiful land and gorgeous trees around.ReplyCancel, As usual, your suggestions are perfection.

White walls bouncing light at me on top of the monitor can be overwhelming after a while. Since the stone sits in between both it creates a sort of bridge connecting the brick and walls. People over look it in place of more common finishes like tile or stone but it’s definitely worth considering. We love a blue house with red brick.

Gray Mist is a great option is you are looking for a lighter paint color to complement your red brick …

We have a red brick ranch home that we have been renovating on the inside for the last 20 years and thanks to you, we have done a great job!

They always were meant to be together, but I had to break it in two parts because otherwise, it would’ve been completely overwhelming.ReplyCancel, Hi Laurel!

Here are 16 to check out. And of course, if it’s not already, porch ceiling a “haint” blue.

I also have a red brick tudor-style cottage. Just my opinion, of course.ReplyCancel, This home is beautiful! The other Wythe Blue is the above hc-144.

For an even better appearance, you can add another color in the scheme. The reason we said so is that in this article, we will focus the discussion on red brick and siding color combinations. Previously we already mention the use of black siding as a pair for the red brick in home exterior design.

SW 7018 Dovetail. Once you decide to use brick inside the house then there’s really no way around it, every other design decision will be effected. This is not an easy quest! And there’s usually some paint flaking off the brick somewhere, because of whatever is going on with the brick (moisture, etc).

This gray has enough red pigments in the formula to pass as taupe. Unless the one I posted earlier is the same color.

Laurel Home Essential Paint and Palette Collection which you can read about here. Rhett Pumpkin will reinforce the main building and outbuilding relationships while traditionally anchoring the front elevation. The next exterior combination idea that we want to show you is between bluish-grey wall siding and red brick. BM Gray Mist is a stellar lighter paint color that complements red brick. Real, natural wood, looks great with a red brick accent wall. On the other hand, the red brick material highlights the facade and the entry area of the house. Most grout is a green-gray, but sometimes we see taupe grout too. There is another exterior element that we want you to pay attention to in this exterior design.

We like it because it’s not as dark as other navy blue paint colors.

First, let us talk about the combination of red brick and tan wall siding materials. If you’d like to see my post on front door colors, click here.

Thank you so much for letting us know!

We removed the storm windows when we had the trim painted, and oddly enough, I love the brick now that the storm windows are gone! Blue looks very nice with a red brick which is why so many homes with blue siding use red brick veneer.

Red brick absorbs more light and doesn’t have any sheen which cuts down on the rooms brightness a little.

So, I think it would be terrific to do a dark cool gray with the black. I agree with you and the others who suggest that it’d funky things up a bit to add some cool tone, a Blue, Turquoise or Teal, to the front door. It’s a look that’s hard to match with other finishes. That is, if they keep the red brick.

In this case, Gateway Gray has more green (and less gray) than the other paint colors.


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