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Game Data Social media: Get in touch with Fire Emblem Wiki on Twitter, Facebook, or Discord! Distant Counter makes for Hilda’s ideal choice of A slot skill here to add on to her already exceptional amount of overall versatility.

First Seen

Although Life and Death’s offensive boost is strictly inferior to that of Hilda’s native Atk/Spd Solo, it can still make for a useful option thanks to its -5 reduction to her defensive stats; while this would typically be quite detrimental to her overall performance, this actually helps ensure that her allies are able to benefit from Freikugel’s +4/+4 Atk/Spd in-combat buff since her PRF scales off of her and her allies’ visible Defense stats. the main difference is…, I havent seen any discussion on it. If she is not recruited on the Silver Snow route, she also takes her leave from the monastery before the Empire invades, similarly to the Azure Moon route, although she does not appear at all afterwards. Biological Information Hilda has several options to choose from for her Special here, with her ideal choice depending entirely on a mix of personal preference, the specific game mode where she’s being utilized, and skill availability: For use in Aether Raids, healing Specials are standout candidates that let her maintain high levels of survivability by healing off the majority (if not all) of any damage she may have taken, lending itself perfectly to the popular “superunit” strategy. Defeating her causes her to retreat, with Claude saying that she did well and that he will take over from here. [4] At the same time as her heinous deeds, she nonetheless claimed that the demise of Ishtore and Bloom at the hands of Seliph's army was itself a vicious crime on Seliph's part worthy of eternal emnity from House Friege.[5]. Boasting inherent access to Atk/Spd Solo, Null Follow-Up, and Def Opening, Hilda’s base kit is perfectly tailored to make the greatest use of her unique strengths and makes her quite cheap to build; simply equipping an Assist and seal of one’s choosing allows her to have a complete and fully functional set. Name (JP) Freikugel grants her an innate +3 Spd, thus bringing her base Spd to 40 and Atk to a whopping 53.

Hilda is also the only student who notes how bizarre it is that Monica seems so happy and friendly after almost a year of imprisonment.

The Flashing Blade and Heavy Blade seals are notable alternatives to improve Hilda’s combat prowess through quicker Special activations, both of which scale quite well with her stellar offensive stats. ヒルダ ヴァレンティン ゴネリル Full Name (JP) A coin said to have been used as currency in ancient times.

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