honey gourami colors

Honey gouramis are sexually dimorphic, which means you can tell the males apart from the females visually via physiological differences. Traditionally, the honey gourami is found in slow-moving rivers or stagnant ponds throughout India and Bangladesh.

That is why it is best to keep it in pairs in a nano aquarium. Honey Gourami participates in promotional campaigns and other affiliate advertising programs that are designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to directly advertisers and any other affiliated sites. In the wild, most of their habitat consists of oxygen-deprived waters, as such this organ comes in handy!

The females can get a little larger, up to a maximum of 5 cm. Providing cover is necessary as this species, like the similarly sized dwarf gourami, can be rather timid, and aggressive tankmates are best avoided. As the name suggests, the most dominant colour that they develop is a beautiful honey shade of brown with the occasional appearance of fiery red and dark blue and black. (2014). Just like with many other varieties of Gouramis, the males here are more brightly colored than the females. Just look at the coloring. it occurs only in northeast India and in the neighboring region of Bangladesh. The water level should be reduced to 8 in during spawning, and the temperature should be approximately 28 °C (82°F) and with a pH of around 7. You can actually pre-feed the insects on fish flakes or some kind of vegetable matter before offering them to the fish. The females are not colourful, and there is only one natural colour variety. Do leave us questions and comments in the section below! I have seen pictures online of Honey GouramI that are light yellow to dark orange except for a blue black area from nose to tail. The entire body of adult males is primarily a light orangeish yellow. A general hardness of around 6-13 dGH is recommended with a slightly lower pH range from 6.5--7.5. The tank should also be well aerated with. The fish is mostly found in rivers, lakes and ponds where it dwells in areas of thick vegetation but of softer waters. Tetras, Rasboras, White Clouds. Ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates should be kept to a minimum as this species stresses out easily. The What you need to know about owning an aquarium, The second ventral fin ray is elongated like a thread in the Honey Gourami – in contrast to other. When ready to spawn, you will find the male building a small bubble nest in one end of your tank. If you’ve kept fish, the honey gourami is probably not a stranger. However, they are prone to certain diseases such as impaction, fin rot, and bloating, as we mentioned earlier in the article. Dwarf Gourami Iridovirus: The Killer Untamed. Fin nippers should not be housed with honey gouramis as they are prime targets for fin nipping. Honey Gourami Honey Gourami - Color. The Honey Gourami male is bright brown-yellow in color during the breeding season. The honey gourami is a bubble nest builder that uses plants to help bind together the bubbles. Unlike most other species, wherein the female takes on the dominant parenting role, here the male Honey Gourami assumes the guardian role at an early stage. You may also need to renew at least 20-25% of the tank water in order to ensure that the fish doesn’t suffer from oxygen deficiency and poisoning from its waste. In a bizarre show of dance, you will see the male dancing and swinging just near the female.


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