hoodoo vs voodoo
For those looking for a practical and simple way to get started, Bird's book 365 Days of Hoodoo is a hands-on guide to immersing yourself in the practice. This includes Voodoo. Most especially as a result of the slave trade, West African Dahomeyan Vodun was fused with Catholicism and Francophone beliefs in the South. April 2012 edited April 2012 in MTB buying advice. As much as it may sting to hear, white people can't practice Hoodoo because you can't call on the ancestors of oppressors of Black people to engage in Black magical traditions. Voodoo, which is also spelled Vodou, Voudou, or Voudun, is an actual religion that is commonly thought to have originated in Haiti and has roots in West African spiritual traditions. Hoodoo operates independently of gods or any trappings of religious operation. In fact, some of the names that first come up in a Google search for “Hoodoo” are those of white people who are often accused of cultural appropriation and are not trusted by the community. Hoodoo lacks a foundation and has no set beliefs or proper foundation, the rituals all vary depending on the performer. America has been dangerous to Black people since we were brought here, and Hoodoo is a way for us to protect ourselves. Artists, scholars, and people of all walks of life find solace and sovereignty in hoodoo and voodoo today and make it fit into their lives, and work for them. The differenced between them is simple. We will try to configure who cast the curse, or what the exact root of the problem is. Thus, we may choose to pursue more aid. Like a Tasmanian devil, the ego will rip apart what you’ve built, so build up your protections and defenses before you ever let it loose in your life. Hoodoo was developed to allow people to use supernatural forces in order to improve or better their daily lives. The African captives were brought over from Benin, West Africa and along with them the captives brought over their customs, culture and religion. And when have times been more troubling than 2020? Since the nineteenth century, these forms have coalesced into one overarching form, but the differentiation is still important enough to absorb. Suzanne Preston Blier in her book states that the word “Vodou” is derived from the Haitian Creole word ‘Ayizo’, meaning "mysterious forces or powers that govern the world and the lives of those who reside within it, but also a range of artistic forms that function in conjunction with these vodun energies.". Surprise! Finally, voodoo vendors exist for tricks, charms, spells, and the profit of goods. are sold commercially. Voodoo is often thought of and referred to, in the western world, as a form of folk psychiatry, for how it addresses and helps those who believe in it. They could use these forces and change their lucks, love lives, social lives, etc.

There is a major difference that lies between what Hoodoo defines, and what Voodoo defines. This is why we cleanse the items, spaces, and whatever we come into contact with from a person. It is a folded cloth-like material that is inscribed with verses from the Qur'an.

Is it Voodoo? When we wish to banish, we use a chopped (in half) apple and bay leaf covering it, to block and cut off growth. It is a spiritual home where people come in dead, and walk out alive. While its merit has been disputed left, right, and center, it really brings results to those who practice. The term hoodoo can be used as a noun to refer to its magical system, as an adjective to describe one who uses the craft or an item they use in the craft — i.e., a ‘hoodoo woman’; a ‘hoodoo spell’ — or as a verb to describe the act of using or conjuring hoodoo. Hoodoo, by contrast, does not have these things. Voodoo is considered the witchcraft/religion of the Africans who were brought over to America. It's 2020, and these works remain incredibly relevant. In that, practitioners feel that fingernails, teeth, hair, and any objects owned by a person represent an aspect of them, eternally. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. I even know of a few young poets who solely write in the voodoo hoodoo vein. We restore wasted years, seized glories and spiritually shortchanged lives. It has religious leaders, known as Mambos and Houngans, who oversee these practices. The spirits are the ones who truly help us with what we need on a daily basis. Hoodoo, known as "Ggbo" in West Africa, is African-American folk magic. Actually for a friend, I've just got a Kraken. When we allow our ego to take over, we lose sight of what we really care about. We are the strongest spiritual home in the world. I was hooked, and I sought out more. Hoodoo uses the magical techniques of the Congo people of Africa without any of the religion. Then, we attempt a cure. Conjuring spirits and ancestors is prevalent in hoodoo, however, as is connecting with them for personal gain. Louisiana Voodoo places an emphasis on Gris-gris, voodoo queens, use of Hoodoo occult paraphernalia, and Li Grand Zombi (snake deity). While voodoo’s main goal is to heal its practitioners and all who seek its wonder, hoodoo is more a form of folk magic, in how its main goal is to improve practitioners’ daily lives through ritual and connection with supernatural forces. Hoodoo (noun). Hoodoo grounds me and helps me find peace in troubling times. Practitioners are called "vodouists" meaning, “servants of the spirits.” The followers believe in a god called Bondyè, who is an almighty and distant God.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular when I stumbled upon a short article by Stephanie Rose Bird in an almanac. Voodoo is a structured form of religion, which includes deities, rituals, music, culture, etc. I learned, quickly, that there are many fraudulent people who call themselves rootworkers and conjure doctors. Hoodoo and Voodoo are very different. Ancestor veneration is particularly important. To my surprise, I felt at peace and oddly accomplished. The use of snakes as symbols and loa (spirit forms) is like a current that runs through Voodoo; the snakes symbolize how knowledge and a connection to the spiritual self can heal. They are the ones crafting mojo bags, voodoo dolls, gris-gris, charms, and the like, with the intention of selling to the greater public. Sit with it, find your comfort zone, and do the work. The form has evolved in magical ways from its original roots. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Hoodoo is, at its core, is an African American tradition. She outlined how to make a small honey jar—a jar filled with honey, curios, and herbs meant to “sweeten” a situation or person—and work it. It is a set of religious practices that have originated from African traditions. I originally had my heart set in a bizango as it seems to be the best bang for buck in my price range. Another form of ‘Voodoo’ is the one that was developed in Louisiana, known as Louisiana Voodoo or New Orleans Voodoo. Jimx26 Posts: 147. BANTU Voodoo hoodoo is an individualist practice, meaning that you can make of it what you desire. March 2019 edited April 2019 in MTB buying advice. Voodoo especially developed along the Mississippi in the south, mostly in the larger towns of Louisiana and Mississippi, and of course with its largest influence falling in the town of New Orleans. It has a set of deities and spirits that are worshiped and respected. These spiritual forces, however, can be either helpful or manipulative, which is why we protect and guard ourselves against such open vulnerability until we know it is safe. We have the indomitable spiritualists as serving priests. The main intention of hoodoo differs somewhat from voodoo. It is also associated with conjuration, conjure, witchcraft, or rootwork.

There's a lot of confusion about Hoodoo and Voodoo. It was created by enslaved people from various spiritual practices that they adapted to the land they found themselves in. The spellwork of Voodoo is formulated through a particular structure and five basic intentions. Healing practitioners in the realm of Voodoo do cover a lot of ground.

Hoodoo was developed to allow people to use supernatural forces in order to improve or better their daily lives. Hoodoo is considered as a mix of African folkloric practices with American Indian botanical knowledge and European folklore. If you think they're the same, you're not alone, but it's time to unlearn that! Rootworkers are herbalists, basically, and are trained in the way of plant life and its medicinal uses. It provided a connection to my spiritual self that I hadn't found in mainstream witchcraft and gave me the tools to directly handle the issues that come up in my life—money, relationship stress, even landlords.

In fact, the practice isn’t even called “spells,” but “work” or “chores.” It’s also been appropriated by many people—so a lot of misinformation is floating around online. Voodoo is a more established, structured religion that is followed in Haiti and places heavily populated by Haitians. We might try divination to unearth whether a troubled individual is cursed or spiritually unrested. Voodoo views items as energetic carriers. Hoodoo vs Voodoo . An amalgamation of French, Creole and Spanish influence, this melting pot of religion fusions is what brought us Voodoo Dolls, Gris-gris, Mojo bags, and so on. By Mariesa Faer, author of Hoodoo † Voodoo: Rootwork, Conjure and Folk Magic, Hoodoo † Voodoo: Rootwork, Conjure and Folk Magic, I Brought More People To Church Once I Left. Hoodoo and Voodoo have gained popularity due to widespread cultural references. It is believed to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits.


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