how much does apex gps cost
It includes 10 Geo Fences to be able to place automatic alerts when your car leaves a certain area without your knowledge.

The comprehensive reporting offered by GPS tracking systems also allow you to conduct detailed analysis of your service routes to find efficiencies in your route, traffic patterns, and service scheduling times. Not only can you track how long an employee spends at each job they are assigned to, GPS trackers also setup alerts to prevent employees from running personal errands on the job or driving your fleet vehicle outside of your service area. You’ll have a huge advantage over your competition and gather a wealth of useful data to improve efficiencies throughout your business. The LMU-200 is the best in-class for reliability, performance, and accuracy without the monthly fees.

Each of the data points are then compiled to create a risk rating for your teenage loved one. Not all GPS tracking systems are created equal. Each Apex Protection Plan Mechanical Breakdown Service Contract has a 30-day money-back guarantee (providing there are no claims). In contrast, passive car, truck, and SUV trackers store tracking information that can be retrieved at a later time once the vehicle has returned to its home or office. The LMU-200 vehicle GPS tracker made by Cal-Amp includes a 2-year GPS tracking service, starter-disable, tamper alert, backup battery, and tow alerts all backed by an industry leading 2-year warranty. The Fleet GPS tracking systems offered at Apex Customs offer 1-year of unlimited service with no monthly fees and unbeatable features for only $265. Add to that the ability to run historical reports, reduce your insurance costs, and keep employees accountable and you have a winning combination at an affordable price. It provides a great profit center and also gives me peace of mind on our lot as well as peace of mind knowing it’s something that customers genuinely want.”, “We know how important it is for auto dealers to protect their inventory. From small used car lots to multi-lot new car dealerships, installing GPS tracking systems to your fleet will provide your business with detailed insights into every vehicle in your inventory with pinpoint accuracy.

*, Apex Protection Plan contracts are welcomed at virtually every licensed repair facility in the U.S. and Canada, as well as at all Apex Protection Plan dealerships. The benefit of real time tracking is allows you to view direction, location, and speed of the vehicle as it is currently in motion. When it comes to GPS trackers, a battery backup is vital to ensure that thieves can’t just disconnect the car battery to disable the GPS system. Record the historical location and vehicle data in a centralized database for reporting and mapping. We were born out of the need of a large, multi-location, multi-franchise dealer group’s need for a system that provided consistent inventory management and unprecedented value to their retail customers.

*, Apex Protection Plan coverage is the most affordable when the vehicle is new. Track your vehicles history every second and record the historical data on a scheduled interval. You can choose between a plugin ODB GPS tracker and a hardwired system with tamper monitoring to keep your teen from disabling the system.

*, Apex Protection Plans provide Emergency Repair coverage. There are a wide variety of GPS tracking options for your home use. By implementing GPS tracking systems for your business, your dispatchers and service managers will have a bird’s eye view on exactly where technicians are located, how long they have been at a location, and who is available to be dispatched to a new job assignment. Apex Protection Plan customers are glad to have protection from rising repair costs and the inconveniences of factory warranty repairs. No one else comes close.”, “It’s the only thing I’ve ever seen where we have real, legit, really good security for ourselves, and instead of paying for the security, I’m making money on it. The information tracked by GPS vehicle tracking systems can be viewed on electronics maps via cloud-based web applications, smartphone apps, or specialized software. Victoria, TX 77904, General: (888) 376-8940 What is the difference between passive and real time GPS tracking systems? Apex Protection Plans also provide commercial coverage for many types of vehicles. Purchase 1000 Apex Coins*. Whether you're looking for easy to install ODB II GPS tracking which allows you to swap trackers between vehicles in a matter of seconds, or you're looking for more sophisticated systems to keep even the most sophisticated criminals at bay, Apex Customs Phoenix has you covered.

For GPS theft prevention, you can define boundaries which will alert you the moment your car leaves an area outside your neighborhood. Can locate your vehicle nationwide and into Mexico. Apex™ is software that lets you turn data you’ve collected in the field into intelligent, well-informed decisions back at the office.

You can also qualify for auto insurance discounts with a GPS tracker.

GPS vehicle trackers can be professionally installed discretely and safely so they are tamper proof and hidden to prevent any unwanted interference with your tracker. Apex Coins can also be used to purchase cosmetic Apex Packs and to unlock new characters through the in-game store. GPS tracking will take the headache and hassle out of time tracking and service billing. This in-game currency can be used to purchase new cosmetic items for characters and weapons in the direct purchase shop. 240 x 240 (64 colors) Imagine having the tools to be able to see exactly where your service staff is with pinpoint accuracy at any given time. If you want to keep an eye on your teenager and make sure they aren't speeding or leaving a predefined area with their new driver's license, a simple plug and play OBD II GPS tracker may be just the option you're looking for. ", Senior Vice President of Operations and Underwriting, Risk Theory Insurance Services, 5802 N Navarro St Suite 200, Victoria, TX 77904, 5802 N Navarro St Suite 200, Apex Protection Plans pay for covered repairs directly to the repair facility requiring nothing out of pocket from you.

See your contract for details. Claims Fax: (361) 485-0562, © APEX PROTECTION, INC. All Rights Reserved | Insight Design, Apex Protection Plan is there for you when you need repairs, with everything you need to get back on the road: roadside assistance, towing, a rental car, direct payment to the repair facility of your choice, and more! Claims: (888) 941-1763 Commonly used in fleet vehicles, GPS tracking systems have become an affordable solution for small businesses and even concerned parents. Is it possible to install the GPS unit so people don’t know the vehicle is being tracked? About Apex Protect GPS. What’s more, Apex Protection Plan coverage makes your vehicle worth more when it is time to trade it in. ​GPS tracking will keep a watchful eye out for employee’s wasting costly time on the job.

It’s every parents nightmare, the moment your teenager drives away on their own for the first time and the worry sets in. If you want to know the minute your teenager starts speed or your company truck goes off course, then a GPS tracking system is your answer. At Apex Customs Phoenix,  our certified technicians will not only install your GPS fleet trackers in a manner that prevents tampering and hides them from view, they will also assist in the configuration of your unique settings and train you in how to use the monitoring systems. Feel free to contact us about any of our COVERAGE PLANS or SERVICES. Nationwide GPS Theft Recovery 24/7 365 days a year, a money back guarantee, live location monitoring, custom alerts, set speed limits, and much more…it saves you money in many ways. *, Apex Protection Plan vehicle service contracts are agreements between you and Apex that give you peace of mind protection against mechanical breakdowns and the inconveniences associated with them, such as Substitute Transportation, 24 Hour Roadside Assistance, Trip Interruption and $500 Emergency Repair coverage.

Coverage includes everything from transmissions, to engines, to wheel bearings, and just about everything in between. GPS Fleet tracking will provide your business with a competitive edge that will set your business apart from the rest. The fleet GPS tracking system will also provide you speed reports, vehicle start and stops, and even employee driving habits. The repair facility will call Apex Protection for pre-authorization before work is performed, and Apex Protection will pay the repair facility directly on your behalf by credit card. Any components that are covered by the Apex Protection Plan must be in good working order prior to starting coverage. A vehicle is stolen every 28-seconds in the US. There is no guarantee that the system will track GPS location all of the time as they rely on the ability to communicate with satellites in space. Our certified sales and installation staff will help you choose the right GPS tracker for your application and ensure it is installed professionally and covertly to maintain warranty and keep the device out of reach for potential thieves and prying eyes. The car dealer GPS tracker is an effective solution to protect your automotive assets. There is no better way to keep an eye on your teenagers driving than with a vehicle GPS tracking system. Another common issue encountered with GPS systems is drifting or bouncing. "This flat out changed our bottom line and saved us thousands each month. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us at.


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