how to change instagram chat background

Tap the circle to the right and select an option to change things up! Click on the ‘i’ (info) button in the top right-hand corner. Under Chat Settings, you'll see Theme. Some recent features they have introduced are reels, changing your app icon and even the ability to shop directly from the app. Right at the top, you’ll see “Chat Settings,” and right under that is the “Theme” option.

Political past explored, {{#media.media_details}} Here’s how. If you’re using the most updated version of Instagram, open the chat window by tapping the paper airplane icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Using a Saved Image Open Instagram on your phone. "The main change is that people using the Messenger app can now reach you on Instagram without you needing to download a new app, and vice versa," the company shared in a blog post.

me sitting on instagram changing the chat themes in my dms 45 times not realizing sydney and bri getting notifs for it, In other news, Is Adam Sandler a Trump supporter? 2020 Bustle Digital Group. 2 Tap the camera icon in the top-left corner. Under Chat Settings, you'll see Theme. Look through the chat settings and find the ‘themes’ button. Converse with friends and stay connected with Instagram Direct Messenger. Look through the chat settings and find the ‘themes’ button. Learn how to send private messages with photos, videos, filters and messages that disappear or connect face-to-face with video chat. Right at the top, you’ll see “Chat Settings,” and right under that is the “Theme” option. To change the Chat Theme, simply tap into the convo you want to change, then tap the “i” logo in the upper right-hand corner. Tap the circle to the right and select an option to change things up! {{#media.focal_point}}.

Have something to tell us about this article? Click on this and choose the theme you want to use.

Instagram just released a slew of new features that are going to make Messenger a more expressive mode of communication. "Rose" for flirting, "Tropical" for casual meme banter, "Lavender" for calming late night chats. To change the Chat Theme, simply tap into the convo you want to change, then tap the “i” logo in the upper right-hand corner. At the very least, it’s sure to make your life more colorful! Instagram's background color tool isn't just for tagged stories — you can also use it when you're utilizing the create tool. my biggest flex is I have chat theme option on @instagram Am I the only one who has dis or y'all too? Instagram is testing the features in select countries, rolling out globally soon, so if you don't see the option after updating your app, be patient — you'll get access to the whole rainbow of chat themes soon. With chat themes on Instagram Messenger, you can pick from a variety of color gradients to make your outgoing messages ~a vibe~.

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This change is a part of Instagram’s newest makeover, which links your IG messages with Facebook Messenger (although it’s just called Messenger” these days). Facebook Messenger already did it years ago, and now Instagram has jumped on the bandwagon too as they’ve just introduced a new feature with their latest update that lets you change the colour of your chat. Let’s admit it: We all probably spend a little bit too much time on Instagram, right? Also, you can use a different theme for every single convo! Customize Stock Backgrounds. The default theme that you've already been using is a mix of purples and blues that you can always return to. But who can blame us?

Being one of the most popular social media apps out there, Instagram is always doing things to ensure it stays relevant and loved by its users. First thing’s first: Make sure your Instagram app is up to date. There are both solid colors and gradients to choose from. Instagram has just added an exciting new feature to its app, giving users the ability to change the colour of their chats – but how do you do it?

Once you’ve updated the chat feature, the paper airplane logo will change into the Messenger logo. After that, here is how you change your Instagram chat colour: if we chat on instagram and i keep on changing the theme chat. Political past explored.

If you don’t have auto-update turned on, you’ll have to update the app manually in order to get the ability to change your chat color and theme, along with a whole host of additional updates (more on that in a sec!). One important thing to note is that Instagram will send a notification to the other person every time you change the chat colour, so you might want to hold back on changing the theme too often! Tap to confirm the update and you’re on your way to colorful messages! Open an Instagram message. Messenger app can now reach you on Instagram. The theme you pick for one conversation will not affect the themes of others, so you can also use themes to organize your chats.

"You can also control where you receive messages and calls, such as in your chats, in your message requests, or not at all.".

Finally, the update allows you to seamlessly communicate across Messenger and Instagram by using either app to access your conversations and participate in video calls. Step-by-step guide Go to Google Play Store or iOS App Store to update your Instagram to the latest version.

Now, as soon as you open the Instagram DM section, you will see a prompt message that will let you know about the new... Then, Open an Instagram DM. But the basic blue bubble is so yesterday. For instance, you can also send Selfie Stickers (which are a Boomerang-selfie-emoji hybrid), implement Vanish Mode (which makes messages automatically disappear once they’ve been seen), use animated messaging effects to add some pizzazz to your message, and use Watch Together to watch IGTV and other videos with your friends at the same time. (Probably Not Emma Watson, Sorry to Say). To start, you'll want to find the settings window that contains all of …

You should see a message announcing the update to Instagram. Here’s exactly how to get the new feature for your Instagram DM’s.

Once you’ve updated the theme, all of your outgoing messages (including messages you’ve sent in the past) will change color.

Since Facebook owns Instagram, it makes so much sense for Messenger and Instagram to (finally) be synced up like this — hopefully it makes everyone’s life a lot easier!

Note that changing the Chat Theme changes it for everyone in the conversation, and the person you’re chatting with will get a notification that the theme has been changed. "Pride" for friends, "Sushi" for lovers, "Classic" for business, "Ocean" for family. Tap this and scroll through a selection of colors and combinations to immediately change the way your messages look. Basically, the app is combining the functionality of Messenger and IG chat so that you can access your convos from one convenient place. Is Adam Sandler a Trump supporter? You no longer have to rely on the text you write to communicate the vibe of your convo — choose a gradient to capture the vibe for you!


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