how to clean a guinea pigs nose

Expect to pay around $10 to $40 on average. Furthermore, as part of their care, guinea pigs need regular grooming at least weekly (or more often for longhaired guinea pigs). In this case, cover the bottles with an opaque cloth to avoid most algae. As you might have already understood, the most effective way to get rid of any smell in your guinea pig’s cage is to keep the pen clean and tidy. This fungus releases a great number of spores into the environment which can be inactive for years so disinfecting the area is important.

When we clean their tummies, we use one arm to support their back and the other hand to scrub their bellies. If your guinea pig becomes unwell, then a vet trip is essential. I knew very little about them, so, "Found this very helpful. Guinea pigs can live in herds of a couple of females and one male that is neutered.

Many are unhealthy for guinea pigs and contain high amounts of sugar. Finally, make sure to spot clean its cage twice a week to keep it from getting messy. Keep the sugary fruits to a minimum as a treat just a few times a week. Remember their cage is their primary space for exercise unless you're able to take your pet out and monitor it for most of the day. This article received 71 testimonials and 96% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. We try to bathe them quickly as to not make them nervous – the sooner they are standing on all four feet again, the better. One guinea pig should have a cage that is at least 30 inches by 36 inches. Guinea pigs love to run. Place the cage in a fairly quiet part of your home. ", "Article was very informative and helpful because I plan on adopting a guinea pig. This helped me a, "It's super helpful to read and know about how to take care of a guinea pig and to learn so many things that I, "We are new parents and all of your information was beneficial to our family. Your guinea pig also might be frequently pawing at its eye. ( Log Out /  We use all natural bedding in their C&C cage. Good question! "I'm beginner and I was so confused how to care guinea pigs then I found your article and this is so helpful for me! Unfortunately, mites (parasites) and lice are common ailments guinea pigs face.

Nobody in my family has any rodent experience, so this and other wikiHow articles. Thank you. The fleece must be spot cleaned daily. The vet told us that because Dharma was infected, the guinea pigs she lived with were most likely effected as well.

Guinea pigs may not eat everything you offer them, including treats. Guinea pigs are social creatures, so are usually happiest when there is at least one other around. In some countries, it is illegal to buy single guinea pigs: you have to buy them in pairs. Instead of bringing each guinea pig to the vet (requiring a separate appointment for each one), the vet suggested a treatment usually given to livestock; we decided to research it before we administered it. Read our, The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Make sure the. As a last resort before we were going to cave in and try Ivermectin, we found a YouTube video about a product for small animals specifically used to treat parasites and lice. Air deodorizers that aren’t pet-friendly aren’t safe if they get on a guinea pig.

I am a new owner, and I was not quite sure how, "I have a guinea pig myself, but this article helped give a little more info to help me give him a better life.

Guinea pigs do very well having the companionship of another guinea pig. needed to know to care for and keep my new pet happy and healthy. These are typically very treatable conditions if you get your animal to the vet promptly.

We used Fleece Flippers for about 2 months before we decided that they weren’t as cleanly as we thought they would be. The best water dispenser is a guinea pig/rabbit bottle with the little ball in the spout. Give them your attention and time. Also, be aware that guinea pigs may have individual tastes or preferences and may like or dislike different vegetables. Make sure any seller houses male and female guinea pigs separately, or there could be a chance you'll take home a pregnant female..

Even though they are marketed towards guinea pig, they are not safe and can cause spinal damage. Guinea pigs often hide symptoms of illness until they are quite sick. Some good brands are Oxbow and Kleenmama.

Many guinea pig owners prefer Fleece Flippers over paper-based bedding. If your guinea pig seems unwilling to eat any vegetables, try cutting them up into slices or small chunks.

Guinea pigs are strict herbivores (vegetarians) and should never be given meat. ", to handle them correctly. And they are both, "Thanks, so I am going to get a Guinea pig on my b-day now I know what I need to take care of it. Appropriate bedding for guinea pigs is CareFresh, moisture-wicking fleece over towels, or aspen bedding.

You can also use a soft fleece blanket with a UHaul pad or another absorbent layer underneath to absorb everything without having to clean off bedding from your guinea pig. Guinea pigs are generally hardy animals, but they are subject to a few common health problems. Plan to spend at least a few hours per day giving your pet attention out of its enclosure, allowing it to exercise and explore. Be sure to change it at least twice every week or more often if you live in a humid area. ", understand fully. Approved. Guinea pigs are herbivores, meaning they eat plants. If you hold them in a formation like this, you will most likely notice they are very happy. Make sure to have plenty of space in their exercise area so that they can run and play. Guinea pigs are clean by nature, so it should not be difficult to get rid of your guinea pig’s order. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. ( Log Out /  Guinea pigs are also not nocturnal, like these other pets, which means that they are likely to be less irritable when you do try to cuddle with them. Guinea pigs have a range of personalities, from shy to outgoing. It is important to bathe your guinea pig occasionally. % of people told us that this article helped them. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. You may want to place the cage outside to air out for a short while.


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