how to keep towels smelling fresh in closet


Clean your closet!

It’s also important to use a storage space that’s cool, dark and dry. Liquid fabric softener is a definite no-no, as it coats towels’ fibers and can prevent them from absorbing moisture. Place the soap in the storage container, bag or closet to fight musty odors. What is? Except, maybe, a rough, lifeless, mildew-y towel.

It’s easy to freshen up your towels. You wrap up your shower, turn off the water and open the curtain. Too often, people find that their drawers and closets leave their clothing smelling musty. There’s hope, friends.

It’s easy to keep your towels in tiptop shape.

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Actually, no. Shaking helps fluff out the fibers for maximum absorption and more efficient drying. This post may contain affiliate links and/or PR samples. Wool Dryer Balls: the Alternative to Toxic Dryer Sheets, Your Guide to Safer Laundry Detergents That Work. Over packing shelves with too much bed linen and towels stops the air circulation necessary to keep linen smelling fresh. You can also limit the chance of musty smells by lining the shelves with scented paper or adding dryer sheets between the linen. To keep your bedding and sheets fluffy and fresh-smelling in between bed washing days, it’s important to air everything regularly. Three DIY steps for when clothes in the closet smell musty: 1.

This will help prevent pockets of bad odours and damp from forming in your bed and help keep things smelling sweet in the bedroom. 1. However, clean towels aren’t always fresh-smelling towels. Your email address will not be published. You can use them every now and then, but they’re not crucial for keeping towels soft.

Liz is an unapologetic homebody who loves bowling and beers almost as much as food and fitness. Learn more about my passion for clean beauty. Wash your towels separately.

The tiniest amount of moisture in your towels or bedding can help to breed mildew smells which can transfer on to your other linens too. (If you don’t have enough, it’s easy to add a few more towel hooks to your bathroom). save your dryer sheets for these non-laundry solutions, How to Cook a Turkey Breast in a Slow Cooker, 13 Cleaning Products You Shouldn’t Use on Your Wood Floors, 7 Uses for Laundry Detergent You Never Thought Of, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents.

Place dried lavender in the center of the square.

Super-scratchy towels might benefit from this occasional treatment: one hot cycle with only vinegar (no detergent) followed by one hot cycle with only baking soda.

She's been hooked on Taste of Home since interning for the magazine in 2010.

Try this all-natural alternative in this tutorial on how to get fresh smelling towels. Check this list for how to clean your washer. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. I’ll start with the good news. What, you ask?

Keeping your towels and sheets smelling fresh in the linen closet will require a little bit of work on your part, but the end result is well worth the work. All you have to do is stop washing them like any other laundry (hint: save your dryer sheets for these non-laundry solutions), and you’re on your way to feeling fresh, clean and comfy. Louvered doors are better than solid doors, because they allow some airflow even when closed. To ensure you always have fresh linens it’s important to have a good rotation of stock.

Designed and Hosted by, Why Hotels Should Be Using Antimicrobial Bedding & Bath Linen, 5 tips for picking your bed linens (and then a couple more), Duvet Inners, Mattress Toppers & Base Wraps, Laundry Advice – Tips On Washing & Ironing Linen, Washing Coloured Towels: Your Guide To Keeping Your Coloured Hotel Towels Looking Vibrant. Using vinegar every other wash or so can also help prevent the musty smell, but you can also treat extra-stinky towels by using baking soda instead. I love eating clean, exercise, a clean home, and clean beauty is my current obsession. Step 3 Cut thin white cotton fabric into a 4-inch square. Nothing can bring you down. Start by folding back the duvets and blankets – you can even hang them on a clothes horse or airer. It’s easy to keep your towels in tiptop shape.

How To Store & Keep Your Linen Smelling Fresh, page slider 1/towel-and-linen-haven-logo-colour-padding.png,, Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2020. Don’t worry—they won’t come out smelling like vinegar. It’s important to give linens the room they need to breathe. 2. Hi friend, I'm Lisette.

I'm passionate about healthy living. Nothing can bring you down. It’s Plus, excess soap can build up on your towels and dull their softness. Nothing beats slipping into a bed made up with fresh sheets or wrapping yourself in a towel that's fresh from the laundry.

), they don’t require as much soap as clothes do. How to Keep Sheets and Towels Smelling Fresh in a Closet. Start with a hot water cycle (for whites) or warm cycle (colors) and add about half the detergent you’d use for clothes. In an ideal world, we all do just one load of laundry at a time. Step 2 Wrap one to two bars of scented soap in acid-free tissue paper. There’s hope, friends.

This way the linens that have been in there the longest will be used first, leaving less time for stale smells to appear.

Hard water and fragrances can make your towels smell like mildew.

Most linen closets are relatively small, and they’re often located in the bathroom.

No one likes musty bath towels or bed sheets. If your dryer is empty, you’re more likely to get those towels in there straight away.

If towels are still a little damp when the dryer finishes, err on the side of caution and hang them up to finish. If possible, keep closet doors open to increase airflow. You don’t need to wash towels after every use.

Just dry off, then hang that bad boy up right away. Open up your closet doors! to your rinse cycle. Does this Spark an idea?

Especially fresh-smelling towels. Bathrooms’ humidity levels often rise when someone takes a hot shower, so the linens in the closet can absorb enough moisture to create a mildewy odor.

Next, plump and knead … To clean musty towels or strip old fabric softener away, add 1/2 to 1 cup of white vinegar (it’s such a miracle cleaner!)

Since bath towels generally stay pretty clean (you’re clean when you use them, right? You’re off the hook as long as your towels are on one. Spring clean and give your guests the perfect environment by keeping your linen smelling fresh even after they have been washed. This helps to remove the moisture from the closet, and with it, the moldy and musty smells that accumulate from moisture.

Except, maybe, a rough, lifeless, mildew-y towel.

When putting fresh linens in the closet for storage ensure you put them at the back or at the bottom of the pile. Giving your wet towels a shake before drying, then pulling them out as soon as they’re dry. If it’s humid add pre-packaged de-humidifier granules to soak up some of the moisture. If your linen stock is in need of a complete refresh why not add some new products to your range? The highlight of her week is making cheesy popcorn for her family on movie night. By storing your towels and bed linen correctly you’ve more chance of them still smelling sweetly when you come to change the bed and bath linen. This may seem like an obvious tip but linens should always but stored away completely dry.

Turn on the closet light and keep it on.

Get rid of unused or rarely used items, and organize what's left to improve airflow. This helps prevent the mustiness that can breed while wet towels sit in the wash. Dryer sheets can impart the same absorption-blocking buildup that liquid fabric softener can.

High Note Designs, LLC. Psst: It’s a good idea to keep plenty of vinegar and baking soda handy for all kinds of food stains. Fresh, clean laundry is one of my all-time favorite things. Spring clean and give your guests the perfect environment by keeping your linen smelling fresh even after they have been washed. A clean machine goes a long way for clean towels, too.

Also, keep towels off the floor and you can go at least three uses before washing, so you only have to worry about the rest of these tips once a week or so.

My purpose is to help lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

Keeping Your Clothes Smelling Fresh in the Drawers and Closets Wouldn't it be nice if when you put your clothing into a drawer or closet for a few weeks or even months, it smelt even better when you got it out again?

Home Home & Living Cleaning & Organizing Cleaning Tips. By storing your towels and bed All you have to do is stop washing them like any other laundry (hint: save your dryer sheets for these non-laundry solutions), and you’re on your way to feeling fresh, clean and comfy.

Try out these tips on your towels—then, once you’ve mastered the art of towel maintenance, you can feel a little better singing in the shower and splurging on those Turkish cotton ones knowing that, with proper care, you’ll get years of dry, comfy softness out of them. If towels are clean they should smell clean, right?

The scent of the dryer sheets permeates throughout the stored blankets and comforters to keep them smelling fresh. Overdrying (along with using too much soap) is one of the cardinal sins of scratchiness.


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