i hate elijah mikaelson
Elijah revealed that he snatched the pendant from one of the Strix captors, showing Vincent that he had no more reason to fear Tristan. When Elijah is alone with Hayley she asks him if he excluded the werewolves because of her. Elijah questions that and leaves the room. He screams and blames himself for her death. In The Big Uneasy, Elijah is overseeing renovations done to the Abattoir, restoring it to it's former glory when Genevieve approaches and requests the witches be allowed to throw the Feast of the Blessings. Mikael then showed him the White Oak Stake, Elijah tried to stop him but Mikael forced him against the wall and told him, that either he stands with him or falls with Klaus and after Elijah chose Klaus, Mikael staked Elijah with a normal wooden stake.

Sometime later at the compound Elijah meets with Hayley and Rebekah.

he tells her the wound is healed, the fever is broken but for some strange reason he has sharp and lingering sensation in his back. And Elijah says "What exactly do you want from me". While investigating what was happening with Rebekah, Elijah received a call from Marcel stating that Hayley had been attacked by Shen Min, one of the most dangerous members of The Strix. Their interrogation continued and Tristan remained resilient despite the intense pain he was going through, warning them that The Strix would descend upon their home to free him. Back at The Mikaelson Compound. Freya managed to penetrate the Chambre de Chasse as the ritual began in the real world, Elijah and Klaus felt their throats being slit. Hayley stands beside him and gives Elijah something to drink but he just immediately starts to cough. Eventually they can't control their lust towards each other. Instead, Marcel had the owner of the home invite Elijah inside. Elijah tried to ignore the stain on his suit but his mother's visions overtook his mind. Sophie then explains how it is possible that Hayley is having his child, since vampires cannot procreate.

He tells her he doesn't accept ultimatums. Hayley looks away as Elijah gently sticks the baby's finger with a pin to release a large drop of blood. Elijah hugs Rebekah, after telling the family his plan.

Elijah went to France and found Antoinette and the two spent the next seven years together, enjoying their life as musicians in a club. He finds an explosive and tells Jackson to sit still until they can get rid of it. Rebekah notices Klaus isn't in his coffin where he was laying there daggered. His wardrobe typically consists of a dress jacket, dress shoes, dress pants, shirt and sometimes a tie. He inquired about Hope and how she was before deciding with Hayley that there was only one person in the family left to save; they prepared to rescue Klaus from Marcel.

While Elijah could hold his own, he was being overwhelmed by Marcel's assault until Hayley arrived to help him. Elijah took Finn's thoughts into account and decided to save the bullet but keep it protected if in the future of any of them wanted to finally end their lives. They realized the queen chess pieces were what represented them, as it was the women they betrayed.


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