icewing rainwing hybrid

I would have been way, way, WAY crazier. She doesn't have a conscience; any decision she makes is for the "greater good", and no matter how many dragons she kills, tortures, upsets, anything, she has convinced herself that as long as one more OUNCE of good rather than evil has come from the endeavor, it does not matter. This studio is a Wings Of Fire studio.

I bet Glint can make you some.". IceWing / SilkWing hybrid. Her eyes are fully black, but they can … wOW LoK, iM SO aMazInG. ):Troop 1:Bigwings: Peltandra:Fire resistant- @minergold48Troop 2:Bigwings:Troop 3:Bigwings:Troop 4:Bigwings:Troop 5:Bigwings: Nightwings (MORE! This is not coloring the bases as well. Known as Auri, she lives among the Rainwings but is considered weird. Aurora That's just paint. No, wait. This character belongs to Artemis the FowlWing. I don't mind doing a quick doodle, however, if you still want something. Are you?" Tribe would you want to be an animus?

Aurora had never used her animus powers, until she had to save her friends. This means she would never leave Auri's side. Ships Powers and abilities Intelligence Rainforest Kingdom, Ice Kingdom, Jade Mountain Academy Arcticmoon Arcticnight Arcticshadow Auspicious Australis Aurora Aurore Blackice Blackout Blizzardclaw Blizzardshadow Me:do people listen These days or is it just me. Dislikes She consists of all of the tribes' abilities, except the one, in fact, to camouflage. -To Ivy (in RP), 'Did I threaten to kill someone?

I'm the master of the Rainforest! If you do not follow them your dragon may be removed. She can sometimes turn white. Rainwing/Sandwings. Her only Rainwing friend is Sunbeam the Rainwing, and her crush is Current the Seawing. Creator it is a work in progress, and should be treated as such; this is so old, and is now cringy to look at.

", "PREPARE TO MEET.....ME!!!!!! The two were in the same clutch, but Freeze hatched the day before Auri, so he was the eldest. SilkWing head and antennas, SilkWing wings (but that are pointed, if you can?) ):Macaw- @minergold48, Sandwings (MORE! ", "Look! SilkWing head and antennas, SilkWing wings (but that are pointed, if you can?) so,,, overpowered,,, so,,, awful in character,,, just. Prophecy, sickness, moons, animus, moons saved, crazy, dead, me saved, normal... does that pretty much sum it up? Cloudwings (MORE! Rainwing/Mudwings. - Crystal is really weird.... "Animus Academy???

I can't just go zap zap! Residence Not fun. SilkWing body with IceWing legs. Character Information He said that a tribe called Rockwings had taken over, populating the Hives, building large tunnels all over the place. 1 hour ago. Unfortunately, this gets her into trouble sometimes Auri has light blue spots lining up with her scales, and the curled tail. You can't send me there! Quote I'm camouflaging!

Color ", "So what do I do? Auri, Sunbeam, and Current then heard a loud crack. When they first met, Auri tried hiding behind a scroll about Seawings. Icewings: Animus:Circle 1: Snowtrail- @SnowtrailNora and Commander Sleet?- @SnowtrailCircle 2:Circle 3:Circle 4: Flurry- @minergold48)Circle 5:Circle 6:Circle 7: Mudwings (MORE! ... Are you a Rainwing/Sandwing? Quicksand, Skywings, getting bullied Or maybe a Nightwing/Icewing? "Riddle, don't fight with your alter egos! Oh, hello, Glint. ", "Im not colorful. I'm taking requests for bases of hybrids! She has a talent for painting, ice sculpting, and wood carving, as shown at the Jade Mountain Academy. Even when gone working, he asks Frostbite how she's doing. Crystal is a blueish white dragon with sharp spine spikes and a typically joyful expression on her face. Do you have any soup? She has the occasional Rainwing flaps along her ears, the horns, and spikes of an Icewing, and the eyes and snout of both tribes. ): Animus: 1: 2: Mindreading: 1: Clawthief- @minergold48 2: Future-seeing: 1: 2: Both: Nightseer - @WingsoffireLOVER18, Rainwings (MORE! Templates. Student/Animus Seawings (MORE! -To her sister Northforest, "Look who's talking. Why would I? When she was there, she met Current and Sunbeam and all of them became best friends.

All four wings but just more pointed. Here is the Rainwing-Seawing! A Hybrid! Her tail, useless for climbing trees, is used for attacking, and she can resist cold temperatures, but not as long as normal IceWings. Crystal raised the two sisters until she died, which left Aurora and Northforest as orphans. The mountain opened up and it was- swallowing itself. ", "Okay. Her mother, Crystal, was an animus but was imprisoned by Burn's forces during a battle and later died in the Sky Kingdom's arena, which made Aurora swear vengeance towards the SkyWings. Icewings/Rainwings

): Animus: 1: Prince Pacific- @minergold48 2: Bog- @CinnamonKookiez 3: 4: 5: Skywings (MORE!,, Wings of Fire Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. ", "Nightstar, I like you, but not as a mate. Welcome to Wings of Fire RP Roar! ): Animus: 1: 2:Scorpion- @NotAUsualGirlCactus- @-_nevermore_-. don't. The whole family ws stunned by this and didn't talk for weeks. Female Looking for a different dragon? ice spikes and horns (dont forget spikes on tail!). Secret IceWing princess I'M NOT INTIMIDATING!! I don't know, I didn't memorize everyone's names. Leafycloud222 Blackphoenix the SkyWing NightWing I know this offer is closed but do you have or are you working on a Silk/Seawing hybrid? THE QUEEN OF the ICEWINGs!!! "I eatded it! Female Aurora, to the common eye, is sarcastic, snobbish, and rude. Aurora is very bitter as well, and is very stubborn and a pessimist. Leafwings: Control over plants: 1: Breezy- @warriorcats2155 2: Chestnut- @minergold48 3: Silkwings (MORE! I mean seriously." Unlike other Icewings, Frostbite truly cares for Auri and makes sure she has a good life. Hey! Orientation

Character Information Despite the fact that she is intelligent, she stubbornly thinks that everyone is her friend and is trustworthy, which can lead to others taking advantage of her or getting angry at her.


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