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[3], In the late 1940s, Israel wrote, there were generally no boutiques catering exclusively for juniors and hardly any clothing companies producing styles for the juniors market. [4][5], Israel was long considered a fashion authority; for example a 1970 interview in the Los Angeles Times around the topic of longer hemlines for women's skirts.

By the 1970s, the world was a little more settled. Warmest … By 1974, the company achieved $100 million in annual sales, with the help of two multi unity store acquisitions – the larger being its 1972 acquisition of 84 Clinton Drug and Discount Stores. Shoppers began to be put off by the flashy, colorful trends of the 1960’s while wondering what the costs of these amenities might be. President Senate | House Governors California | L.A. CountyOrange | Ventura, A look at California’s November ballot propositions. Restaurant – Linda Helman [1] Israel-Curley died in 2004.

Soon after, the slide began. See more ideas about 80s fashion, 1980s fashion, 80s. Terms of the tentative agreement call for the buyer to acquire all of Judy’s outstanding stock but to continue to operate the chain under its current name. In 1946, when she couldn’t find any “young” clothing to wear, she borrowed $1,000 from her mother and opened a 7-foot by 10-foot hole-in-the-wall store on Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles.

Westerners visiting the Soviet Union often discovered long lines outside food stores and were even approached by Soviet citizens seeking charity such as an orange, soft drinks or cigarettes that may have ‘accidentally’ found their way across the border.

“It would be a long haul, and none of us is immortal,” Israel said. How does the elf on the shelf move by itself?

For many years, she seemed to have a gift for knowing what young women wanted to wear. 2005. enter I remember the 60's & 70's when every indoor & outdoor mall had a Judy's clothing, a Leeds & a Tom McCann's for shoes.

Economically, the decade of the seventies was a particularly strong extension of the sixties. Strides Out on Runway : Bankruptcy: The women's apparel chain will work to win back customers after its reorganization. As recently as the fiscal year that ended in January, 1986, Judy’s turned a $1.2-million profit on sales of $56.7 million. By the mid-1970’s hip-huggers were gone and were replaced by the high-waist jeans and trousers with wide flared legs. 7 were here. Within two years, though, Beck had filed for bankruptcy protection, and in 1971, the Israels bought the company back for what Marcia Israel has said was significantly less than the selling price. Both men and women wore platform shoes.

2012. Each month we will take a look at a different decade and review what was happening in that time and how it effected the industries we now serve. [1] New owner Rampage was in the process of converting Judy's stores to the Rampage name when it went bankrupt itself in 1997. Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. Besides their combined $300,000 salaries, the Israels took home about $182,000 last year in dividends. They stopped using the Judy girl on the side of the store, no wonder they went out of business! Baja Cantina, Chili’s, El Toro, Hacienda Mexican Restaurants, King Taco, Mighty Taco, and others were part of the movement. 2017. never shopped anywhere else...this was in the 70's.

“It was the first young boutique of our generation,” Israel said.

Taco Cabana, Taco Mayo, and Taco Maker joined the growing Taco Bell chain in bringing Mexican food to the masses. The Judy's "empire" was considered a "bellwether by great numbers of astute fashion people", according to the Times. About six months ago, Israel looked at the company’s dismal earnings and decided that she’d had enough. The Van Nuys-based company, founded with one store in 1946, has about 1,000 employees. At its peak, the store had … Gathering the best traders from all over the UK, Judy’s is a bit of a household name amongst vintage fans, bringing exciting sustainable interiors and style for well over a decade.

Another trend for both sexes was the fitted blazer, which flared slightly at the hip. Judy's was a chain of clothing stores, based in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. This year, Chain Store Guide celebrates its 80th anniversary. In honor of this occasion, we are hosting a monthly series of editorials called “Chain Store Guide Through The Ages”, starting with the 1930s. Est 2010. The chain at its peak it had 107 stores.

But in many ways, Israel has continued to run the company like a private one. The prosperous seventies also witnessed the birth of eventual national retail titans including large formats Bed Bath & Beyond, Michaels Stores and Hobby Lobby. Back at the start, the services pretty much were offered in the form of a copy shop. Joel Knapp, president of Judy Knapp, a Los Angeles clothing manufacturer, said Judy’s has plenty of competition, including other retailers such as Contempo, Cherokee and the billion-dollar chain The Limited. How to vote. Apparel & Department – Natasha Perry Judy’s, the Van Nuys-based clothing store chain, is holding discussions about selling the company to an unidentified, out-of-state clothing concern in a $31-million deal.

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[9] In 1989, it operated 70 women's clothing stores and 34 "GHq" men's clothing stores in California and a handful in four other Western states. She points to a 27% jump in same-store sales from mid-May to mid-June compared to the same period a year ago. Est.

What others?

The 1970’s began with a continuation of the hippie look from the 1960’s including bell bottoms, miniskirts, hot pants and blue jeans. “It turns out that I was right; they were wrong,” she said. Each month we will take a look at a different decade and review what was happening in that time and how it effected the industries we now serve. Certainly no one had an inkling this manufacturer would become one of the world’s most admired retailers and one of its most profitable companies. They were the first to capitalize on the emergence of the junior customer.” And some teen-agers were only too glad to take part in the trend.

Israel said negotiations with the unidentified company began early in June. Its four founders envisioned the efficiencies, especially in terms of buying power, which would gain major accommodations directly from manufacturers based on customer demands which could be best satisfied by a warehouse sized format.

“It was the place to shop. A new social cause called environmentalism started to gain popularity and the first “Earth Day” was celebrated on April 22, 1970. Voters must chose among 33 candidates for four seats on the the Los Angeles Community College District’s seven-member board. ft.) carved out of a movie theater lobby on Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles. Los Angeles Community College District elections: Everything you need to know. Judy’s was founded 40 years ago by Israel, who at the time was a model.

The 1970’s saw many of the trends from the previous decade carry over. [5] The chain continued to expand, including the opening of a 6,300-square-foot (590 m2) store in Century City Shopping Center in July 1965, expanded in 1968 to 16,000 square feet (1,500 m2)which it considered its flagship store. Her husband, Lawrence Israel, Judy’s chairman of the board, is 72. And they’re getting squeezed by the up-and-comers who are doing innovative marketing.

During this time, Rite Aid’s 267 stores had spread across 10 states, and the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Another distinctive, new-fangled operation began in 1976, founded by three partners, one of whom, Steve Wozniak, actually designed and hand built the kits that were to introduce the Apple 1. Casual-dining chains such as Bennigan’s, Cheddar’s, Cheesecake Factory, Houlihan’s, Ruby Tuesday, and Tony Roma’s all premiered during that decade, offering consumers a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where they could congregate with family and friends over adult beverages and eat mostly American food that they didn’t have to cook themselves or clean up after. They would put different colors together that you wouldn’t have thought about combining. It reached its peak profits in 1984, when Judy’s earned $1.5 million on sales of $46.7 million. However, a bigger shakeup was on the horizon in the world of supermarket retailing. E.G. Ate lá, Aufwiederzehn, Hasta la Vista, So long. In fact, many of the styles of the decade were androgynous. [7] By 1970, there were 17 Judy's.[8]. In 1993 the chain declared bankruptcy, disposed of the GHq men's chain and relaunched with a slimmed-down 52-store branch network. Expanded buying power and a large box offering a fairly total package to customers was so compelling that maximum efficiencies were not seen as paramount to the ability to rake in considerable profits. The ultimate celebration of trends throughout the decades, Vintage Nation merges fashion, food and furniture into one supersized marketplace. Where to vote. Judy’s operates a chain of 70 women’s and 34 men’s apparel stores for teenagers and young adults in California and four other western states. The Times endorses one incumbent and three newcomers for the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees. By 1975, it was exported to American and greatly helped to automate and increase efficiencies. Israel also believes that her stores lost the sharp definition it takes to appeal to her customers. Something went wrong. A sustainable way to fill up your wardrobe, shop pieces from the ‘70s-‘00s whilst paying from £15 per kilo.

“The industry said it was a one-man show,” Israel said. Shop affordable vintage, handmade, retro and reworked at our carefully curated marketplace. Perennial supermarket leader A & P was late to arrive to the discounting theme, and struggled to find its way during this time. Thus for the next two decades home centers continued to expand the dimensions of the industry, as a strong economy induced growth in building as well as remodeling.

This collection takes place through the eyes of a 5 year old Judy Sanderson in the heady Sundays of the 1980s Limpopo, South Africa.


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