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And get out. I do it sometimes, myself. I always wondered after watching this show, what did all you neighbors see and witness? On May 21, 2004, Mrs. Kennedy allegedly stood outside in her bathing suit, rubbed her breasts, and yelled at Mrs. Cantrell that she was jealous of her large chest Mrs. Cantrell yelled back insults to Mrs. Kennedy, who then pulled down her bathing suit and flashed her neighbor and some of the Cantrell children, according to police. It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog! I was across the street. We all seem to have had a neighbor or two who's driven us crazy, whether they've got a barking dog, throw boisterous parties or have trees growing into our yard. her facebook is disgusting. Ownership is restricted in some countries as a dangerous breed. Today she still believes she did the right thing. When 200+ people sign a petition against 2 people something is wrong and needs intervention! Unknown, You are SO right; they areperfect for each other. And just what does your comment make you? My heart broke for Tosha and those boys!

After we moved out of the neighborhood the mother of those kids blew her husbands ear off with a shot gun. Sheila, Maybe what you say is true, but I am telling you, Gillian was some kind of ugly pig, and she took off her blouse and flouted her fat, ugly tits to the children in the neighborhood! Belushi and Newmar have been next-door neighbors in Brentwood, Calif., for 20 years, and there is only about 10 feet between their houses. Recently I started watching this show, and the fact that she got away with murder isn't surprising, the sad part is the cops could have stopped this from ever happening but they didn't.

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Her husband believes she saved his life that day.

I will be the first to stand your ground I also do not like physical fighting but after putting up with this for months I would have not brought a firearm when two grown men finally did come to a physical altercation.

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Sheila, Thanks for the good wishes. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events.

"Well, it, it left my hand, unfortunately. She said that once she had "huge roses, beautiful roses," but they are now "kind of wimpy.". The parents were horrible too. I moved after this the vibes were so unbearable. Lord have mercy on her neighbors - this woman was/is a total psycho! May.

He has said the Schultzes broke a mediation agreement. I believe she and her husband planned this murder. LindaRK, I asked myself the same thing, after watching. Then all of a sudden Chris grew balls and wanted to fight Kenneth. Me delusional?

It was originally bred in Tosa, Shikoku (present day Kōchi) as a fighting dog and is the only breed still used (legally) in Japanese dog fighting. You are delusional. Canada is behind for some reason. I think it's pretty evident that fat pig did kill him on purpose.

Apparently they have never even come into contact with a nutbag like that.That's how I came across this, I was wondering if I was missing something and went looking for more info.


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