komo news reporters

Before coming to KOMO, Abby worked as the morning and midday meteorologist for the ABC affiliate in Colorado Springs, KRDO, for more than four years. The broadcast industry is a cold, cruel world. Paris Jackson was most recently, the morning news traffic reporter at Channel 4. God’s richest blessings to Paris and her family. She has also received multiple awards for her reporting contributions. ". During May, prime-time programming finales on the networks -- KOMO is the area's ABC affiliate -- have the potential of boosting ratings for late-evening newscasts.

It was subtle, but clear.

Shame on you morning KOMO team.

Did KOMO provide a box for Paris to take her belongings home?

"I worked there for more than eight years and they give you 15 minutes to get out of the building. Paris spent the last seven years at KOMO. KOMO wasted not a minute removing Paris’ info from their website. "That was the hardest part, waking up this morning and realizing, 'I'm not in news anymore.' There is a traffic reporter position open at KOMO 4 in Seattle. President and CEO Colleen Brown arrived in 2005 and named Jim Clayton, a former executive with Fox's New York owned-and-operated station, vice president and general manager in July 2006. In spite of the abrupt dismissal, Furia refuses to say anything negative about his former employers, saying he still respects his good friends working there. There’s the door, have a nice day. Abby also did Telemundo weather in Colorado, and loves getting any chance to practice her Spanish. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband, family and friends in western Washington.

Go Cougs! Of the three, only Zepeda was working under a contract that binds her to a non-compete clause, which could potentially bench her for several months before she can appear on another station's local newscast.

Abby Acone joined the KOMO forecast team in December 2018. Abby also provided coverage on issues like local climate change research, snowpack fluctuations, drought concerns and avalanche danger. Newsrooms usually beef up their coverage and extend their resources to maximum capacity. Required fields are marked *. Sam Lawson’s Audio Vault: KJR Hydro Coverage, Found Performance: “Washington Square” – Village Stompers.

It was obvious to me that for the last year anyway, Paris Jackson was not treated the same as other morning members of the KOMO team.

Your email address will not be published. Zepeda echoed Furia's surprise. Furia confirmed that, in response to volunteering to help Zepeda, he received an e-mail from management he described as "unnerving." Reece, who was a weekend anchor for KSTW/11's newscast until it went dark in 1998, has been the face of KOMO's late-breaking news for most of his eight years with the station. K. Wise Willmore.

In 2018, Jackson shared with the KOMO viewers, her journey through a breast cancer battle. Abby loves the challenge of forecasting for the many microclimates of western Washington.

In 2018, Jackson shared with the KOMO viewers, her journey through a breast cancer battle. So sad to hear that Paris Jackson is no longer with KOMO TV 4. She loves mountain meteorology and is so happy to be applying her previous experience to forecasting weather for the Cascades and Olympics. Reece said he was surprised by how cavalierly it was handled. She was called into the station general manager's office from her Edmonds home on what was supposed to be her day off.


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