kurse vs hulk

Although, if Juggernaut can hurt Kurse a little bit but Kurse can't hurt Juggernaut at all, Juggernaut could eventually win if Kurse doesn't just get bored and leave. Comic Hulk vs Thor rivalry may be trying to get the other to submit, but nothing at all to suggest the same in the movies.

I think the only reason Kurse was able to swat the hammer away was because he was magically powered. The clear facts are that Thor was able to trade blows with Hulk only until Hulk's strength grew at the end of the fight.

Also Hulk seemed to be more powerful after Banner accepted him at the end of the 2008 movie, based on his Avengers showing. Hulk has his eyes flare green when Abomination was holding him up against the wall. Typical.

That's his only power even in the comics. They were ramped up on cosmic LSD and were beasty.

As far as blunt trauma Thor's full on charge did nothing to the guy. Press J to jump to the feed.

So how exactly does not hitting Thor equal getting his ass handed to him?

Its pretty clear Thor was putting more focus into trying to stop the fight instead of furthering it. Kurse has a few advantages up his sleeve. Thanos had 0 worries about Thor in his ship.Thanos also possesses a much better intellect, with Kurse being more of a meat head than Skilled figher.If Kurse could of beaten Thanos then im sure the Dark Elves would of tried on Thanos long ago. Thor has shown that he's quite big on a sense of heroic vengeance and uses lethal force (using necksnaps and smashing a Kronan into rubble) quite casually against war enemies.

I would give Thanos the victory. Hulk was punching Thor around a good deal to be sure but Thor refused to use any of his heavy power (i.e. Hulk was barely over Thor if you compare to what he was doing previously and how he was all over the Chitari.

Also, I do not believe that physical force alone can harm Juggernaut. @supersaiyan_danger: woah woah woah pal , hulk doesnt have impressive strength lol please he is just not that strong at beginning,he exceeds brute strength i mean can exceed brute strength and surpass any marvel character in brute strengh just needs to be angry though yah i kind of agree that the movie version is quite weaker,but if it was comics i would say hulk would take this after taking alot of blows from kurse coz curse is 4x stronger than thor but ya hulk will exceed it in a while coz"HULK IS THE STRONGEST THERE IS , HULK SMASH MONSTER MAN!!!! "

Lol. hulks power level never runs out if hes fighting..but the chrystal that kurse he put in him was eventually going to run out of juice..if i can remember abomination was just as strong as kurse..

I don't doubt you are selective about what you "recall" from that scene, but let me refresh you... Thor got humiliated at the end. Hulk had a clear chance to kill the fighter pilot, he didn't. .

It doesn't matter if Kurse gets tired he can just take a nap. Both of your claims are inaccurate. Thor was fine after Hulk ragdolled him, thats why you saw him perfectly fine when he went after Loki.Which was right after their fight. I'm guessing you're referring to the scene where Thor stops Hulks one arm with his one arm and then uses his second arm to lift Hulk's arm?

Kurse was fine despite having an asgardian sword in his shoulder, and then later a dark elf blade sticking through his chest.

Juggernaut can't do anything to him. "

He was clearly angry, but it didn't look like he was going all out or trying to destroy him. @wolverine_logan25000: this is movies bro, Hulk at best is class 100. However, If Hulk met Kurse, and realized that Kurse was a killer, Hulk would soon catch on and turn into a monster with no remorse, and Kurse wouldn't have a chance. Hulk established dominance at the end, bar none. The only people he killed were the main killers - the Chitauri army.

I can name a good many reasons why, but the main reason is that Kurse's showings and Hulk's showings in the movies are not really comparable, because Kurse is a blood-lusted animal with no remorse and aims to destroy 100% of the time. As for Hulk vs Kurse, it'd be a good fight. Thor was trying to calm Hulk down, and Hulk still couldn't do that much to Thor.

The place thats constantly on fire is just home to the fire people. I mean straight up raped him!!!!

I know you don't want to believe this, but the beating that Hulk gave Thor at the end is extremely akin to the beating that Kurse gave Thor, except Hulk's tirade was cut far, far shorter due to the fighter distraction. I think he could give Kurse a run for his money but in the end Kurse would win although not as easily as people are saying. I'm now considered a Hulk hater because I think movie Hulk would lose to movie Kurse?

I can name a good many reasons why, but the main reason is that Kurse's showings and Hulk's showings in the movies are not really comparable, because Kurse is a blood-lusted animal with no remorse and aims to destroy 100% of the time. Kurse no sold every single hit from thor. Lol.

As per the slowing down, just because he didn't doesn't mean he wouldn't. Hulk gets pissed and comes back at Kurse and they start trading punches with Kurse having the majority. He showed with Abomination that he does in fact get stronger and madder. He put the helicoptor fire out with one.

I actually think Hulk wins now when I think of it, not all though. Just because Hulk chased Black Widow through the Hellicarrier, roared alot, and busted through walls and machinery doesn't mean he was trying to kill her.

That said, Kurse was beating the brakes off of a Thor who had his heart in it. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend.

Being 4x stronger than Thor its  for sure faaaar to little to break Jugg's force field. Characters have basic knowledge of each other. No he doesn't.

Pun intended. Hulk never had the incentive of needing to kill Thor. I'm trying to figure this out because it is quite the puzzler. It will get to a point where Hulk is just pounding the living hell out of Kurse, but Kurse can't be beaten by physical means (so I've heard). Something Hulk clearly doesn't have. As in, impairs his combat ability in any way.

What else can he do besides punch stuff? Its like crap and i say Hulk can beat the sh*t out of Kurse. Looks to me like regular Hulk antics...trying to intimidate and submit.

He had a very high threshold but he actually avoided more damage then he took. Also the theory that the blade from Loki to be a glimmer should be considered. Kurse was absolutely dominating the fight until Loki's intervention. It's also worth noting that Kurse was the person who shoved the blade into Frigga, aka Thor's mom, that killed her.

he should take this 10/10 i'd say. The sword in Kurse's shoulder looked more like it got stuck in his armor rather then in Kurse himself. @tyrus: Black Hole Grenade to the chest from loki. Hulk couldn't hit Thor after that his only punch. Also, your call on if you want to spoiler tag. To be fair we never actually see that fight. Thanos did have an infinity stone and 5 members of the Black Order, thanos still most likely has the strenght advantage, but even if they are close to equal, he is more skilled, and has a good size advantage. Not only did he not want to waste Hulk, he couldn't without fear of bringing the helicarrier down and killing everyone on board. He was just about to murder Black Widow for no reason, so he was blood lusted, or at least trying to seriously hurt Thor. It took the grenade to kill him and I highly doubt that Hulk would have survived the Black Hole grenade, since things like that ignore physical durability due to the gravitational force at the very point of a singularity being infinite for it's duration.

I wouldn't compare him to jello. They are a couple of dumb brutes with huge egos that must win the brawl. Kurse absolutely demolished Thor and Thanos absolutely demolished Hulk. Yes its implied that Hulk is Physically the stronger of the two but its not a proper scrap with both of them really going for a KO.

Because he was obviously trying and Iron-Man seemed to be doing most of the "embarassing".

Never was that once stated by anyone in the movie or anyone working on the movie, He was stalling him at the beginning but once he got Mjolnir the kid gloves were off and Hulk still held his own quite well and even started swinging him around like a ragdoll by the end. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! As for the battle, I think Kurse wins.

Everyone knows Hulk is stronger than Thor. You are piercing it, but it's not actually doing anything conducive to killing it.

Kurse is 4x stronger than Thor with nearly invulnerable armor. Even his best hits at best made Kurse flinch slightly, while all of Kurse's hits were clearly causing serious rattling.

If anything Hulk was embarassing Thor.


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