legate lanius dialogue
Our warriors will wash over them in a tide of blood, severing arms before they can attack, legs before they can run, and heads before they can pray. [SUCCEEDED] {Growing anger} There are many towns, many slaves... ripe for the taking as the tribes from the East were. The general was the last source of concern. {Final Combat} {Beat, then disdain} Your words have done nothing but delay the inevitable. Then when I return, man of the West... we shall see if your belief will withstand the blades of the Legion. [SUCCEEDED] {Slightly to himself} We did take the towers easier than expected. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic050. {Anger building} You think me some lesser man, some other Legate? Once his health reaches 40%, the Legate will disengage and retreat to regenerate health. If my victory serves them both, then I am pleased. Find the enemy commander, this General Oliver. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic049. And you were brave to come here to face me when all of NCR would not. He is far more ruthless than Caesar, and handles several things differently than Caesar would have if victorious. Do this, and his cowards will retreat, leaving the dam to us. You speak with conviction, and more importantly, with honor. {Slight disdain} Like their citizens, they prefer their war from a distance, and at that, they excel. But we can speak of that later. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic009. {Hmph!} VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic059. You can't hold both. {Beat} It was necessary to weaken the West, show that the Legion could strike deep into the places where NCR thought it safe.

My coming would have saved you, set your people free in ways they cannot see.

The final battle with Legate Lanius is more heavily scripted than almost any other encounter in the game. Provided *you* move quickly. Legatus Lanius, Monster of the East!

Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. No act is more sacred than consecrating a site in the blood of one's enemies. Legate Lanius (despite being much more brutal than the other two) is surprisingly polite to the Courier, disapproves of Vulpes's methods of handling the West, and praises you if you have earned his respect or sided with Caesar. This battle is decided, that's why I am here. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic092.

[SUCCEEDED] {Takes a ragged, angry breath} I shall make a cape of your skin. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic003. [FAILED] {Angered, cutting the player off} Enough. {Beat, as if the word is new to him.} {Suspicious, slow} And who are you to come before me... you bear the insignia of the Bear, yet you do not wear it as a soldier of the West wears it. The Dam will fall, and the rest of the Profligate west will soon follow." The Vault - Fallout Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. But I shall give you the time you need to prepare. Upon death, he spawns a different, weaker version intended for the player. {Disgust} I see you fight with words, like all beneath the flag of the bear. What's his story?" Maybe you'd want something more fair? Caesar: " Lanius is the greatest of my battlefield commanders. Once across the Colorado, nothing to rival Hoover Dam remains.

(Antony's dialogue) ↑ 2.0 2.1 The Courier: "I've heard rumors of your legate, Lanius. Graham's overconfidence forever branded him with fire, I will not follow his trail of fire into the depths of the Grand Canyon. I was starting to get bored with all this waiting around. This page was last edited on 20 May 2019, at 04:53. [SUCCEEDED] {Suspicious} You play on my instincts. The West shall fall as the East fell, and all the tribes that stretch to the setting sun shall bear the mark of the Legion.". Eventually - but moving your whole army West means losing the East. {giving up search} I'll kill them if they come back. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic001. That strength... other Legates didn't see it either, until it was too late. It was the lines of food and water that nearly broke the Legion's strength... and the lack of tribals near that cursed city. Uh, yours, that is. {Resolved} The Republic shall keep their Old World gate this day, I shall return East. All the lights in Vegas cannot. {Snarling} Woman of the West... you will learn your place - in my tent, and again, when you beg for release on the edge of my blade. {Slow, angry, evil - the player's comments got under his skin. I live to serve Caesar's will - and the will of the Legion. [SUCCEEDED] {Thinking} Hnh. Hnh. [Karma] Why don't you fight me yourself if you've got the spine for it, shithead.

This slaughter pleases me.

Broken the weak with its violence, yet allowing the strong to arise. No man will say I refused your challenge.

Like their citizens, they prefer their war from a distance, and at that, they excel. [FAILED] {Contempt} Then they know nothing of me or the Legion's subjugation of the East. {Angry} Unless you seek to goad me into a retreat, leaving the battlefield and leaving my honor here to be trampled underfoot by Republic cowards. {Disdain} Many graves in the East are filled with those who said as much, with braver words, not backed by strength.

I see you fight with words, like all beneath the flag of the bear. After several seconds, he will run to his original starting position and then resume attacking the Courier.

", "Our forces are better equipped to take objectives than hold them. That's an optimistic attitude for a general, and that's how wars get lost. {Caesar alive}What, Caesar wasn't brave enough to come take the Dam himself? Mars's eyes are upon you. You seek to thwart me by claiming the Legion is too strong for you? An envoy... dressed as an insult to all that carry out Caesar's will. Their men take comfort in - and rely on - killing at a distance. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic093. {Growing anger} I was a fool to listen to you... you know nothing of who I am. As Legate, do you really believe that, or are you taking a chance?

We shall see how brave you are when nailed to the walls of Hoover Dam, your body facing West so you may watch your world die. Had to dupe these lines because of the different skill/Karma checks being done tied to the conditional. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic022. The battle draws near. Then until our return... {To himself, walking away} True to Caesar.

[SUCCEEDED] {Insulted} You dare speak that name? I intend to use you to strike at that weakness. Move forward? You think I reached you by chance? VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic019. I cannot believe even the Republic would overlook such an opening in their defenses. My army has been ready for some time now. I do not wish to defend this place if another option exists. With their commander dead, the NCR will pull out of this region, allowing our conquest to continue westward unopposed for a time. Kill him or his resolve. No doubt snipers nest there. And we shall harvest as we move West. The ending slides for the Legion's victory with Lanius as Caesar depict him in centurion armor, indicating that specific slide was finalized before Lanius' custom suit was finalized. If you need all the East to crush the West... [SUCCEEDED] The victory here shall be swift. The Son of Mars has granted me the name Lanius. If you seek to stand against me, you shall fall as the West falls. Terms of surrender? NCR has studied you as they did Graham, and the trap is ready for you. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic043, VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic046. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic090. Your success was too easy, though, wasn't it? VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic073. Our forces shall take the Dam, secure it, then build a road west on the bodies of the NCR. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic097. A few pitiful holdouts remain, but their time is short. [FAILED] I am not another Legate, and I am not such a fool as Graham, to be painted in pitch and set aflame. Lanius is 80% faster than a normal non-player character and is able to outrun the player character even with both of his legs crippled. {Suspicious, slow} An envoy of Vegas, yet you carry yourself for battle.

Good, because the Omertas' plan was stopped, Vegas is as strong as ever. I am the first of the Legion, and this gate to the West shall be ours this day. {Snarling} I shall honor your last words... and face you alone, as you request.


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