lesen conjugation german
Irregular conjugation for the verb "lesen" and its compounds: loss of -s in the the second person singular form of Present Indicative (du liest). She is a great teacher that takes the time for her students. Do you not find a teacher in your region? Fill in the correct German temporal preposition! If my student is a beginner, I'm gonna start with the basics of the German language. If somebody is already advanced, I focus on communication and pronunciation. As a beginner in German I enjoy my Lesson with Karolin who is patient and very well organised. Learn how to conjugate lesen in various tenses. I have already gained experience in preparing for the TELC exam. Looking for a job as a language teacher? As my requirement for learning does not fit easily in any 'set course' or classroom situation, this individual approach, looking at what I need and then providing it, suits me very well indeed. Form the correct plural form of the German nouns! Online spelling and grammar check for French texts, Online spelling and grammar check for English texts, Kostenlos: Lernen Sie Englisch, Französisch und andere Sprachen, Fleex: Verbessern Sie Ihr Englisch mit Ihren Lieblingsvideos. Transform these German adjectives to their nominal form, Build the comparative and superlative of these German adjectives, Exercise for the different functions of German adjectives, Exercise on predicative and attributive adjectives, Exercise on the different roots of adjectives in German, Exercise on present and past participles used as adjectives, Comparative and superlative adjectives in German, Exercise of irregular adjectives in German, Exercise of adjectives with vowel changes, Exercise of adjectives ending in -er or -el, Forming and declension of ordinal numbers in German, Exercise on ordinal numbers as adjectives in German, Exercise on the spelling of ordinal numbers in German, Exercise on possessive adjectives in German. Exercise: Find the fitting relative pronoun! See German conjugation models. 'lesen' conjugation - German verbs conjugated in all tenses with the bab.la verb conjugator. Being a constant language learner enables me to see the process from both sides and to predict the difficulties my students might face. The following is the conjugation of lesen plus some related expressions with this verb. Please contact me if you have any questions. News, The content on this site is unless otherwise stated under the open license CC BY-SA 4.0 available (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0) . We’ll be focusing on the topics that are most relevant to your goals, while discovering the language and getting to know more about the culture of people who speak it. I feel more confident and speak German more freely. e

Exercise of active and passive voice in German, Exercise of separable and inseparable verbs, Exercise of the German present participle, Exercise for the functions of the German present participle. It is labeled a strong verb. Auxiliary: Exercise: Find the correct German prepositions for the dative! Interpreting German sentences The conjugation of 'lesen' to match plural and singular pronouns Skills Practiced. Exercise: Which German reflexive pronoun is needed? If you wish to have only conversational lessons, I can arrange this also for you :), My teaching method is to adapt to every student differently depending on their needs and language level. Loved how she just let me sometimes try and struggle with an exercise before helping me. Please use the menu to select one or all variants. Conjugate the German verb lesen: future, participle, present.

German lessons with a bilingual native speaker, I did the first 4 lessons and I am fully satisfied. All rights reserved. jemandem die Leviten lesen - to read the riot act. Lesen is one of those verbs that change its stem when conjugated. I have already gained more than 300 hours of experience in adult education through internships. Thanks to many years of experience, I offer you professional language instruction via Skype.I am a native speaker (bilingual German and English) and have been working with Skype for over 9 years. Hello =) Liest du gern? My name is Christina and I provide fun German and French language lesson for children and adult beginners or intermediate who want to strengthen their language skills, improve the grammar knowledge, enrich the vocabulary and get into the German culture! I would be very glad if you let me be your guide through your language lessons. Excellent pronunciation and very useful support with didactic material available. The verb has several variants of conjugation, which may correspond to different meanings. Exercise: Spot the German indefinite pronouns! About Italian students studying German with me, most of them are interested in deeping topics dealt at school or being prepared to get a certification. Always on time and Professional, I definitely recommend her. Choose the correct conjugation of the auxiliary verb "haben"! My interest in learning foreign languages has arisen since I was a young girl. Conjugate the German verb vorlesen: future, participle, present. Fill in the correct form of the German noun! I am very happy with the early results.

My method is based to consolidate the grammar knowledge if previuosly done or to base it by catching their attention on interesting topics. Hello everyone and a big warm welcome to all the fellow language learners. I started to teach German in 2016, to English and Croatian speaking students, but since I love languages I work also as professional translator and became also sworn translator for the German language in the same year.


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